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  1. Americunt


    The Good Life leaked, at long last. It's honestly very underwhelming and unfinished. Would've preferred Serene Queen, tbh!
  2. Americunt


    A five-minute acapella song called "If This is the End, I Want a Boyfriend".
  3. Americunt


    The whole live set of The Rich Whores, which was teased a few years ago, has finally leaked. It includes all of the following tracks: Me & My Boyfriend (Marilyn) ["Marilyn" is apparently the real title, but that's way too confusing; it's bad enough that there's already leaked tracks titled "Marilyn" and "Marilyn Monroe", let alone a completely separate "Marilyn" which has nothing to do with the other two] It's Not You, It's Just Me Disco Brite Lites Yayo
  4. Americunt


    I'll try to get them posted this weekend. On mobile for now.
  5. Americunt


    I'll try to get them posted this weekend. On mobile for now.
  6. Americunt


    Two new leaks today! Seems like somebody cracked into Rick's demo vault again, because we've gotten demos of "Lust For Life" and "Freak". The LFL demo is the solo one Lana mentioned as being the original, from before Max Martin contributed to it. The Freak one is titled "Freak Like Me" and features a different bridge.
  7. I really hate when awards shows do this. It's so boring. Even Billie herself looked pretty annoyed at winning the fourth one.
  8. Americunt


    They just went through all the SOTY nominees at the Grammys and when they showed the "Norman Fucking Rockwell" graphic: 1. They rendered the title in the graphic as "Norman #&%@% Rockwell" 2. They stated the name of the song was "Norman Freaking Rockwell" 3. They played a snippet of "Happiness is a Butterfly"
  9. Americunt


    Picard premieres in one week! Meanwhile, the main producers of the franchise as a whole have been spilling lots of details about the various productions and ideas being batted around. Lower Decks S1 and Discovery S3 are due to be completed and ready for release around the time Picard S1 ends. The Michelle Yeoh Section 31 show and the untitled Nickelodeon 3D animated show both have writers rooms, but there are no solid dates yet (beyond the fact that the Nickelodeon show is confirmed for 2021 release, due to the time-consuming nature of 3D animation). The producers also confirmed that there are two shows that have not yet been publicly announced; it's heavily speculated that one of these is an Enterprise-centered show starring a number of the side characters from DSC S2 and ST S2 (including Anson Mount as Pike, Rebecca Romijn as Number One, Ethan Peck as Spock and Rosa Salazar as newly-demoted Lucero). As the movies go, there are still two competing ideas for the next release: the Quentin Tarantino project and the Noah Hawley project. The Tarantino one is kind of thought to have fallen by the wayside and Tarantino himself has said that though he wrote it, he's not going to direct it, if it gets made (though he says he would give advice on a rough cut, if asked). The Hawley project is even more mysterious in some ways; Hawley was recently interviewed and when asked about whether the cast of the previous three Kelvin movies would return, he gave the rather cagey reply that it was "still early days" and that he did not consider the film to be "Star Trek 4", but rather "a new beginning".
  10. Americunt


    People are claiming to have the spoken word album. This is what the tracklist is, according to them: 1. "Happy" [3:31] 2. "The Land of 1000 Fires" [4:06] 3. "Quiet Waiter Blue Forever" [4:35] 4. "Pass the Bushes Cypress Thriving" [2:58] 5. "the day u left me in los angeles" [5:34] 6. "Strangers in Love" [4:25] 7. "Never to Heaven" [3:40] 8. "Ebbs & Flows of a Sky, Painted" [4:29] 9. "Kitchen Discoveries - Lowly Maiden" [3:56] 10. "calm" [4:44] 11. "Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass" [4:26] Pretty sure it's not real, but I guess we'll find out soon!
  11. Americunt


    I mean, it's kind of a weird song, so I get why people don't like it, even if I don't really agree.
  12. Scott’s Tots. Good god, the secondhand embarrassment.