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  1. The lyrics are utterly horrible. Buckle up for "Pop Psychology" round 2.
  2. Americunt


    She's probably too busy brooding about how much she hates her mother right now.
  3. Americunt


    There was a rumor that she was pregnant earlier this year, but everyone thought it wasn't real because like two weeks before the announcement, she was looking snatched at some awards show.
  4. 2020 was always overly optimistic.
  5. Americunt

    Context matters. Gaga is not racist for having a ridiculous orange tan any more than the Jersey Shore cast is.
  6. Americunt

    1. There is no single accepted definition of "ganguro" that has a one-to-one English translation. "Dark tan" is another definition often used. 2. That's irrelevant to the discussion. 3. Blackface has to have intent in order to be harmful. Yes, the second picture is definitely gross, because those guys are 100% doing blackface with the intent of mocking POC.
  7. Americunt

    Blackface is intentionally meant to denigrate POC. Ganguro amounts to a simultaneous rejection of societal beauty standards and parody of white valley girl culture by Japanese fashion provocateurs. There's no question here: it's not blackface.
  8. Americunt

    Ganguro is not blackface.
  9. Americunt


    Mariners Apartment Complex Fuck It I Love You Happiness is a Butterfly
  10. Americunt


    I've been waiting to buy the single and watch the video until I get my main laptop again, but the bits I've seen from her teasers on Instagram looked great!
  11. Americunt


    Because I don't have my main laptop right now, I haven't been able to update it with any of the most recent stuff. I should be getting my laptop back in about a week, when the initial stay at home order gets lifted and I can clear out my dorm. Will do an update and note it in the update log ASAP, after I do. If you were wondering what was missing at present, I think it's just SQ, TGL, alt Cherry Blossom, YCBTB 320kbps, The Rich Whores stuff and that Lizzy Grant demo CD thing with another alt demo of For K Part 2.
  12. Americunt


    Werq! Love having our section back.
  13. Americunt


    Maybe Morning Glories? They have that kind of delicate energy.
  14. Americunt

    Your namesake was a spy for an authoritarian government, betrayed her friends, sexually assaulted someone and laid a trap with the intention of killing hundreds of people, yet somehow you're still acting worse, because at least all that was just a fictional character. What's your excuse?