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  1. 17 minutes ago, Hunty Bear said:

    should we bully her into commissioning that drawn music video for Love song like she promised she would rip4 this is literally the PERFECT time to do it and there are so many artists that need a source of revenue rn

    She's probably too busy brooding about how much she hates her mother right now. dead2 

  2. 32 minutes ago, Jake said:

    Have you seen this? @Americunt I actually love it dead2 


    I've been waiting to buy the single and watch the video until I get my main laptop again, but the bits I've seen from her teasers on Instagram looked great!

  3. 9 minutes ago, Hunty Bear said:

    good to be back clap3 

    also @Sean has the ********** been updated with the newest leaks yet? or have I just been lagging jj4 

    Because I don't have my main laptop right now, I haven't been able to update it with any of the most recent stuff. I should be getting my laptop back in about a week, when the initial stay at home order gets lifted and I can clear out my dorm. Will do an update and note it in the update log ASAP, after I do. jj2


    If you were wondering what was missing at present, I think it's just SQ, TGL, alt Cherry Blossom, YCBTB 320kbps, The Rich Whores stuff and that Lizzy Grant demo CD thing with another alt demo of For K Part 2.

  4. 16 minutes ago, CHANEL #1 said:

    During this quarantine my sister and I are working on this embroidery project. So it's going to be flowers that represent each of Lana's albums. BTD as a rose, Paradise as bird of paradise, UV as a hydrangea, HM as a hibiscus, and LFL as a daisy. I just cannot for the life of me figure out what flower to have represent NFR. She doesn't mention any flowers in any of the songs and there aren't any used in visuals. 


    I thought about maybe having BTD-LFL be represented by flowers and then having NFR be represented by a butterfly.

    Any thoughts on what should represent NFR? moo1 

    Maybe Morning Glories? They have that kind of delicate energy. jj2 

  5. The whole live set of The Rich Whores, which was teased a few years ago, has finally leaked. It includes all of the following tracks:

    Me & My Boyfriend (Marilyn) ["Marilyn" is apparently the real title, but that's way too confusing; it's bad enough that there's already leaked tracks titled "Marilyn" and "Marilyn Monroe", let alone a completely separate "Marilyn" which has nothing to do with the other two]

    It's Not You, It's Just Me


    Brite Lites


  6. Two new leaks today! Seems like somebody cracked into Rick's demo vault again, because we've gotten demos of "Lust For Life" and "Freak". The LFL demo is the solo one Lana mentioned as being the original, from before Max Martin contributed to it. The Freak one is titled "Freak Like Me" and features a different bridge.

  7. They just went through all the SOTY nominees at the Grammys and when they showed the "Norman Fucking Rockwell" graphic:

    1. They rendered the title in the graphic as "Norman #&%@% Rockwell"

    2. They stated the name of the song was "Norman Freaking Rockwell"

    3. They played a snippet of "Happiness is a Butterfly"


  8. People are claiming to have the spoken word album. This is what the tracklist is, according to them:


    1. "Happy" [3:31]
    2. "The Land of 1000 Fires" [4:06]
    3. "Quiet Waiter Blue Forever" [4:35]
    4. "Pass the Bushes Cypress Thriving" [2:58]
    5. "the day u left me in los angeles" [5:34]
    6. "Strangers in Love" [4:25]
    7. "Never to Heaven" [3:40]
    8. "Ebbs & Flows of a Sky, Painted" [4:29]
    9. "Kitchen Discoveries - Lowly Maiden" [3:56]
    10. "calm" [4:44]
    11. "Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass" [4:26]


    Pretty sure it's not real, but I guess we'll find out soon! jj2 

  9. 8 minutes ago, Hunty Bear said:

    I'll never understand why people dislike Bartender, kinda unbelievable honestly jj4 

    I mean, it's kind of a weird song, so I get why people don't like it, even if I don't really agree.

  10. Eclipse tweeted and deleted that there’s another Lana and Ariana collab in the pipeline. Apparently not firsthand information and he called the source semi-reliable, but I could see it being true...


    And also mediocre as fuck, if DCMA is anything to go on. jj4 


  11. The interview she did with Q Magazine isn't fully published yet, but snippets have leaked and she apparently revealed that she's recorded a new song titled "Let Me Love You Like a Woman" recently. Probably a safe bet that it'll be part of White Hot Forever.

  12. 7 minutes ago, Hunty Bear said:

    Caroline Polachek, Vagabon, Sudan Archives, Teebs, clipping., Lykke Li, and Smellie X all came out with serves in some capacity jj2 

    Not sure if I’d say Lykke served, since it was literally just an Audacity-level slowed down edit of a previous release, when she still has “Jaguars in the Snow” in a vault somewhere. jj4 

  13. 9 minutes ago, Hylia said:

    Are her singles leading up to a sophomore release?

    Yeah, her recent interviews have said she plans to do at least another EP soon. Maybe not until early next year and it might be like Tokyo Love Hotel, where not all the leadup material is part of the tracklist, but yes, that definitely seems to be her plan. jj2