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  1. Oh yaas! I’ve always been curious about some stuff. Could you look up the American Life album by Madonna, and the songs ‘Rain On Me’ by Cyndi Lauper and ‘il Adore’ by Boy George?
  2. That's right, and I don't support it at all
  3. One of the best Britney songs ever But why didn't it get a good video What a shame
  4. Still a very strange decision to work with them. Especially as a rape victim.
  5. I don't say Gaga's promoting rape, but she's such a hypocrite. Just a few years ago she had no problem working with accused rapists/child molester Kelly and Richardson. Now all of a sudden she's slamming Dr Luke, who is also accused of rape. Plus in the end she still created a complete video about being raped, with two accused rapists. HER idea in the first place. She probably only cancelled it because it would damage her public image. That's what I call fake
  6. So? She still worked with both accused men and recorded the video & song. And DWUW was released as a single, with R Kelly.