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  1. I hope Cut You Off is in Top 10.
  2. None. I don't like the new female artists. They are all boring. Ariana was the last interesting one.
  3. This is pure magic!


  4. I feel sad for her that she lost a family member.
  5. Today some people don't know what a leak is cry5

  6. Yes, if it becomes a thing we are so blessed in the future.
  7. Yes but Miranda did it in 2016 and it did not hurt her at all.
  8. https://www.vox.com/2020/5/26/21266663/carly-rae-jepsen-dedicated-side-b-switched-on-pop We could get another album if she releases it I wonder why she didn't made Dedicated a double disc album from the beginning.
  9. Thanks but I wanted the cover art without the pink japanese banner to use it for Dedicated Side B.
  10. Does anyone have this cover without the border? @ajp@Honey
  11. I will make Dedicated a two disc CD yas2

    1. ajp


      What will be your track order be? nat1


  12. I have a feeling people hate Honeymoon (album) for no reason.