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    Yeah, 7th full single, 10th including promo singles.
  2. You can shade Bieber in this thread and you can shade Manson in this thread. Anyone else is off-limits. Capisce?
  3. EP

    No release date confirmed yet, but it popped up on Shazam today along with a bunch of new song titles. Tracks include: BB Linking With You Roots Run Away Turn My Heart to Stone When I Was Young She's been performing BB for a while under the title "Riot Gal" and Linking With You under the title "All I Do".
  4. Discussion

    Truly stunning! Talent has never won so hard!
  5. Epic is a slow-motion trainwreck. RCA isn't amazing, but they're far from the worst.
  6. Discussion

    Blood is shit, but Tonight is good! You should give it another look. RTRWRA only has a few highlights (Bullet, The Universe Expanded, Fresh Strawberries, Love Illumination), but at least one of those songs is v hot and probably in their Top 5 songs ever. Won't say which one so as not to color your perspective.
  7. Discussion

    Alex Kapranos said their album's coming in 2018, so you have some time!
  8. Discussion

    Throwback to the Lust For Life era. That was fun for six months, but I guess it's done now!
  9. Discussion

    Just using all the space I have. I'm sure it's not displaying properly for many people because they don't have the right elements blocked to get the full 300 pixels visible, but that's on them.
  10. Discussion

    That's definitely strange. Maybe you should do a bug report to Spotify.
  11. Discussion

    Lana's rumored to be featured on Eminem's upcoming album.
  12. Discussion

    It's possible that her albums aren't available in your location due to licensing differences.
  13. Harder to market, I guess? They can't break into any countries in east Asia because the girlband niche has already been filled by homegrown groups making mandopop, j-pop and k-pop. Europe hasn't been awful to them. They haven't tried very hard to do promotional pushes in the US (probably for fear of neglecting their original market). It seems like it's too late now, since girlbands have a limited lifespan and they're probably just a year or two away from breaking up.