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  1. Discussion

    He's just the same as any other John, it's also confirmed a certain human is strung out on him!
  2. Discussion

    Fatty Prince is not better than John Wayne! I expect that username back this year, I planted that seed and I will see its harvest!
  3. Gather those tears a bit sis, let's hope she won't delete the 10 minutes countdown!
  4. Discussion

    I always do whenever I hear it ngl, you're THAT bitch! I miss that era, bring ha back!
  5. Discussion

    6 days now!
  6. The Grammys might push the song if she delivers a somewhat memorable performance which I can see her doing! Spotify should feature her songs, oh yes!
  7. It's so sad, this is like a damn anthem for females and I'm not even one to pop my ass to it! It has SO much potentional imagine this outdoing TiK ToK's success, she deserves that!
  8. So happy about this! I hope Kesha will record a video for this, might be my favorite song off the album!
  9. here

    Kali Uchis really delivered with Sycamore Tree. 

    1. Hunty Bear

      have you not heard Por Vida? jj2 

    2. Luca

      @Hunty Bear I tried, many times. I couldn't seem to get into her but with each listen she started to grow on me and now I can feel like I might enjoy it! 

    3. Hunty Bear

      yeah I think you should! AOTC truly oprah14 

  10. Discussion

    My JWT is in exactly a week!
  11. Discussion

    Delete this Cristiano!
  12. Discussion

    NM4 is coming on the 19th!!!1