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  1. God, what if they’re dating?
  2. Oh my god, can she stop being listed as a feature when she's just doing fucking backing vocals.
  3. Americunt


    Nah, this is the right section. If you want to discuss music without shade for a non-fave, this is the place to do it.
  4. Americunt

    Yeah, it's on track to debut high; possibly even Top 10. In true Nicki style, it will most likely flame-out second week, though.
  5. Americunt


    This is fake. The "Didn't I tell you what I heard about her?" is from All Smiles and the instrumental is just some random trash.
  6. Americunt

    It's also definitely not the video from the recent shoot, so multiple videos confirmed for sure!
  7. People are saying this is from the end of The Good Life. There's been a lot of talk about that particular track lately, so it's believable.
  8. Boo'd Up is by a relatively new artist called Ella Mai. Lucid Dreams is by Juice Wrld. Taste is by Tyga. Of the three, I've only ever heard Boo'd Up on the radio.
  9. Americunt

    Locking this thread because it's way past out of control. We will be sending warnings for many comments made in here. Please continue to report posts from this thread that you find objectionable to help the mods with their job. We appreciate it greatly.
  10. It seems likely that he's the main producer of her next record at this point. They've been working together on and off since February.