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  1. Americunt


    Soz, but you're genuinely never going to convince me that Giving Up the Ghost and Where the Dark Things Are don't sound practically the same.
  2. Americunt


    It literally sounds identical to most of the second half and the hook was annoying imo.
  3. Americunt


    Nnn, my ranking is almost the opposite of this. 1. Mimicry 2. Everybody Bleeds the Same 3. Tuleloits 4. Legends 5. Savages 6. One 7. Better 8. Where the Dark Things Are 9. Giving Up the Ghost I thought the album was not great on the whole and really suffered from her choice to do so many staccato parts in the vocals. It made the project as a whole lack any real dynamism and just felt like the same thing over and over. By the second half, I was really over the sound she chose for this album. Tuleloits has far and away the best instrumental on this whole project and really should've been the sonic direction she chose to go in instead of this boring EDM-lite. I guess I'm not surprised, since the latter two singles from the pre-album era were both similar enough to the album sonically that they wouldn't feel out of place. Still disappointing, though.
  4. She was in talks to do it, but negotiations ended up breaking down because the NFL refused to give her a firm commitment in a timely manner, which led to her backing out.
  5. Is she there to film? Was she taking a tour for fun? Is this just another part of her "being an instagram baddie" thing? We'll never know!
  6. Americunt


    Not real, if that's what you're thinking. It's just an edit of the new shoot from the Pre-Grammy Gala.
  7. We don't know anything, because the police have not finished their investigation. You can keep claiming you know more than you actually do, but the incontrovertible truth is that that article is an unsourced piece of trash with a clickbait headline.
  8. Did you actually read that article? 'Cause this is the key point.
  9. There's literally security camera footage that proves his story, according to the police reports...
  10. Obviously the album is done and dusted at this point, so I guess they're just making stuff for fun?
  11. This is a rehost from Jack's Instagram story.