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  1. More losses than wins I guess
  2. Discussion

    I just realised the lyrics of TNC are probably a reference to Lay, Lady, Lay by Bob Dylan
  3. Never die joni mitchell

  4. To be young, gifted and gay

  5. Discussion

    the complex interview was hilarious she reminded me of britney in some parts, just with slightly more.. intellect
  6. Discussion

    honey its been out for 2 years i want an album full of wait for lifes
  7. Discussion

    Why is she announcing random ass shows and NOT COMING TO IRELAND
  8. Other

    It's sad they have to give in to commie snowflake crap and merge male/female categories for views. How depressing
  9. Discussion

    allah was spotted in paris on saturday doesn't she look like a cute girl? time to get your prayer mats ladies !
  10. Game

  11. Game

    inb4 candy shop or dance 2night
  12. Game

    What could be #1 then
  13. Discussion

    Lately I've been thinking it's just someone else's job to care