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  1. The fans hate this album Go read Lanaboards
  2. Discussion

    Full of songs that didn't made the cut (Machine Gun Love, Meet Me In Space ect.)
  3. here


    I'm sick of ultra sad albums now alex1

    I need bops to lift my mood up alex1

  4. Discussion

    Rainbow Part 2 would be a good idea to make more bops
  5. Discussion

    I wish we had a Supernatural and Last Goodbye video
  6. Yes, that's true tea
  7. Discussion

    I was a bit sad after I saw them Dirty Love fits better to the album
  8. A bop that Hymn wanted to be
  9. Discussion

    I loved the Warrior era the most even when the style of the videos didn't matched the songs
  10. I need the other Warrior instrumentals now
  11. Album

    It's too short for a Kelly album with 14/13 songs
  12. I want an album like Warrior. It has a perfect balance of bops and sad songs. I'm sick of those sad albums now. Some ballads are good but not a full album please