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  1. Me and You Need To Calm Down a lot the last couple of weeks.
  2. I think these people aren't that dumb. They know exactly what they're doin'. Can't they block messages? I would deny every message and move on.
  3. It's amazing. I wish All Too Well was on that solo written songs list.
  4. BTD - OTTR - BJ - VG CW - UV - SOC - BB - WC - SG - PWYC HM - MTWBT - TLY - GKIT H - C - GF
  5. DW

    I don't know too. Btw to all who say it doesn't sound like a christmas song, listen to christmas music first.
  6. DW

    Thousand Miles aka her best song and video.
  7. I think they have a open marriage, where both can do whatever they want.
  8. DW here


    It's nearly September and only 2 of my old faves released something this year cry5

  9. We all know some good Album Movies from Kesha, Beyoncé, Florence + The Machine, Tove Lo ect. but what albums derserved some too? For me: Warrior, Gypsy Heart, Honeymoon, Sweetener and Beautiful Trauma
  10. DW

    Is this real?
  11. DW


    Yayo Dark Paradise Bel Air Pretty When You Cry Terrence Loves You Heroin TBA
  12. DW


    Send in my rates
  13. It's looks like a perfect summer album.