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    1. Joanne


      Chinatown Hillsong Jesus



    2. Slayty Perry

      Slayty Perry

      41 minutes ago, mylifelies said:

      first name

      In that case I got Oklahoma Ash Tray Summer. Sounds boring lol

    3. Madonna


      Croquet Hillbilly Queen

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  2. The Last Song Of Your Life is still touching me. Imagine a video for it with all P!nk eras saying goodbye to her fans.
  3. I'm sorry to say that but Glory is better than Blackout.
  4. Changed my username to something readable kesha1

  5. I don't like that Bieber is basically the one who made her famous.
  6. Wish this was real.


  7. FaceApp is so good yas2

  8. I created a Tumblr page for a fictional singer/songwriter called Lea Lambert. yas2