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  1. I can't wait to hear Cornelia Street & Daylight!
  2. DW


    Warrior Animal Cannibal Rainbow
  3. DW


    Over Wonderland, Supernatural & Love Into The Light?
  4. DW


    Spotify because it's free
  5. Me and You Need To Calm Down a lot the last couple of weeks.
  6. I think these people aren't that dumb. They know exactly what they're doin'. Can't they block messages? I would deny every message and move on.
  7. It's amazing. I wish All Too Well was on that solo written songs list.
  8. BTD - OTTR - BJ - VG CW - UV - SOC - BB - WC - SG - PWYC HM - MTWBT - TLY - GKIT H - C - GF
  9. DW

    I don't know too. Btw to all who say it doesn't sound like a christmas song, listen to christmas music first.
  10. DW

    Thousand Miles aka her best song and video.
  11. I think they have a open marriage, where both can do whatever they want.
  12. DW here


    It's nearly September and only 2 of my old faves released something this year cry5