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  1. No official title has been confirmed. Speculation is that it's titled "Hey Blue Baby".
  2. All are Cruel Youth era, if that's what you're asking. "Madness" is relatively new, since it was registered in the same batch as recent stuff like "Childish". "Pure" is at least a few years old, because it was registered between the release of "Mr. Watson" and the release of +30mg. I've never heard of "My Guy" before today, so I don't know anything about it beyond the fact that it's a Cruel Youth song.
  3. Just saw some traders claiming to have "Madness", "My Guy" and "Pure".
  4. You might like "Picasso". It's probably the closest thing to "Get Over U" that she's recorded.
  5. Love this one! It was the first unleaked song I ever had, though it did leak like a week after I got it.
  6. One is probably going to be a version of Eleutheromaniac, made up of the tracks that haven't been either released or leaked yet. She posted a piece of paper that said "Future singles: Salt & Honey, Colors, No Angels" on her Instagram story a couple weeks ago, while she was doing her run-through of songs to decide on the tracklist.
  7. She just started her performance at the Ally Coalition event. First song is Venice Bitch.
  8. And it still sounds mediocre af from the snippet!
  9. Nope, "Legends" is definitely the same song. A snippet of her working with a choir to record the backing vocals for the track was posted on the crowdfunding page in 2016. The melody was identical to the one we already know. At least this "One" is probably a new song. That track is over a decade old and I very much doubt she's thought about it in years.
  10. Went through some old avatars and dug up a classic for the holidays.
  11. Two fucking minute-long interludes. Christ, honey, try a little harder. Legends making it, despite leaking like four years ago. Also, did she forget she already has a song titled "One"?
  12. That would be such a waste, given that we already have both in studio quality. Give us 12 new songs.
  13. I mean, speak for yourself, sis; I've taken a fair few advanced math courses in my time. But yeah, my thoughts are relatively on the same wavelength. My only addition would be that "Red Lamb" seems like it could be a Halloween-y bop about devil worship or something, since she wrote it during October.
  14. I didn't manage to get much because I was slow on the draw for the screenshot, but this is what I did capture: And one other super blurry out-of-focus one that nothing else can be divined from: I know that "Fabergé" was one of the other visible titles that I didn't get in the screenshot, but managed to absorb before she moved the camera.
  15. 1. MNDR - Kimono 2. The Saturdays - Not Giving Up 3. Femme - Fire With Fire 4. Le Pie - I Don't Wanna Sing About Boys Anymore 5. Franz Ferdinand - Words So Leisured 6. Oh Land - Twist 7. Eleanor Friedberger - Cathy With The Curly Hair 8. Noonie Bao - Do You Still Care? 9. ALA.NI - Come to Me 10. K.I.D - Pack a Day
  16. It just sounds like an interesting title and she clearly likes it a lot, given that she's been working on it for months.
  17. She all but confirmed that Childish was included by the fact that she played it. I expect Very Beige is also gonna be included, given that it was one of the few tracks from the list we saw that she'd "hearted" on her iTunes.
  18. She's probably scrapped Violet Roses at this point. It's like four years old and probably doesn't fit very well with the new material.
  19. Lots of new info from her Instagram live. The next release is going to be an EP/mixtape, seven songs in length. She played a snippet of Childish, which will be on it. She's still working on it right now, but she wants it out early next year, around three months from the present time, which puts it probably in mid-February.
  20. Welcome to FOTP! It's always great to have another Teddy fan around. As far as we know, Natalia Kills is dead for good and she's going to drop a new Cruel Youth single pretty soon. It might be a recently registered track titled "Supernova", which is the first registered song in a while to have Willy Moon as a co-writer. Additionally, a songwriter she works with a lot did an interview a few months back and casually mentioned that he was working on the Cruel Youth album with her and a few other people. The hype will obviously have to be kept in check until she properly announces som
  21. The house she filmed the HBTB video in and lived in for about a year and a half is rumored to have been destroyed by the wildfires. She sold it in January 2018, thankfully.
  22. Pete definitely has surprising depth to him, underneath his priggishness. I do still have a bit of a grudge over his early treatment of Peggy, so that keeps me from being completely in his court, but he's certainly a great example of the gray morality I mentioned earlier. The lingering resentment for his parents was a particularly good thread for his character, as I recall. I think my Top 2 comic moments would be Miss Blankenship's death (a hilariously surreal episode on the whole) and Megan's ridiculous serenade. I remember watching the Season 5 premiere live with my parents and we were
  23. A lot of water under the bridge since I last watched through, so I've forgotten a lot of details, but I think Season 1 is my favorite? It just set the stage for what was to come so cleanly. Maybe that's a cop-out. Favorite long-term main character is probably...Joan? In a show so much about gray morality, she stands out as one of the few characters who are genuinely sympathetic even when they're doing wrong. Many of the female characters get similar treatment (Peggy, Sally, even Megan to a degree), but some of them are just so personally deplorable that they're harder to empathize with.
  24. There isn't a third leaked Yes to Heaven demo. Two are leaked and there's a third known to be unleaked. I think the confusion comes from the fact that the two we have are often listed as "Version 2" and "Version 3", since the unleaked third demo is supposedly an earlier cut of the song. As to the instrumentals...depends. What instrumentals did you last list as needing? The most recent ones I know of are Florida Kilos, Gods & Monsters and Body Electric. If the only ones you knew of were FK and G&M, then the new stuff you haven't heard about might include all of these: Pussycat