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  1. 3 looks sexy and suits disco theme
  2. Body Language Disco Light Years Golden X Aphrodite Stream Me Once Fever i don’t use her discography before LY apart from singles
  3. Unstoppable is filler rest of the album 10/10
  4. Disco - 9 Aphrodite - 3 Tie - 4
  5. So I bought 13 Signed CDs iTunes 3 marbled 6 blue signed Whew
  6. Miss a thing Monday Blues Last Chance
  7. I am sooo obsessed with this album 12 CDs Marble Deluxe vinyl CD with Signed print Signed blue vinyl iTunes FLAC
  8. This is much better than Chromatica
  9. But who is releasing 4 versions of the same song On the release week and all four discounted 59p in the UK? I don’t recall anything like that before. I do know there are examples of second or third week extra song but not 4 in a first week
  10. WAP needs to win again... but they added another version on iTunes single,instr7mental,acoustic and edm remix all 59p how desperate
  11. Both British Born so not surprised because VMA are local since 2000 I would say
  12. Plus I wouldn’t get so excited because apparently if his sister gets his spot she is worst apparently
  13. They debuted #15 in the U.K. and next day #20 so we might find out ..minds are coming today
  14. But they won’t already #20 UK Spotify