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  1. she probably editted the OP where she previously tagged all of us
  2. I agree with all of these except the one in bold!
  3. Sweetener is better than TUN
  4. Downvoting my post stating the fact America is racist? What's the truth Demi stan?
  5. Luca


    Sweetener > My Everything > Dangerous Woman > Yours Truly > thank u, next
  6. Queen of breaking Spotify!
  7. oomf slow it has had a countdown for almost a day
  8. Luca


    Lovesick Girls How You Like That Crazy Over You Pretty Savage Love To Hate Me You Never Know Ice Cream Bet You Wanna (feat. Cardi B)
  9. Luca


    Yaaaas get to stanning them fr fr! You should watch their YouTube mini series like BLACKPINK House (their best btw!), BLACKPINK Diaries & 24/365!
  10. Luca


    goodnight n go better off