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  1. here

    Bought tickets for both Lana & Britney! sass1 

    1. Royalty

      Are you going to both antwerp tours sis?

  2. Album

    Dance In The Dark Monster Bad Romance Alejandro Reloaded So Happy I Could Die Teeth Telephone (feat. Beyoncé) No Way Princess Die Then You'd Love Me (Earthquake)
  3. It's what Waking Up In Vegas she deserves.
  4. Discussion

    The outfits, the attitude, the campaign video, the wig, literally everything during this Mugler era was top notch!
  5. Photos

    The Born This Way era makeup tease here though.
  6. Album

    What the fuck? I need it to be nominated for a potentional Grammy, OSCAR and Emmy.
  7. The Edge Of Glory
  8. Album

    I thought they would release it in May?
  9. Discussion

    Marry The Night Venus Monster Poker Face John Wayne Alejandro G.U.Y. Sexxx Dreams Dancin' In Circles I Like It Rough So Happy I Could Die Heavy Metal Lover Judas Mary Jane Holland Money Honey ARTPOP Come To Mama Born This Way Dance In The Dark Highway Unicorn (Road To Love) Teeth Applause Just Dance The Edge Of Glory Gypsy
  10. Music Video

    The song that didn't deserve to flop out of all the 3 singles that were released.