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  1. DW


    1. Pills N Potions 2. Starships 3. Chun-Li 4. Your Love
  2. DW here


    This song still makes me cry everytime I hear it cry5

  3. DW

    It's confusing
  4. DW

    Music Video

    She looks so flawless!
  5. DW

    Oh! I got confussed with the Spotify Playlist sorry
  6. DW

    Miley sad something bad about every album except HDP that's why I think Miley likes this album the most.
  7. DW

    @Chris Morlock @Venom Her new album will be called This Is Miley Cyrus (so far).
  8. DW

    Meet Miley Cyrus and This Is Miley Cyrus. Most artists have 1 self titled and not 2.
  9. DW

    The last time I checked Hannah's site it wasn't there. It's still not Miley's debut. She wouldn't make 2 "Miley Cyrus" albums.
  10. DW

    It's not on Spotify and you can't buy it on CD anymore, so it's not her first album.
  11. DW

    She LOVES it because it's GOOD!
  12. DW

    For me it's a battle between MHBFL & Inspired.
  13. DW

    What is the best album closer?
  14. DW

    It has to be because Miley doesn't trashed it like her other albums.