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  1. Going backwards Hard Candy maybe Confessions on the Dancefloor American Life with very cohesive music Music Ray Of Light Bedtime Stories Erotica Like a prayer True Blue Like a virgin
  2. Mariah is well behind Madonna Im not sure how exactly with sales in the States but Madonna had at least 5 huge eras where Mariah had 3 tops and considering her last few “tries” she is • forgotten • irrelevant you name it Madonna outsold Mariah according to Wikipedia US only Rebel Heart in 2015 238k vs Me I am Mariah in 2014 122k MDNA in 2012 539k vs Memoirs.. in 2009 549k Hard Candy in 2008 751k vs E=mc2 in 2008 1289k Mariah beats Madonna with album MIMI in 2005 vs COADF but album feels very local considering over 60% of total sales comes from the States
  3. Tbh who let her wear this dress should be fired ... like a flower ribbon or Ferraro Rocher packaging
  4. She is 92 and she knows what is next ...
  5. Oh please and who is delusional right now After what happened to her in Manchester every feels pity/sorry for her ... I can imagine that this was tragedy and hurtful to her but naming first single “No tears left to cry” as lead and not like she used to do with a good banger is just an obvious sorry... plus this discount... I wish her all the best but that was very cheap cheeky move ... and tragedy is a tragedy but building hype and making money build on others pity or loss is pathetic ... I’m not saying this is her fault and move but at least label has done it this in ugly way - deliberately which is wrong and sick
  6. I thought every has a right to their own opinion and saying how I feel is not insensitive just a simple truth You as Arianas fan are more delusional than me ...
  7. Because you don’t like it doesn’t mean is not good This album probably would get very much same response now like it did in 1998
  8. I don’t like this song anyway but is hard to tell what was the main factor of its success Radio support? Maybe Tv promo?
  9. I don’t need attention like yourself I’m lucky enough to have life out of internet Boo
  10. FOTP = ATRL Whats new Like someone yesterday after announcing that Avicii is dead someone asked ... If Avicii will block Arianas new single ... https://atrl.net/forums/topic/136591-will-avicii-block-ariana/
  11. Desperate to get that #1 in the States plus using hype after One More Rime and Manchester incident
  12. What you laughing at? Madonna 35 years in the business and her last albums topped Billboard top 200 COADF #1 HC #1 MDNA #1 in 2012 Rebel heart #2 Mariah Me I am Mariah #3 Christmas #4 Memoirs... #3 E=MC2 #1 in 2008 Aguilera she might get that #1 with your bundles Kylie We know she ended up at #64 but she isn’t loved there Tinashe I don’t know her story so more likely Madonna will outsell all women from OP