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  1. Most artists don't have enough leaks/outtakes/collabs/non-album tracks to justify it.
  2. Game

    @Jake @CHANEL #1 @Radio @Mystique @Mint Complete your ballots please! If you've already completed and sent your ballot, please re-send in a new PM. I delete all the old ones when new rounds start, so you may have sent it in a PM I do not have access to.
  3. Just put up on ASCAP. Looks like an incomplete registration, because The Weeknd is the only named composer (with the unnamed composer probably being Lana) and The Weeknd's not really a producer.
  4. Okay, that's a great title. I'm pumped now.
  5. Yeah, Abel better step his game up for this collab. Don't want any R&B vibes on this record; it feels so antithetical to her style.
  6. Let's not get it twisted: the only person saying that was some fake ass Twitter account that people often quote, despite it having no credibility. She was never slated for a #1.
  7. Your consternation with the era is related directly to your expectations. Lower your expectations and everything will be the greatest!
  8. Expecting too much! I don't think we'll get the pre-order for another week or two after the second single.
  9. Not hugely. That's why I didn't post a whole thread for it.
  10. Nah, she kinda Gaga'd herself with the craziness, but on a much quicker timescale. She won't be back to Bangerz level again.
  11. The next single is rumored to be a The Weeknd collab titled "It Takes One to Say Goodbye".
  12. Other

    The Weeknd retweeted it. Collaboration confirmed.
  13. The Weeknd retweeted:
  14. I'm here too! I'll start up the room and allow everyone to get their tracks in order for a couple minutes.