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  1. TMCSC


    I hope she learns from it. 18 songs are too much to pick singles from. She choose the worst songs as singles. I Forgot That You Existed will be the last single if she is really dumb. Cruel Summer and Afterglow or Miss Americana should happen!
  2. That was good. The lightning is bad. She looks like she changed her hair colour. Who is the background singer? It sounds like they changed Kelly's voice to blend it with the background singer's voice.
  3. TMCSC

    I think she has a great personality but I think she doesn't want to show everything she feels in her music. I bet she wrote some nasty Justin bops but she won't release them to look like a petty Ex-Girlfriend. She is smart and doesn't show every aspect of her life.
  4. I agree with you all. At least she is not desperate for a #1 like some other artists.
  5. TMCSC


    I see the opposite on Instagram comments. People praise rep and hate on Lover.
  6. I see a lot of praise for it in the fandom but I think it's overrated. The first half is good but the rest is really boring. Lover, 1989, Red and Speak Now are way better.
  7. TMCSC


    1. Welcome To New York 2. Blank Space 3. Style 4. Wildest Dreams 5. Wonderland 6. This Love 7. You Are In Love 8. Clean
  8. TMCSC


    Sadly I can't be there.
  9. Yes but Twice and Deserve are songs that give an image that something is wrong when maybe nothing is wrong at all in her life.
  10. Yes and Cornelia Street next and False God as last single!
  11. I am skinny so I don't need that.