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  1. Thoughts on the new itzy comeback?
  2. I didn't even know she was pregnant, congrats Elliesus!
  3. None yet, I'm not sold on any of the songs she has released which is concerning since all of WWAFAWDWG? songs immediately sticked
  4. UPDATE! It's OFFICIAL! "Won't Bite" is the winner of this Big Brother game!
  5. It literally was a demo for Selena
  6. The essays on this page
  7. Sweetener? Yas classic! Have you heard this unreleased/scrapped one? It's so cute I literally do not understand why she scrapped it, it fits so well between sweetener & successful!
  8. Stan sis! An album that only ages better with every listen! Tankedisitions can't relate!
  9. Listening to the best album of all time, it's called Sweetener!
  10. I really do not understand the question