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  1. Lovatic here

    R.O.S.E. is Jessica's best album alex1

  2. Lovatic here

    I hate when singers do the same music/theme but when a not so loved singer makes it everyone trashes them.

    Jessie made a great album and Rihanna, Beyoncé ect. did it before her and they get all the praise but she gets hate.

    I'm so glad that she only cares about her fans now.


    1. Chris Morlock

      Demi did it with Confident too. its a good album but she got backlash for it, yet Miley went further with it and got mixed reviews.

  3. Lovatic


    CTTR 2.0 is coming
  4. Lovatic here

    It's amazing yas2


  5. Lovatic

    Old Flames
  6. Lovatic

    Her best album can't do better
  7. Lovatic

    Why, did Rainbow fell out of the charts?
  8. Lovatic

    How many weeks until Rainbow is her longest charting album?
  9. Lovatic


    Give us Rocksha please Imagine a Let 'Em Talk video with this look
  10. Lovatic


    If you are lucky she will make on in 4 or 10 years She slowly goes to happy upbeat music
  11. Lovatic


    https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/8456718/jessie-j-rose-album-queen-video R.O.S.E. comes out in EPs from 22ed to 25th May 2018! Someone's Lady will be premired on Sunday! @Tasso can you edit the title please?
  12. Lovatic

    This should be the solution. I hate it when I open Spotify and you see 2 or 3 different versions of the same album.
  13. Lovatic here

    R.O.S.E. is coming next friday yas2