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  1. I think Born This Way is also slowly rising as one of her biggest signature hits, each year I feel more and more people praise this song to an extent where it is seen as the biggest pride song and I think that's very important considering her message and what she stands for.
  2. Except Cheek To Cheek is a stellar jazz album if you're in the right mood, and so is Joanne
  3. Lady Gaga - ArtRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball Katy Perry - The PRISMATIC World Tour Beyoncé - The Formation World Tour Dua Lipa - The Self-Titled Tour Lady Gaga - Joanne World Tour Lana Del Rey - LA To The Moon Tour Katy Perry - Witness: The Tour Britney Spears - Piece Of Me Tour Ariana Grande - Sweetener World Tour Halsey - Manic World Tour
  4. A part of me still hopes & thinks she put the era on hold and will continue this right before the tour. This is too great to just be thrown away, I really hope she has a few things left up her sleeve that will see the broad daylight one day.
  5. still don't get the folklore/evermore hype
  6. This child literally looks like Tyler Joseph
  7. I actually fear this will be the worst thing she has ever put out, and this atrocious album cover isn't doing her a favour.