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  1. Album

    I bet we get two remixes as the bonus tracks.
  2. I would be ready for EMOTION SIDE C
  3. Celeb News

    They had the Love video too? I feel soo sorry for Lana
  4. Yes, it's from New Zealand. I hope we get Runaways too.
  5. It's not on my spotify too
  6. This is still the best song from Katy


  7. Album

    OMG! I hope we get some info or at least snippets
  8. Celeb News

    She could've ignored this leak or said something like she did when Black Beauty leaked.
  9. Celeb News

    I'm not so surprised but I don't get it. You release the first single in February when it was leaked and you release the album nearly 6 months later. What happend to the singers that they wait this long between lead single and album?
  10. Please review If You Love Me Let Me Go by Colbie Caillat
  11. Single

    I still wish we got a video for it. She could make a simple and boring video or a homemade video at least.
  12. Discussion

    I never saw these and I wish she would do this more often. She could easily write a song about this shit
  13. Discussion

    First Never Ending & Close To You fit perfectly on ANTi and second I want more harder songs. Woo was good but she can go harder like BBHMM & Nothing Is Promised. Some songs on ANTi are too lush for me.
  14. When it's all just for PR both are cunts
  15. I don't understand why she is jealous of Katy. Katy did nothing wrong