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  1. Americunt

    Errr, P!nk had "Raise Your Glass", "Fuckin' Perfect", "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)", "Try", "Just Give Me a Reason" and "Just Like Fire" all hit the Top 10 in the '10s. That's basically an equal number of hits to what she had in the '00s.
  2. Americunt


    Eclipse tweeted and deleted that there’s another Lana and Ariana collab in the pipeline. Apparently not firsthand information and he called the source semi-reliable, but I could see it being true...
  3. True, but what he fails to recognize is that same subset is also extremely racist and would not vote a black person into the Oval Office even with guns to their heads.
  4. Americunt


    A fan who met her claims to have asked about the album and says that Lana told her that the title of the album is not White Hot Forever anymore. https://www.reddit.com/r/lanadelrey/comments/dsd7g7/met_lana_in_lincoln_she_signed_my_arm_we_talked/
  5. She will be hearing from my lawyers!
  6. Americunt


    Song featuring Rob to come on White Hot Forever?
  7. Americunt


    The interview she did with Q Magazine isn't fully published yet, but snippets have leaked and she apparently revealed that she's recorded a new song titled "Let Me Love You Like a Woman" recently. Probably a safe bet that it'll be part of White Hot Forever.
  8. Americunt

    That wasn’t a single.
  9. Americunt

    Waking Up in Vegas California Gurls Harleys in Hawaii E.T. Roar Dark Horse
  10. Americunt


    Not sure if I’d say Lykke served, since it was literally just an Audacity-level slowed down edit of a previous release, when she still has “Jaguars in the Snow” in a vault somewhere.
  11. Americunt


    Venice Bitch - Urbi Doin' Time - Freaky Prince Venice Bitch - Luca Venice Bitch - Americunt
  12. Americunt

    Yeah, her recent interviews have said she plans to do at least another EP soon. Maybe not until early next year and it might be like Tokyo Love Hotel, where not all the leadup material is part of the tracklist, but yes, that definitely seems to be her plan.
  13. Americunt

    Spill, sis! "Difficult", "Illusion of Love", "MCs Can Kiss" and "Hong Kong Garden" still go tf off.
  14. Americunt


    In the new L.A. Times interview, she mentioned that she's been mentally coordinating a concept for a covers album of "acoustic Beach Boys, Elvis and Chris Isaak tracks", which she's tentatively titled Pacific Blue. She stressed that she has not recorded anything for it and may not ever record it, but that if she did want to do it, it would probably only take like a week to make. I actually love the idea of a double color-titled-album concept, with White Hot Forever and Pacific Blue, but we shouldn't get our hopes up, obviously.