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  1. DW here


    Cause I'm walkin down this road alone and figured all I'm thinking bout is you, my love.
    And my head is in a cloud of rain and the world it seems so far away and I'm just waiting for the droplets.

  2. DW

    This should've been a #1 for 10 weeks!
  3. Me too she should stick to Ed for collabs at least
  4. Could we get more Artpop songs live then?
  5. DW

    Artpop Bangerz
  6. DW here


    The most underrated music video ever!


  7. DW

    Party For One is not that good I need another Run Away With Me from her
  8. How can they make lists when the year is not over? What if someone big is releasing in the next 2 - 4 weeks and snatches all wigs?
  9. DW

    At least she makes and releases music while promoting her shoes
  10. DW

    Celeb News

    Bye music career
  11. DW

    I need help! Did Kesha said she hates Warrior (album) or not? @TomTom @KeshaRose
  12. DW


    She didn't said she hate it but she said some bad things. It's where she sat before the record studio or her house with her friends where she talked about the theme/clothes of Joanne.
  13. DW


    I thought I heard it on her documentation in 2016.