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    Coming for Selena's brand!
  2. Kijk eens op 2ehands, het is de Belgische, maar ik geloof niet dat de verzendingskosten zoveel duurder zouden zijn! Edit: hier is eentje voor 25€! https://www.2dehands.be/computer-game-consoles/games-software/nintendo-3ds/animal-crossing-new-leaf-3ds-398360631.html
  3. We shouldn't talk about that live action movie mess, it was truly the biggest letdown in the history of live action movies.
  4. I can't believe I just recieved my 3 comics 4 hours ago and managed to read all of them out in 1 hour. fall8 

  5. Grab your New Leaf copy and buy the first Avatar game for DS, it's a storyline that isn't based on the first season and you get to play as Haru as well!
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    This is everything in one video!
  7. The DS ones are totally different from the PSP, PC, Wii & PS2 games! Though I recommend the DS ones because it's a more challenging, the Wii games are so much fun but you like play them out in 3 hours bar the first one, that one is already at 5 hours and I'm just at chapter 4!
  8. Not 10 years after its release doing us like this! Sleeper hit!!!!!!!!
  9. Discussion

    Trying to survive this Ariana drought! What about you?