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  1. Americunt

    There are live versions of My Hand and Sweat, but I Like, Boy and Lost Weekend have never leaked in any form. I wouldn't bother with either of the live audios, though, since neither of them is very clear, so you kinda can't hear shit.
  2. Americunt

    I can help with that, if you tell me when you last remember actively following her career.
  3. Americunt

    I sorted all her unreleased stuff out into four albums of material (plus a fifth for collabs and covers). This is what I ended up with, if you want some inspiration: Beg, Borrow & Steal {basically as close as I could get to what I assume BB&S would've sounded like} Magic {songs that were ultimately not fitting into the sound I thought BB&S was trying for, but were mostly recorded right in the thick of the process} Dreamer {mostly very early cuts and experimental tracks that are quite outside the realm of what BB&S became post-signing} Eleutheromaniac {mostly songs from that era, with a few BB&S oldies thrown in}
  4. Americunt

    There were like four or five incarnations of Beg, Borrow & Steal, so it's a lot more than just one album of material. The only tracklist we have comes from a demo sampler that someone got hold of several years back. It looked like this: 1. Hello 2. Bad Dog 3. Silly Girl 4. Fuck U Betta 5. Poisoned With Love 6. Picasso {apparently a different version than the one that is leaked} 7. I Like, Boy 8. Sweat 9. Gold {this is the solo demo, which leaked about a year ago} 10. Get Over U 11. My Hand 12. I'm Doin' Me {this is the earlier version that we have a snippet from, not the one that she posted in full after leaving Warner} 13. Lost Weekend {I question whether she actually recorded this one, because the sampler listed it as having a demo vocalist} That list on the Wiki is really bad and incomplete btw. Bunch of incorrect titles and they missed a lot. Other leaked tracks that were definitely BB&S era: Am I Dreaming? {we have two remixes of this, but the original is still unleaked} Black & Blues {recorded prior to her signing, but originally meant for the album} Black Sunshine {pretty early cut} Blow Ur House Down Breathe You {early} Bubble Based Click Click Come Alive Deja Vu {early} Derek {this one's super old, but was considered} Dreamer Freakin' Army Fresh Out the Box {think this was recorded after what would be the final shelving, but was still in consideration before getting dropped} Genuinity {early} Glow Hearts Don't Sleep Help The House We Built {also recorded after the final shelving} Human I Can't Behave Myself {they wanted this one on the record but obviously the sample was never gonna clear} I Can't Get Enough (Blue Kisses) Lick {the original version is unleaked, but we have the remix with Supar Novar. It's an early one too} Magic Make Me Say Midnight Circus {one of the last songs recorded prior to the shelving of the record} More Than Friends My Book {early} The New Black {early} On the Move {early} One Step Ahead {early} Out of This World Piece of Shit {early} Rain On Me {early} Rainbows Sex Tape (Push Rewind) {this one was never meant for the album, but it was demo'd with her vocals during this period of time} Talk Talk That Little Phaze {early} Tip Toe Tongue Tied True {early} U + Me {we don't have this in full} Voodoo {early} Vroom Vroom We're Only Young Once Whoops {early} Zombie (I Just Wanna Dance) {the full version of this song is still unleaked}
  5. Americunt

    I think she's said she wants to take a break of about a decade, so yeah, the decline will definitely hit hard if she goes that long. If she only waits another five or six years, she'd probably still have pretty significant success.
  6. She did an interview about the record and discussed some new stuff. Notably, the album was originally going to be titled "The End of Love".
  7. People on LB started a GoFundMe to buy these, but seriously underestimated the price...
  8. https://musicmafia.to/music.html#menu Both are apparently very rough unfinished demos. Not much to go off, since the snippets are so short. It's now pretty much confirmed that these were made in 2013 during a session she did with Mike Will Made It. "Don't Stop" is only a repeated chorus. "Queen of Hearts" is a chorus and one verse. Both of them clock in around the 2-minute mark.
  9. Premiering right now on Beats One!
  10. Nah, I'd rather she not do any further Disney stuff. They have an image that's too squeaky clean to mesh with hers, so she'd most likely just be doing more covers of old Disney songs, rather than contributing her own original material.
  11. When Young & Beautiful first came out, I never would've suspected how enduring it would be, but here we are and it's arguably her most well known song. She really should contribute to film soundtracks again.
  12. Yeah, this is not great. Don't get me wrong: he was absolutely a shitty person. Nonetheless, shitty people need to be given their fair and just trial in the judicial system, not murdered in cold blood. The shooter is just as bad as XXXTentacion was. I hope XXX's victims can find some measure of peace in this.
  13. Americunt

    Her stuff was distributed by Cherrytree and she attended a lot of Cherrytree's events by consequence of that.
  14. Americunt

    It likely stemmed from the fact that they were both on Cherrytree at the same time. I have no doubt they have met, but she's never done work with RedOne, who was the only producer Porcelain used.