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    Yes, like chlamydia
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    the WM video........................
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    what does this mean
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    MDNA had some of her best/most fun songs period. Gang Bang, I'm A Sinner, I'm Addicted, Beautiful Killer, Best Friend to name a few... Shame it also has the Jimmy Jimmy level duds.
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    1. SWINΞ

      You know, your doctor can get that for you rav2

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    Look how fuckin orange you look girl

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    Black excellence:


  9. What act of diplomacy was undertaken before N. Korea's multiple missile 'tests' over/near foreign lands? How many more 'tests' until she does damage? I do agree that those in N. Korea deserve to live as much as I do. I don't really think nuking them is the best solution, though it would be the easiest. Kim can't keep going on like a stroppy bitch the way he is. He has an army of millions, a powerful arsenal, and bad intentions. He's a powerful dictator and if you want to sympathize with that or not take it seriously because you 'appreciate life' then that's sad.
  10. It could be done in stages. Hit Pyongyang & any military bases first to get rid of Kimmie and co. Any uprising and those bitches can GO. Not like they'd have the power since they're malnourished and mistreated as it is Edit: and BYE at you saying "there's nothing to take seriously". Are you fucking deluded
  11. I wish Ms. Kim would hurry up and hit Guam so Trump can flatten North Korea like it never existed. Bye bitch, you were a kii
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      lol where's the drag tho?

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    LFL deserved so much more
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