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  1. 1. Die Another Day 2. American Life 3. Hollywood 4. Love Profusion 5. Hung Up 6. Get Together 7. Jump 8. 4 Minutes 9. Give It 2 Me 10. Miles Away 11. Celebration 12. Revolver 13. Give Me All Your Luvin 14. Girl Gone Wild 15. Turn Up The Radio 16. Living For Love 17. Ghosttown 18. Bitch I'm Madonna 19. Medellin 20. Crave 21. New Song 22. New Song Disc 2: (Bonus) 1. Broken (I'm Sorry) (previously available on CD single) 2. History 3. Nobody Knows Me (remix) 4. Nothing Fails (remix) 5. Me Against The Music 6. Let It Will Be (remix)
  2. I haven't been here in so long. Got busy with school but finally graduated with my degree!

    Happy Holidays, FOTP! Hope you all have had great ones and a happy early New Year!

  3. Not premiering Make Me at the BBMA's. The leaks of the original video/never speaking about it until the reshot tragedy was released. Scrapping MM video/original artwork and using screenshots for the visuals this era. Wasting every promo slot for POM promo/beating MM to death instead of using another single SP to promote. Festivals being used to promote Vegas and paying dust to Glory. The VMA's performance being so low-budget instead of the triumphant return it needed to be. SP never having a televised performance.
  4. Holiday vs Deeper and Deeper Lucky Star vs Erotica Borderline vs Human Nature Like A Virgin vs Secret Material Girl vs Don't Cry For Me Argentina Crazy For You vs Bedtime Story Into the Groove vs The Power Of Good-Bye Live To Tell vs Beautiful Stranger Papa Don't Preach vs Frozen Open Your Heart vs Take A Bow La Isla Bonita vs Ray Of Light Like A Prayer vs Don't Tell Me Express Yourself vs What It Feels Like For A Girl Cherish vs Drowned World Vogue vs Music TIC: 8 GHV2: 6 Though TIC is a far better compilation,
  5. Confessions is overrated af. Erotica vs Drowned World vs Hung Up Fever vs Swim vs Get Together Bye Bye Baby vs Ray Of Light vs Sorry Deeper And Deeper vs Candy Perfume Girl vs Future Lovers Where Life Begins vs Skin vs I Love New York Bad Girl vs Skin Nothing Really Matters vs Let It Will Be Waiting vs Sky Fits Heaven vs Forbidden Love Thief Of Hearts vs Shanti / Ashtangi vs Jump Words vs Frozen vs How High Rain vs The Power Of Good-Bye vs Isaac Why's It So Hard vs To Have And Not To Hold vs Push In This Life vs Litt
  6. Compare anything off Erotica/BS/ROL to anything on AL.
  7. She's never done the album version, mostly a variation of the remix on the maxi single.
  8. That blackface photo was confirmed to be fake. Didn't Guy say they never saw the light of day and we know the whole shoot of the outfit had nothing to do with blackface.
  9. Headache and seizure inducing. I would have settled for a simpler approach not MDNA 2.0.
  10. A day before my birthday. Now I know what to ask my friends for.