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  1. Discussion

    how do i get lana's life honestly
  2. Sad Beautiful Tragic Next year will be Out Of The Woods though
  3. here

    Hi guys check out my youtube channel


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    2. Dan

      That's awesome!

      Nice job :) 

    3. SWINΞ

      Is that a joint? Wig. 

    4. SWINΞ

      Sis.... you’re amazing!!

  4. here

    why doesn't gwen have a base?

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    2. TomTom2288

      @Dan is definitely part of her base jj2

    3. SWINΞ


      I was just kidding sis. I love Gwen jj3

    4. Dan

      I LOVE HER SO MUCH yas2yas1yas2 


      I'LL BE HERE BASE cry7 

  5. Photos

    me listening to halsey
  6. Game

    actually i wanna give 10
  7. Discussion

    asdhjags me as a kid. bless his gay heart
  8. a CONCEPT
  9. this looks hot
  10. Charts

    really tho You Make It Feel Like Christmas is SUCH a bop, best holiday song in years
  11. the Material Girl breakdown