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  1. Discussion What do you see as a 'disgrace' to pop music? why?

    I don't like that Pop is not it's own genre. I mean it has too many other genres in it and everyone is doing the same.
  2. Game Rate the Song: Kesha Edition

  3. Discussion How is Reputation aging for you?

    It ages like Wine Witness aged like Milk a few days after it's release
  4. Witness Discussion Thread

    Save As Draft should've been the 4th single
  5. Photos Full "Unapologetic" photoshoot LEAKED!

    Can ANTi leak too
  6. What Taylor Swift song are you listening right now?

    Look What You Made Me Do (Video)
  7. Discussion If Reputation was an 8 track EP?

    EP 1 1. ... Ready For It? 2. This Is What You Came For (in the same style as IDSB and EG) 3. I Did Something Bad 4. Look What You Made Me Do 5. This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things 6. End Game 7. Don't Blame Me 8. So It Goes ... EP 2 1. Delicate 2. Getaway Car 3. King Of My Heart 4. Gorgeous 5. Dancing With Our Hands Tied 6. Dress 7. Call It What You Want 8. New Year's Day
  8. Last Song You Listened To + In My Ass

    Look What You Made Me Do In My Ass
  9. Tracklist Rearranging

  10. Game Rate the Song: Kesha Edition

  11. Album Tove Lo | Blue Lips | 3rd Studio Album | November 17th, 2017

    It's a great album but I'm a little bit sad that there is not a song like Flashes on it. I hope we get 2 movies too Romantics has to be a single
  12. Celeb News Taylor still hasn't received her dollar

    Maybe her already paid the doller while he bought Reputation
  13. I realized that I am like Taylor Swift, we had drama with no reason tay2

  14. Performance Are you ready for it?

    Yes but she totally chaged since that day for me. She showed me the light again I'M BACK TO STAN HA FOREVER!
  15. Performance Are you ready for it?

    It's amazing but other songs are way better