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  1. Americunt

    He's an Otter. Too hairy to be a Twink, not hairy enough to be a Cub and not big enough to be a Bear.
  2. Americunt


    Ina has written a ton of songs that got pitched to Britney at various times, but according to her, Britney never actually recorded "Father's Eyes". It's just an error. There's all kinds of them on registration entities, since data entry clerks who do that work both have made and do make mistakes when putting in a bunch of new info at once.
  3. Americunt


    I delete pretty much any remix that comes tacked onto an album, other than official acoustic versions with different vocal takes. I've also deleted several complete discographies before, when I realized I wasn't interested in the artist anymore. But most of the things I delete are after the first listen. I'll often download albums on a whim and listen just for kicks. If I'm not gripped by a first listen, into the trash bin it goes!
  4. Directed by AG Rojas, who also did the videos for "Sky Full of Song" and "Hunger". Seems like a bit of a farewell to High As Hope.
  5. There are detrimental effects related to porn, but almost none of them are actually what Republican lawmakers claim. They're using it as a scapegoat for just yet another moral panic.
  6. Americunt


    People are saying this might be about Drake. https://wildsycamore.tumblr.com/post/184763131414/oh-thats-cool-you-think-you-could-maybe-tell
  7. https://wildsycamore.tumblr.com/post/184743166939/im-gettin-you-so-hot
  8. Americunt


    It's possible that this cover is part of a documentary about Sublime, rather than a song from NFR. https://www.vulture.com/2019/04/tribeca-film-festival-2019-sublime-documentary-review.html
  9. https://wildsycamore.tumblr.com/post/184725337424/heres-roll-with-me-since-a-lot-of-you-didnt
  10. Americunt


    It's a cover.
  11. Americunt

    There's gonna be like two people who actually bother to follow the theme. At least with last year's, you could get away with something basic, like wearing a bunch of crosses on a boring gown. Camp is way too delicate a balance for most people to pull off with aplomb.
  12. Americunt


    Don't get too excited. Love was sent to radio too and did practically nothing.
  13. Listed for radio impact on May 20th on All Access Music Group's website. They are a reliable source, so this seems to be real. https://www.allaccess.com/triple-a/future-releases
  14. Some fan who met her in LA last week said they asked and she said she’s planning a midsummer release. It’s not totally reliable because there’s no recorded proof of it, but that’s the newest thing I’ve heard. Album definitely still has all three released tracks.
  15. Copyright takedowns are meaningless. Many of them have incorrect titles associated with them. "Best American Record" had a copyright takedown under the title "Architecture" because the first upload on Soundcloud was listed under "Architecture" rather than the real title of "Best American Record". This is 100% not "Wild One".