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  1. Lotus is amazing and Bionic feels flat sometimes like Stripped.
  2. This is how I rank her albums: 1. Back To Basics 2. Liberation 3. Lotus 4. Stripped 5. Bionic 6. Xtina
  3. Lotus is not as bad as people made it.
  4. We love a controversal singer yas2

  5. Should've been on Rainbow.

  6. 1. Rewrite 2. Sunday 3. Sweet Potato 4. The Bully 5. Moon 6. Where I Belong 7. Don't Bring Me Down 8. Natale's Song 9. Butterflies 10. Numb 11. The Church Of What's Happening Now 12. Breathe Me 13. Lucky 14. So Bored 15. Broken Biscuit 16. Sea Shells
  7. Loose is such a good album. I wish Afraid would've been a single and Runaway on the standard album.
  8. I don't have a desire to hear music from the last decade. I actually hear a lot from the 2000s.


    1. LÉON


      The song, the video, the vocal delivery cry7 Love this album.

  10. 1. Big Hoops 2. Hold Up 3. Parking Lot 4. High Life 5. The Most Beautiful Thing 6. Something 7. Bucket List 8. Circles 9. Enemy 10. Don't Leave Me 11. Believers (Arab Spring) 12. End Of The World
  11. I hope we get new music from Nelly and Sia next year.

  12. 1. Afraid 2. Maneater 3. Promiscuous 4. Say It Right 5. Do It 6. Glow 7. Undercover 8. Let My Hair Down 9. Wait For You 10. Somebody To love 11. Showtime 12. All Good Things (Come To An End) 13. Runaway 14. In God's Hands
  13. I just found out that I am generation Y and Z cry5

    1996 is such a bad year because you are both Y and Z cry5

    1. SHANE


      1998 feels the pain too. I think late 90s kids should get to chose which group they belong to. My mother is only 16 years older than me so I relate to a lot more of Gen Y's media and ways of thinking than Gen Z

  14. This is scary.

  15. It represents the albums emotion and the real Carrie. It represents her roots and love she still has for country music and the colour fits the mood of the album. It shows her dark and new side. It shows that this is a really sad album and marks her new signature look.
  16. 3 days until WILDCARD! yas2

    1. Honey



    2. RihannaRTT


      Ngl overall the album's been kinda meh (not bad, but not great) from the tracks so far, but Tequila Does went and snapped so I'm perched again legend1