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  1. I haven't been here in so long. Got busy with school but finally graduated with my degree!

    Happy Holidays, FOTP! Hope you all have had great ones and a happy early New Year!

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    Watching rn.
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    Don't ask me. It was a rumor going around that she wouldn't do them live but air a pre-recorded performance like Pretty Girls. Glad it didn't happen.
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    The good bit of this is that she seems confident and passionate enough to go on stage again instead of pre-recording everything. Remember the rumor she would pre-record the festivals? I'm glad she's found comfort to some extent in performing and promoting again. It's also nice we have an HD quality recording of a scaled down Vegas show. Those mixes are great. However, there's a lot left to be desired. I wish she'd ditch the leotards and mix up her costumes up a bit. Every promo performance has been POM promo and the choreography for the majority of it is terrible. Squandering every opportunity of showcasing Glory and the potential it has to sell by only promoting a long dead single and a track that has not been released as a single.
  5. And the fact she still does promo on his show without firing back shows girl is a class act.
  6. The Latoya bit was false. She made accusations during her marriage to which she said she made due to the abuse of her husband at the time. It wasn't until the family intervened and she finally left him, she admitted to being pressured to saying it or else she'd suffer. I think MJ forgave her and they healed their relationship.
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    At home. A lot of bad crowd experiences lately with movies; people talking, texting and just ruining the experience overall. Cinnamon Toast Crunch or French Toast Crunch?
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    Celeb News

    Always preferred him over Nick.
  9. Let the stunt casting continue. The title is Scream Queens and the only one we have is Jamie Lee Curtis.
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    I fucking hate people in this world.