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  1. 1 hour ago, ajp said:

    Miranda is one of the biggest selling female country artists whose fans buy her CDs. There is a cost/benefit for her label. This was her 7th album and she probably had a lot of pull at Sony Nashville for its release...but not every artist can pull it off, now.

    Streaming has killed the long play album. It’s even killed the length of songs. I think the way CRJ is doing it really helps solidify her as a prolific artist - and keeps her name in the press and draws interest in past projects without the public thinking she’s overexposed. 

    Yes, if it becomes a thing we are so blessed in the future. yas2

  2. 1 hour ago, ajp said:

    she is being very cryptic...could she be releasing a Side C? That would throw off all the other pop girlies. yas1

    Having worked at a record label, I know why a double CD never work....especially now in the streaming age where people prefer 10 track projects because of shortened attention spans. There are other reasons to cost, too...

    Yes but Miranda did it in 2016 and it did not hurt her at all.