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  1. Discussion

    Back to work or the coffee shop O. I liked them
  2. Discussion

    Let Me Love You and Everyday are very overrated. Don't let them bore you too much sis. Just wait for anthems like Touch It, Bad Decisions and Knew Better/Forever Boy
  3. Discussion

    NOT with that horrible cut-off ending.
  4. Discussion

    I Don't Care is also the most underrated track on the album. Young queen Ariana really served a Rocket by Beyoncé like THAT
  5. Discussion

    Dangerous Woman is definitely her most sophisticated album even though it has less bops than My Everything. Enjoy sis
  6. Discussion

    IKR? Thank god she did! She became the rightful princess of the gays after dropping that
  7. This is so, so sad. Still can't believe the scale of what happened It stands for Manchester. That's the acronym people use for the city, just like NYC, LDN, LA, etc.
  8. Not until after I get Lust for Life
  9. Game

    10. A masterpiece
  10. Discussion

    I just want Beautiful Gays with Stevie She can lip sync and apply eyeliner all she wants on Instagram after that