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  1. Well before the release of DW, Ariana fired Scooter, but no one knows exactly why, after that Joan became her manager for a good 2 months, right after the VMAs Scooter was back as her manager, we never knew what happened & why.
  2. It could be yes! The whole Into You mess was the mistake & maybe lead to a fight.
  3. Photos

    I don't like this!
  4. Discussion

    To be fair, I think it is coming sooner than we think but it won't have any promo, she will be releasing and maybe perform sometime but for the rest she will remain silent. Something like Beyoncé is doing, no interviews or small performances (but only on the biggest events.) She will attend award shows like Grammys, OSCARs and such though.
  5. Discussion

    She may release it next year around the time of the Super Bowl as hype maybe? A second disc on LG6?
  6. Other

    "Born This Way: The Afterbirth" confirmed?
  7. Discussion

    That she didn't postpone the date, lowkey she cancelled them, unlike other EU countries but I understand her nonetheless though
  8. Discussion

    Upvoted & commented!
  9. That's really brave of him.
  10. I have a lust for champagne thanks to this gif
  11. Oomf = one of my friends not followers