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  1. Nnnn, Lana messaged multiple fan groups on Instagram and told them to stop posting rat emojis on her new boyfriend's pics.
  2. Why the ABSOLUTE FUCK is she in the studio with MGK?
  3. It's a strange coupling, but it works! Honestly I'm surprised they'd even met, let alone become friends.
  4. She's saying October 26th for the single, now.
  5. Lana was supposedly in Rhode Island today. She's rumored to have told a fan that she was going to Boston to see her boyfriend coach...something. I did a little research into all the sports that are going right now and have upcoming games in or around Boston this weekend (this includes professional baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer and football). I eliminated any married or particularly old guys, 'cause lbr, girl claims to love daddies but her last three boyfriends were within two years of her age. The primary options I've come up with are these: Cameron Achord - He's single
  6. She posted something on her Instagram story today about how "deadlines should be called failedlines because it's not the end of the world when you don't meet them". This comes mere hours after she had a meeting at BMG's headquarters, less than twenty-four hours after the day she said she'd be sharing "big news" with us. So basically...settle in ladies. Miss Ivy will be taking her sweet-ass-time.
  7. Marina’s not an FOTP Fave. Beyoncé is.
  8. Nope! Hint: Hunty Bear’s answer was close, but he framed it incorrectly.
  9. So many Radiohead fans legit think the sun shines out of Thom Yorke’s anus. That hasn’t changed, sadly.
  10. She's singing Ariana songs on her Instagram story.
  11. It's composited. She was really dressed up in all those outfits, but she wasn't actually in any of those scenes. It was all shot on a white background.
  12. Damn, didn't expect this to be her longest song ever.
  13. Oh, almost certainly. I've thought so for years.
  14. God, there are some great genes in their family.
  15. We're already pretty oversaturated with FOTP Faves, so it's not likely for us to add any further sections at the moment.
  16. Why even bother to post this? It's just some Youtuber trying to get clicks by posting an instrumental with a fake title.
  17. It's apparently rumored that Lana has submitted songs for inclusion in the soundtrack of Quentin Tarantino's upcoming film "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood", which chronicles the Tate-LaBianca Murders and the actions of the Manson Family surrounding the murders.
  18. Eclipse did an Instagram live a couple minutes ago. He played like two seconds of what I think was The Good Life, then a bunch of crap from other artists.
  19. Probably not gonna be released. It was written for The Powder Room around the same time as I Want It Now, but after both leaked, she ended up only continuing work on (and eventually releasing) the latter.
  20. It's also definitely not the video from the recent shoot, so multiple videos confirmed for sure!
  21. It’s nothing particularly special. I think I got most of it from someone on here
  22. As I recall, it's real. The producers made a couple different versions just to throw ideas around. It's pretty common practice. I don't have it in my library, since it was not different enough to warrant saving, though.