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  1. Glad to see Shades making a comeback but lord Jesus we NEED more Honeymoon and NFR tracks. If she doesn’t add the greatest she can fuck off
  2. Hollywood and vine, black rabbit in the alley

  3. Warned for spamming? gag1 you should be glad of the added activity on this site gag1 

  4. There’s not one bad song on this album
  5. Do you want me or do you not I said don’t be a jerk don’t call me a taxi sitting in your sweatshirt crying in the backseat ooh hoo hoo, I just wanna dance with you
  6. I bought me a truck in the middle of the night, it’ll buy me a year if I play my cards right Bartender, our love’s alive Bar-t-tender But sometimes Girls just Want. to. have. fun.
  7. The way this bitch gave us album of the decade after a year of instagram snippets
  8. Bitch I’m Libertarian

    1. SWINΞ


      I thought you were American

  9. RIP to the realest super hot mama and QUEEN of soul miss Franklin xx

  10. I need the coke to stay alive

  11. I don’t need friends they disappoint me


    my dream in life is to be Lana Del rey

  12. iconic

    1. H.O.N.E.Y


      I'm Margaret

      @Modern Woman is the ditzy interviewer

      U can keep saying it but I'm not jumping bitch