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  1. Omg a collection!!!
  2. Cackling at this weakling, anyways
  3. Or go off-topic...? you're lame but what would you expect from moo stans with square avis.
  4. Not even 100 posts in and already more annoying than some of these Moo stans.
  5. Who cares? Miley has been gorgeous with her singles this era.
  6. That's disgusting.
  7. Hate me for stanning her but Halsey's albums are conceptual and I love them so much! Also The Fame, let's not discredit how perfect that concept was.
  8. Discussion

    I can't wait for the SS section though, it'd be an entire act with basketball!
  9. Discussion

    We love the Poker Face backdrop, yes!
  10. I'd be so here for a christmas themed album with Tony, their little rendition of Baby It's Cold Outside was so beautiful!
  11. Discussion

    Nnnn Roulette would have been perfect after an interlude imo She should open with Witness, I think, truly sets the tone of the tour and era!
  12. Discussion

    I'm too! What do you think she'll open with?