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  1. Pitchfork is vile garbage part i

    because it's better
  2. Love or Green Light?

    God Light >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  3. Charts Billboard: Million Reasons Roars at Radio!

    meh she should just release a video for DIC since it's a fan favorite ,move on the tour and her other projects and release LG6 aka the original dark LG5 .
  4. Achievement Million Reasons #30 this week on BB 100

    bigger than Bad Romance
  5. Is Katy acting like a salty, washed up bitch lately?

    Katy has worked her ass off to become this multi-millionaire singer though
  6. How Taylor finessed the fuck out of Rihanna

    cackled at When will you learn that Rih is the one giving hits? And it's hardly a collab. Taylor was just Rih's backup singer
  7. #LadyGagaIsOver-Party (Part 3 - The AfterShowParty)

    Singing BTW and especially its bridge is a political statement on its own btw
  8. #LadyGagaIsOver-Party (Part 3 - The AfterShowParty)

    i'm pretty sure she had already said that she will make no political statements
  9. Rihlord vs Fadga, bigger career?

    Katy does NOT have a bigger career than Gaga
  10. Camila is coming for your scalp

  11. Is Gaga A Rolemodel?

    aren't you bored of reading too much into everything Gaga says or does? Like, she could get a cat and you'd be like "OMG WHEN SHE WAS 3 SHE SAID SHE HATED CATS . WHY IS SHE BETRAYING ASIA AND HER OTHER DOGS? TFMGA WOULD NEVER!!!11!!1!!!! GAGA IS OVER .I UNSTAN. SHE'S PRETENTIOUS ."
  12. Will Gaga live up to Katy's halftime show ?

    she's a better performer ,singer , dancer and her discography is miles better so yes!
  13. Bowie drummer drags Joanne

    i see ...
  14. FadGa blinks

    I see y'all pulling a Gaga and not giving credits to the person whose work you stole FOTP CULTURE IS MY BITCH
  15. How hard did you laugh when Gaga...

    why would anyone copy a Taylor Swift performance?