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  1. First one is not titled "Coca Cola". That was a trader title given to the track actually titled "Us Against the World (Outtake 1)". Second one is "Queen of the Gas Station (Demo 3)".
  2. We've never allowed them. I know that Lanaboards allows them, which is probably why you're confused. Clyp.it is a better alternative because though you can enable a download for a particular track, it's not downloadable by default upon upload.
  3. They literally are. Just because you can stream from them as well doesn't suddenly change the fact that they're downloads. Picosong is a download site. Don't post Picosong links.
  4. 1. Yes, that's updated. 2. Sad Girl demo never leaked in full. 3. No, there's only one version of Coca Colla and it's 1:10 in length. Whatever other thing you have is not real. 4. I assume that you're talking about the third demo of Queen of the Gas Station.
  5. She was apparently in talks to headline Glastonbury, but pulled out before the lineup was finalized.
  6. Soz, but you're genuinely never going to convince me that Giving Up the Ghost and Where the Dark Things Are don't sound practically the same.
  7. It literally sounds identical to most of the second half and the hook was annoying imo.
  8. Nnn, my ranking is almost the opposite of this. 1. Mimicry 2. Everybody Bleeds the Same 3. Tuleloits 4. Legends 5. Savages 6. One 7. Better 8. Where the Dark Things Are 9. Giving Up the Ghost I thought the album was not great on the whole and really suffered from her choice to do so many staccato parts in the vocals. It made the project as a whole lack any real dynamism and just felt like the same thing over and over. By the second half, I was really over the sound she chose for this album. Tuleloits has far and away the best instrumental on this whole project
  9. Not real, if that's what you're thinking. It's just an edit of the new shoot from the Pre-Grammy Gala.
  10. Honeymouns posted this... Portion of an album cover, maybe? Clearly, that is Lana's hand, since her "M" tattoo is visible, but I don't recognize the guy's hand.
  11. Supposedly MGK scrapped his whole album concept recently, so the Lana collab will probably never see the light of day, since he explicitly said it was for his album.
  12. Lowkey, I did just see an insider who got a few things right so far saying June...
  13. When she decides she's had enough weekday brunches with her fellow "insta baddies"!
  14. This diagram holds true for all her eras!
  15. It is really wild to think about. My first listens are still such vivid memories.
  16. This was almost right, but apparently she made some edits late in the process. "Okay" is now titled "More than OK". "One Step Away from the Grave" is now "One Step Away". The interlude is now an intro. "Vendetta" didn't make the cut. She replaced it with a song titled "Bendin' Backwards".
  17. A reliable source says Reincarnation Pt. 1 is dropping January 30th. It's 15 songs. This is all of them, though not in tracklist order. 1. Problem 2. I Know You Wannit 3. Vendetta 4. Like Fruit 5. Ghost 6. Interlude 7. Tell Your Friends 8. Worth It 9. Okay 10. Head 11. E 12. One Step Away From the Grave 13. Welcome to Try It 14. 1969 15. Trust Me She also played a whole bunch of other songs that aren't on the album during an Instagram live last night. No Angels {Apparently not going to be released because she doesn't have the rights to a sampl
  18. Was it that fucking Meghan Garvey girl again? She has such a hateboner for Lana.
  19. She didn't take it down, as far as I can see? I just watched it a minute ago.
  20. She's gonna "premiere" Hope(etc.) on Radio 1 later today, despite it already being out for 24+ hours, but that should include an interview, which will hopefully provide concrete dates for...something, if we're lucky, I guess.
  21. Glad she saw through to his creepiness and tossed him out like yesterday's trash!