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  1. Guilty's officially the second single!
  2. This is the track she had originally recorded for inclusion on the soundtrack of Fifty Shades Darker.
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    Yeah, that was a bit much.
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    I just saw these pop up on my dash labeled as Lana's official 2018 Grammy Submissions...? I can't find anything to confirm them though. If they are true, she's definitely not getting a Grammy this year. They really have to stop submitting her in the Pop categories.
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    The hosting company shut it down several months ago and sent an email saying they'd pursue legal action if future incarnations were made.
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    Bit of a weirder setlist for her! Tried to squeeze in a lot of the old fan faves from BTD and UV while still having a decent portion of the setlist be from HM and LFL. 1. Cruel World 2. Born to Die 3. West Coast 4. Blue Jeans 5. Love 6. Cherry 7. National Anthem 8. White Mustang 9. Terrence Loves You 10. When The World Was at War We Kept Dancing 11. Groupie Love / Summer Bummer (Medley) 12. 24 13. Shades of Cool 14. Salvatore 15. Get Free
  7. Nonetheless, she has her plausible deniability. The booklet says "Ah, he's" and that's also what her team says. She usually slurs that section anyway, so it's not easy to tell.
  8. Nah, there's no evidence to support this. Some other article that discussed this recently had an actual recent quote direct from her team that said there was no connection and that the lyrics are "Ah, he's", not "Harvey's", just as was printed in the lyrics on the booklet back in 2012.
  9. She has a tour bundle and her tour's selling very well.
  10. Caroline wasn't a Playmate; She just posed for the magazine. Playmates are the models selected for each issue's centerfold, which is considered the most prestigious spot. It pays $25,000 and gives you the opportunity to compete for the title of Playmate of the Year and get an extra $100,000, plus some prizes.
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    Congrats and also, I hate you for getting to see her before I do!
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  13. Pioneers is '80s and early '90s. Veterans is late '90s. Established is '00s. Newcomers is '10s.
  14. The organization is entirely based on when their musical career started. Kylie's began in 1987.
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    Yeah, 7th full single, 10th including promo singles.