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  1. Kanye wore his fucking MAGA hat on SNL. How the hell are you gonna preach "love is the new money" when you're literally wearing a symbol of abject hatred? jj4 

    1. Sylk


      bobo the clown

  2. Chanel's desperation is palpable. Just banned their third attempt at a new account this week. jj4

  3. One of our members, @Fat Ass Kelly Price, suffered pretty extensive damage to his home in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. If you guys would consider donating, I know that would mean a lot to him.



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    2. Infrared


      @Anna-wa may be the only member who has ever censored sean's name bey4 



    3. Anna-wa


      @Infrared fjkd;lasfjkal; Yeah what can I say I never grew out of not cussing dead2 

    4. Sylk


      omg this is so sad to hear! Thank god him and his family are safe though. Hope they get all the help they need. 

  4. Throwback!


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    2. Americunt


      Oh and just for the hell of it @Artraved (AKA @Lachlan)


    3. Lachlan


      Okay at Liam and I's hair colours basically being switched!

    4. H.O.N.E.Y
  5. Since some people aren't getting it, allow me to reiterate: yes, there is a section missing. No, you may not talk about it. Further posts about this anywhere on the forum will incur warning points.

  6. Yes, there's a certain something missing from the homepage. No, it's not an accident. It's at the point where we're going to send warning points for mentioning it. 


    Calm down and wait.

  7. Another entry for my mug!

  8. Megyn Kelly's rumored to be taking over the hour of The Today Show that was left vacant when Billy Bush got fired. What kind of strange Trump-related karma....?jj4

    1. QUINN


      The first true example of him draining swamps!

  9. Basing your arguments on the false premise that we've ever had free speech was your first mistake. That's anarchy. This is an oligarchy.

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    2. Earth Ripper

      Earth Ripper

      So we can discuss her chicken slaughter nonsense in that thread or no? chi1

    3. Onika


      You can discuss the morality of slaughtering chickens or w/e, I'm just saying you don't need to give her publicity to do it jj4 

    4. WarrenThanksYouAll


      Well, I don't agree with the 'It's hard to write a strict rule regarding the issue, therefore it's okay to use a flawed, discriminative and unfair one' mentality. I still think it's pretty easy to determine whether the specific scenario in hand is worth discussing or not, it's just a matter of whether you're willing to put in the extra effort to make sure everything is properly moderated. I don't think there's any sort of uncertainty and blurriness between Azealia calling Zayn a terrorist and between her performing a traditional ritual, lol. One case already warrants a locked thread according to the forum rules while the other is up to debate both morally and rules wise. 

      I say give it a shot, if it works it works, if it doesn't and it only causes unwanted chaos then switch it back, at least you'd be able to say you tried. aura1

  10. Continued creation of threads about her will result in warnings being sent out.

  11. Psssst...Christmas came early!

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    2. Madonna


      Now serve us a M**** & S*********** ban for the XMas countdown!

    3. QUINN


      @Salvatore we haven't been THAT good this year 

    4. Holiest Dreams

      Holiest Dreams

      30 minutes ago, Salvatore said:

      Now serve us a M**** & S*********** ban for the XMas countdown!

      This please!

      2016 might not be the most tragic year of the decade so far. cry7

  12. First two albums on my year-end list were just released! Find out what they are here:


  13. Mashed potatoes in progress on the stove, ham in the oven, Dutch Apple and Buttermilk pies cooling on the counter, cranberries cooling in the fridge, stuffing and scalloped potatoes next up!

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    2. Arya



    3. Hunty Bear

      Hunty Bear

      ham? not very halal of you bby! rav3 happy thanksgiving fam!

    4. Aidan.


      God I'm hungry. Sounds so good

  14. @Onika The new Last.fm bars are fucking up loading times on threads something fierce dead2 

  15. Kylie stans Tove Lo!


  16. Just got done with my early voting. Helping Texas get a little bit more Blue, one vote at a time. jj2 

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    2. Americunt


      Yeah, every reliable source has Hillary leading by a pretty good margin. Almost all the battleground states have been swinging her way according to recent polls.

    3. Hylia
    4. Andres


      Still, don't get complacent! If you're eligible to vote then vote

  17. You're gonna need to stop.

    1. Strigoi


      But she's defaming my good name!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Americunt


      This act is not cute. Can it or we'll ban you.

    3. Strigoi


      I did. Outside battlegrounds. So, anything else? - AF

  18. https://twitter.com/lovelymissJJ/status/751576495739564032

    Nana JJ is pretty reliable, but this news doesn't make me happy. jj3 

    1. Chris


      its protected tina1 

    2. Chris
    3. Americunt


      Your own fault if you didn't follow Nana JJ before she protected her tweets.

  19. First single confirmed. Apparently releasing in early July.


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    2. Hunty Bear

      Hunty Bear

      omg not Milf Money jj4

    3. edwinfg


      Was this the song that had that tragic look? jj4 

    4. Vertigo-go


      Boobs sticking to each other when she's supposed to be naked? jj4

  20. Remember when people kept their petty bullshit stan wars in Battlegrounds? Certain members should learn to do that as well! (Hint hint)


    Now I feel bad for all the Xtina stans. dead2 

    1. Xgongiviguess


      Candyman 2.0 is coming 

    2. Holiest Dreams

      Holiest Dreams

      Meghan Trainor-esque? RIP to the era before it even starts rip1 

    3. ajp


      Who the fuck wants to sound like Potty Trainor?ny12


  22. No ass shots in statuses, please.

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    2. Michael.


      what happened here?  lmfao1

    3. Sylk


      nothing to see here... move along now folks! nicki4


    4. Michael.


      Bitch you better show us them nudes  nicki4

  23. Your last status was not appropriate. Sexually explicit images may not be posted outside of HOW.

    1. DogsNotDead


      My apologies, Americunt. 

    2. Chris
  24. Welcome back, FOTPers! jj2