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  1. at singing yes... but rapping no bitch you're up here arguing and don't even know what you're talking about. fuck up bitch
  2. Moderator Notice: personal attacks are not allowed outside of NHB
  3. iggy is not on the same level lyrically as Nicki minaj. You just lost all crediabillity for even typing that. This not about grammy's she said i'm the best rapper. Name a bitch that's gone out rap her in the game? It damn sure aint Igloo australia, trina, or anybody. Iggy didn't overshadow Nicki. as you stated her music is radio friendly nobody is going to play Nicki's shit because she's vulgar, but when Nicki makes radio friendly music like Iggy such as starships, moment for life the shit gets played. But that has nothing to do with the thread iggy can't spit half as good as nicki. Everyone
  4. isn't this thread regarding rapping bitch? I thought so. Yeah she's a known rapper, but listing she won 6 grammy's in a thread regarding rap when she really won 8 and only 1 has to do with rapping is absurd. If you gone call out how many grammy's someone has atleast call out the right amount and the ones that actually have to do with the thread. Yeah those songs are bops, but she isn't lyrically a better rapper then Nicki. So sit down sis.
  5. are you stupid? she only won 1 grammy regarding rap. Winning grammy's don't mean you're lyrically better then anyone. I'm sure iggy is going to snag a few, but is she a better rapper then Nicki? Hell no.
  6. you're missing the point. The person posted that as if she won 8 grammy's regarding rap when she's only won 1 regarding that genre and the rest was because of her singing. I know she rapped that's what i stated in my post.
  7. yet iggy is considered hip hop ? Sit down Nicki lyrically destroys those girls. Stay pressed.
  8. Lauryn hill actually has 8 grammy's and everyone knows she's also a singer. She only won one grammy regarding rap the rest were for her vocals. Let me educate yall.
  9. lil kims most iconic song is the jump off which isn't lyrically impressive. Nicki's monster verse>> the jump off lyrically. Trina can't rap as good as nicki nor can missy, eve, anyone you listed. Nicki is mainstream now, but check out her old shit. I know what i'm talking about and lyrically nicki destroys them girls. Even her mainstream shit is better then what trina has put out.
  10. Trina better then Nicki minaj? Sit down. Everyone knows Biggie wrote kims old shit and showed her how to rap it. Nicki minaj shits on every individual you listed and i'm not even talking about her music when she was a underground rapper.
  11. Ewww... go listen to madonners terrible leaked music and stop quoting me you twink
  12. Sweetie rih walks around with her nipples showing and her slit showing. you clearly don't know if you did you would know rih was on a whole different level. the pour it up video says hello
  13. Must be talking about your fave who is a 50 year old prostitute