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  1. Now I know I'm not the biggest Moo stan, but if Caution isn't in your top 5... sweetie!
  2. Jesus, isn't this the first album to reach this milestone from an album of the 90s?
  3. We- What the fuck is Mi Reflejo?
  4. Luca

    The 1-2-3 punch that is One Mo' Gen, 8th Grade & Stay Long Love You
  5. Luca

    The immediate backfire
  6. None Morgana Devacelli The Fame Monster cover with the brown/black hair, she was also featured in the ARTPOP film!
  7. She should give us Savages type of production, jesus what a bop!
  8. If this merch is going to suck ass...
  9. What we deserve if the rumours of PC music are true!
  10. Omg what if it's like... Like you know, each segment has a specific character that she needs to 'rescue'! Segment one has Enigma, the second one Venus the Goddess of Love, the third one miss Morgana Devacelli, the fourth one Candy Warhol, etc. Whew!