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  1. Someone from her store sent out the original PSD file of the album cover when asked for an HQ digital copy by a fan. Ergo, we now have an official text-free version, for those who like that.
  2. I haven't seen any of it yet. Been on the docket, for after I finish Years and Years (which I just watched the last episode of), Another Life and Chernobyl, but I'll get to it eventually.
  3. Some people are saying this is the album cover. I don't think it really is, but I also don't think I recognize where the face is from, if it is just an edit, which makes me second-guess myself a little.
  4. Her official store is now password protected, which likely means they're about to update it with the pre-order! https://shoplanadelrey.com/password
  5. Eli Grant (aka Lance Del Rey) looks good here!
  6. Some people are saying a fan in the front row asked if the album was dropping in August. She apparently confirmed that it was. Wasn't into a mic and there's no video to confirm, but what else is new?
  7. Some Twitter gay made a fake account where they "leaked" the lyrics of NFR's whole tracklist. It included all the ones we have snippets of, the two country songs, "Black Magic", "For K, Pt. 3", "Bartender" and "Glorious" (this was the "Stronger" snippet). Also, like three of the "new" songs had racist lyrics. https://twitter.com/ChamaeleonSoul
  8. Some Twitter gay is claiming to have album details, including a secret show where the album will be played. Obviously very suspicious, but it's not like we have any other sources of info these days!
  9. She supposedly only has a short part in it, so I'm not shocked.
  10. Nah, she got very pissy when people told her that this song was almost a direct ripoff of Lana's "You Can Be the Boss".
  11. Doin' Time is supposedly getting its live debut at the Ireland show tonight.
  12. The delusion in this thread from a fan account claiming to be an "insider"
  13. A short film she acted in, from 2010.
  14. Someone on Leakth.is is selling the full Video Games multitracks for $200. Guess that means we should expect a leak.
  15. People are saying this might be a cover of the Radiohead song...? They said in the comments that it was "not that old", when asked if it was old or new.
  16. A studio session from the Lizzy Grant days just leaked. It includes an acapella take of "You're Gonna Love Me", plus a bunch of acapella noodling that includes parts of songs that we believe are titled "Run Motorcycle", "God Bless America" "Vacation" and "Ben".
  17. People are saying this might be about Drake. https://wildsycamore.tumblr.com/post/184763131414/oh-thats-cool-you-think-you-could-maybe-tell
  18. Someone sent two titles I'd never heard of to that new leak blog: "Miss Misery" and "Diamonds and Dreams". They also implied that only one hoarder has them, which presumably means it's one of the more well-known ones, like Lisandro or Eclipse. Could be fake so I won't add them to the master list yet, but it's worth keeping an eye on, I guess.
  19. It would be a really weird, incohesive mess of an album if all 12 were on it! Maybe an EP.
  20. Lana's absence has weirdly made me feel a lot more inspired lately. I've written twelve songs and 40,000 words of a story in this past month alone.
  21. "Goodbye" got registered on GEMA recently. Wonder if she plans to release it or managed to sell it?
  22. Screaming @ this candid from last night
  23. It's a fun episode! Meta fan-centric scripts like that had been proposed as actual Star Trek episodes at various times (for example, a proposed VOY episode would've had the crew visiting a planet of people who'd been following their adventures for years), but the writers of the '90s shows ended up scrapping those concepts because they couldn't figure out a way to make an episode like that which didn't come off as mean-spirited. Futurama didn't have to pay too much lip service to respecting the audience, since they'd never shied away from lampooning other similar concepts, so they were really i
  24. Disenchantment is definitely a different animal than either The Simpsons or Futurama. It's a lot closer in concept to Futurama, but it's way more serialized. This is an easy thing to miss, because on first watch, it seems like it's just another series with standalone episodes and maybe some light callbacks to prior stuff. It's definitely not as immediately laugh-out-loud funny as Futurama was (especially in the early seasons), but there are a lot of subtler gags that took me a couple watches to notice. I think the general consensus is that it's not amazing on first watch, but improves a l