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  1. With the sales from the singles I think, not sure though.
  2. dripped, dripped, dripped, in platinum* that is!
  3. The girls should be tired of having the same ass boring GIFs as avis omg!
  4. Luca


    The song is not bad, but bottom tier. Which once again doesn't make the song bad, I just think a WHOLE lot of songs on the album are much better than this one.
  5. Luca


    Sweetener Needy R.E.M. NASA God is a woman Successful 7 Rings Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored Bad Idea Imagine Better Off Ghostin Breathin Get Well Soon Goodnight N Go
  6. Luca


    The vocal production in ghostin
  7. Luca

  8. Y'all 2 is cute, but please it looks like something we had before.
  9. Luca


    Ignore her, she drinks!
  10. Luca here

    Should I bring back the FOTP Emote Vote? moo10 

    1. Chris Morlock

       Wasn't it supposed to be a regular thing anyway