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  1. Discussion

    Can I get a PM too
  2. I don't like the cover I'm so not excited for this album
  3. Album

    I don't listen to this album that much now
  4. Discussion

    Sound wise it doesn't fit on the album. I'm still excited to hear it
  5. Album

    I can't. I am not allowed to be in the internet
  6. Album

    On my PC
  7. Album

    The packaging looks like my scan too
  8. I'm really excited for this new album
  9. Hungry, Love Is Pain and A LIttle Work should be on the album
  10. Album

    My Top 5: 1. Into Me You See 2. Miss You More 3. Save As Draft 4. Deja Vu 5. Witness
  11. This is so heart warming
  12. Album

    I don't get the Godzilla hate. It's a cure love song.
  13. Music Video

    It's a great video I hope Hymn is next