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  1. DW


    I have to do it with P!nk tomorrow I know 3 albums already but 4 I need to listen
  2. DW


    I still wonder that this is the hit single from her album. Mostly it's the lead single. She did that!
  3. DW here


    The best song when you have a broken heart!

  4. DW here


    When you try to be undercover but you fail


    1. Littleswiftie

      From which time is this?!

    2. DW

      1 hour ago, Littleswiftie said:

      From which time is this?!

      2009 or 2010 I think.

    3. ajp

      Love that she chose the Avril Lavigne look cry7

  5. DW

    I bet she can relate to these songs now
  6. DW


    P41 will slay and will be a step ahead it's time like EMOTION
  7. DW here


    Tove truly did it. She destroyed Fifth Harmony yas2

    1. DW

      4 minutes ago, Honeymoon said:


      Since she dropped her song B***hes (in 2016) 5H falls apart!

    2. Honeymoon

      Oh lmao I thought there was new info lmao 

  8. DW


    What if this means TS7 comes in 2020 oe 2022 when Delicate didn't die!
  9. DW


    Katy Perry: One Of The Boys > Witness > Prism > Teenage Dream Lily Allen: It's Not Me It's You > No Shame > Alright Still > Sheezus Kesha: Animal > Cannibal > Rainbow > Warrior Avril Lavigne: Goodbye Lullaby > Under My Skin > The Best Damn Thing > Avril Lavigne > Let Go Lana Del Rey: Born To Die > Paradise > Ultraviolence > Honeymoon > Lust For Life Miley Cyrus: Bangerz > Her Dead Petz > Younger Now > Can't Be Tamed > The Time Of Our Lives > Breakout Colbie Caillat: Gypsy Heart > The Malibu Sessions > Breakthrough > All Of You > Coco > Christmas In The Sand Kelly Clarkson: Piece By Piece > Stronger > Meaning Of Life > My December > Breakaway > All I Ever Wanted > Thankful > Wrapped In Red JoJo: Mad Love > The High Road > JoJo Amy Macdonald: Under Stars > A Curious Thing > Life In A Beautiful Light > This Is The Life Taylor Swift: Fearless > 1989 > Red > Speak Now > Reputation > Taylor Swift Demi Lovato: Here We Go Again > Don't Forget > Tell Me You Love Me > Demi > Unbroken > Confident Lissie: Catching A Tiger > Back To Forever > Cryin' To You > My Wild West > Castles Lykke Li: Wounded Rhymes > So Sad So Sexy > I Never Learn > Youth Novels Ellie Goulding: Halcyon > Bright Lights > Delirium > Halcyon Days Sara Barielles: The Blessed Unrest > Little Voice > What's Inside > Kaleidoscope Heart Tove Lo: Queen Of The Clouds > Blue Lips > Lady Wood Carly Rae Jepsen: Emotion > First Time > Kiss > Tug Of War Birdy: Beautiful Lies < Fire Within > Birdy Lorde: Melodrama > Pure Heroine
  10. DW here


    It's sill a bop yas2

  11. DW

    Music Video

    It's good but I like the original video more
  12. These are old. She still has blonde hair. 14 hours ago she posted a video on IG Story and she was blonde!
  13. DW


    I found her old one
  14. DW here


    It's stupid to delete a song. I would be okay with it if she replaces it but she has to replace it on the physical CD too.

    1. sonowgoodbye

      They can redact shelf copies but it’ll be hard to release it again without recognizing the past. She could re-issue it in a deluxe format ari7