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  1. Luca


    ty for reminding me sis! but there still need to vote 2 people, if one person votes for 7 rings, then that one is out!
  2. Luca

    I have a YouTube channel and create my own renditions of Ariana's songs & albums. I have made an album that is close to having 20.000 downloads! If you want to listen to them, you can do that through my YouTube or my site! My discography Dangerous Woman: Reloaded Released: December 25th, 2016 01. Focus On Me (Intro) 02. Focus 03. Be Alright (feat. Nicki Minaj) 04. Dangerous Woman 05. Into You 06. Side To Side (Dick Bicycle) 07. Greedy 4 Love 08. Moonlight 09. Moonlight Lake (The Two Lovers) [Interlude] 10. Sometimes 11. Touch It 12. Everyday 13. Let Me Love You 14. All My Love 15. Knew Better 16. Forever Mine (Interlude) 17. Forever Boy 18. Live For Danger (Interlude) 19. Thinking Bout You 20. For Grandpa. On My Mind Released: April 15th, 2017 01. 1:18 02. On My Mind 03. Up On The Mountain Top 04. Make Up Your Mind 05. 3 (Interlude) 06. You Gotta Love Me Harder 07. Beg For It (feat. Nicki Minaj) 08. Hood Love 09. Ain't Nobody Like Me 10. My Ghost (Interlude) 11. Somethin' Bout You 12. Moonlight Lake (The Two Lovers) [Part II] (Interlude) 13. Moonlight 14. Wake Up In Your Arms 15. I'm Thinking Bout You Dusk Released: October 27th, 2017 01. Running (Intro) 02. Hard To Breathe 03. Can't Keep On Holdin' Us Down 04. One More Time 05. Tears 06. Love Me 07. Light Me Up 08. Girl Under You 09. In Your Hands 10. Sunrise (Interlude) 11. Above The Sky 12. Give It To Me 13. All The Way 14. Dusk (Outro) Feelings Released: July 15th, 2018 01. Feelings (Overture) 02. I Never Knew 03. Happy Ever After 04. Divine (Interlude) 05. Head In The Clouds (feat. Nicki Minaj) 06. Not Even Sometimes 07. Hazy Love Lines (feat. Oh Wonder) 08. Lost My Heart (Interlude) 09. Do I Care? 10. Crazy Love 11. Bonnie and Clyde 12. I Need Some Sleep (Outro) Sweetener: Reloaded Released: November 1st, 2018 01. Raindrops (Intro) 02. Sweetener 03. Blazed 04. Borderline (feat. Missy Elliott & Azealia Banks) 05. God Is A Woman 06. Successful 07. R.E.M. (feat. Beyoncé) 08. Happy 09. No Tears Left To Cry 10. Everytime 11. XIAT (Interlude) 12. Breathin' 13. Get Well Soon 14. Better Off (feat. SZA) 15. Goodnight N Go 16. For You (Outro)
  3. Will we ever get to experience an era like that again?
  4. Luca


    Happy birthday @Daenerys, hope you have an amazing day ahead of you!
  5. Call me a cupcake stan but this song truly made my 2018 which was honestly a hell of a year, and if it wasn't of this song and album I would have still felt like a total loser as always. This song defines Ariana for me, even though 2018 turned out to be her worst year, she still keeps fighting for her happiness. The way this song is a literal pop era moment is just.. a blessing. I mean, the song is a masterpiece, the video that will probably be Ariana's biggest classic, the performances with a stunning aesthetic. It has been a year since her best single and I will forever cherish how amazing and flawless that era was.
  6. Luca

    Becky G.
  7. I'm pretty sure the #FreeBritney hashtag was made to free Britney from her conservatorship, that doesn't mean she doesn't want to be an artist anymore. She should be free from her father who kept controlling her life.
  8. Luca


    The ways she sings "with you" in the second verse is captivating, one of my favorite moments on this track!
  9. Luca


    The promo looks promising so far! Let's hope it has an effect!