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  1. DW here


    Has anyone problems with girls too?

  2. That's why we should stan Rih, Bey and Leona instead
  3. DW

    Maybe it's for the No Drug Like Me video.
  4. DW here


    Apparently new Carly songs leaked yas2

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    2. Chris Morlock

      you linked to a tweet with a link sia3 

      your welcome sia3 

    3. ajp

      You exhaust me, and not in a good way sia4


    4. Chris Morlock

      im just looking out for you sia4 

  5. DW

    Birthday Miley or Demi?
  6. DW here


    My anxiety is killing me today.

    1. Andrew!

      If you need to talk sis, I’m here ❤️

  7. 1. Wonderland 2. Tik Tok 3. C U Next Tuesday 4. C'Mon 5. Hungover 6. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes 7. Blind 8. Love Into The Light
  8. DW


  9. She went from little fuckers to lil b
  10. DW

    Cardi won again
  11. She could make this song shorter! I wonder why she didn't cut more songs. Performing a song for 1 minute is too sad.
  12. They don't exist in my universe until August 2019 I can't that she makes a Tour with 2 albums and it's called Sweetener Tour