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  1. DW

    I thought about making it like "all her eras in one era" tour and devide all songs into her 5 albums. All singles would be changed to the YN sound. Younger Now 7 Things Fly On The Wall These Four Walls Malibu Rainbowland The Climb When I Look At You Party In The USA Week Without You Miss You So Much Stay Can't Be Tamed My Heart Beats For Love I Would Die For You Thinkin We Can't Stop Wrecking Ball 4x4 Bad Mood Love Someone Something About Space Dude Lighter Twinkle Song Inspired
  2. Since we didn't got a tour for this album, It would be fun to create a tour for it.
  3. DW here


    Katy and Taylor in one video! yas2

  4. DW


    It's truly a work of art! The style and rock-electro music was so good! Sadly Judas wasn't a hat as it should've been.
  5. DW


    Most: Moonlight Least: PYHU
  6. DW here


    I still can't delete my blog!

  7. DW here


    I don't get why Gay Culture is so fucked up?

    First they say "we are not cliché" but then they are ew2

    Can't someone explain that to me.

  8. Dangerous Woman Why Try
  9. DW

    P!nk - Hurts To Be Beautiful 1. What About Us 2. 90 Days 3. Whatever You Want 4. My Attic 5. Happy 6. Barbies 7. The Last Song Of Your Life 8. Courage 9. But We Lost It 10. Love Me Anyway 11. Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken 12. Circle Games 13. You Get My Love
  10. Oh, I didn't saw this is a new cat Slay us with 100 cats in your Gorgeous video! Yas2
  11. DW


    Oh, that sounds nice. You could've edit this post then so no one gets confused
  12. Oh, then I misread it. My interpretation of the Ricky line in TUN could be true too. "Wrote some songs about Ricky, now I listen 'em less"
  13. DW


    It doesn't matter what it is its still sad. Just say RIP and everything is good. If it would be a dog or cat you would cry big tears because they are seen as a family member. If they are, Pigs are family members too! RIP to Piggy Smallz