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  1. Info dropped with a German press release. http://www.schattenblick.de/infopool/musik/fakten/mflb4807.html
  2. Gossip

    Insiders are now saying that this is indeed a cover of the song from Evita and that it's coming really soon, having already been delivered to Youtube for upload/release.
  3. I'm in love with your set omg never change it again wub1

    1. Americunt

      Nnn, thank you. I was considering changing it soon, but perhaps I'll keep it for a little longer. jj2 

    2. sonowgoodbye

      It's so aesthetically pleasing omg I live for pop art and Archer-styled art. dead4

  4. Registered on PPL, where lots of other recent tracks were first put up. It's possible that this is a cover of Madonna's song of the same name, since they are the same length. This could be either for her rumored EP or potentially a movie soundtrack, since she hasn't done one in a while.
  5. Tbh, who cares? She's actually getting bookings and making bank off them. Add to that all her charitable donations and you'll see there's nothing wrong with her at all.
  6. Single

    This isn't an official release, so I've edited your title.
  7. Discussion

    This person has the stems. Shame she didn't do further vocals, 'cause this would sound better if she was in more of the verses.
  8. Discussion

    Music Mania is for general discussion about music unrelated to a particular fave, but with trolling restrictions. This is the right section for this thread.
  9. Discussion

    I think it's far more of a business decision than it is an artistic one. Deluxe editions were always meant to be a sales-booster. Now that sales have lost most of their former cachet, it makes sense that many artists wouldn't bother to release projects with bonus tracks in most markets. I can only speak for Lana, but I know that she disliked the concept of deluxe versions from the start and only had deluxe editions of Born to Die and Ultraviolence because the higher-ups at Interscope handed down the directive.
  10. Rumor

    The Genius page doesn't list these in a tracklist order, jsyk.
  11. Other

    Rank Song 1 Off to the Races 2 National Anthem 3 Born to Die 4 Million Dollar Man 5 Radio 6 Video Games 7 Blue Jeans 8 Without You 9 Lolita 10 Diet Mountain Dew 11 This Is What Makes Us Girls 12 Carmen 13 Lucky Ones 14 Dark Paradise 15 Summertime Sadness Rank Song 1 Blue Velvet 2 Bel Air 3 American 4 Yayo 5 Ride 6 Cola 7 Gods & Monsters 8 Body Electric 9 Burning Desire
  12. Other

    His voice just really doesn't do anything for me. Probably won't be giving this any further plays, tbh.
  13. Glad you had fun! Any deviations from the previous setlists beyond this impromptu acapella? Floor tickets for this tour were actually priced significantly higher than she normally prices them, so I can understand not wanting to blow the cash on them.
  14. Discussion

  15. Discussion

    She announced she was releasing a visual EP instead of Masochism.