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  1. She’s not a socialite either
  2. I finally know who I want to sign but they're not a singer
  3. Alright motherfuckers I wanna play and go #1
  4. Is Dua Lipa taken?
  5. Are you mariahcarey from ATRL with the Nikki Grahame avi
  6. Is this going ahead or nah
  7. oh wow all the flops I will lay an egg and hatch a plan and get involved with whatever realness is being served. Lord knows I pray every night for the days Sky was slaying with Cripple Rat and I was getting banned every other week playing with dupes
  8. So what pop girls havent been taken? I wanna play, so long as the game is brought to its GGD Season 1 REALNESS.
  9. Discussion

    The MESS Lowkey excited though
  10. here

    someone message me im bored

    1. Urbanov

      hey sweetie how u doin

  11. Discussion

    how do i get lana's life honestly