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  1. because it's better
  2. cackled at When will you learn that Rih is the one giving hits? And it's hardly a collab. Taylor was just Rih's backup singer
  3. Singing BTW and especially its bridge is a political statement on its own btw
  4. i'm pretty sure she had already said that she will make no political statements
  5. Katy does NOT have a bigger career than Gaga
  6. aren't you bored of reading too much into everything Gaga says or does? Like, she could get a cat and you'd be like "OMG WHEN SHE WAS 3 SHE SAID SHE HATED CATS . WHY IS SHE BETRAYING ASIA AND HER OTHER DOGS? TFMGA WOULD NEVER!!!11!!1!!!! GAGA IS OVER .I UNSTAN. SHE'S PRETENTIOUS ."
  7. she's a better performer ,singer , dancer and her discography is miles better so yes!
  8. i see ...
  9. I see y'all pulling a Gaga and not giving credits to the person whose work you stole FOTP CULTURE IS MY BITCH
  10. why would anyone copy a Taylor Swift performance?
  11. Bon Appetit then
  12. Other

    Let's wait a couple weeks. Aren't we getting a V magazine photoshoot next month?
  13. New thread by lautnerfied 25 seconds ago : "Flopga breathes in" New thread by lautnerfied 24 seconds ago: "Fad breathes out" New thread by lautnerfied 23 seconds ago: "Nosega makes pasta for her family" New thread by lautnerfied 22 seconds ago : "FadGa blinks"
  14. Discussion

    Tbh i was kinda surprised with this album. I loved PI and at first i thought she was going to do something more "rock" and energetic as fuck so i feel a bit let down seeing how relaxed the album is even though i kinda expecting that . She's mentionted many times how Joanne describes where she is right now as a person and anyone who's following her after ARTPOP can see how Joanne is really that. For the last couple of years Gaga has been all about family ,love, organic music and had these little pre C2C Gaga outbursts when she went a little bit crazy and fun ( AHS , V Magazine , Grammys ) . Tbh i really like the album and i think she has given us some of her best songs ( Dancin' In Circles, Million Reasons, John Wayne for example) but her magnum opus , in every aspect , is Born This Way.