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  1. Discussion

    I wonder if she's teaming up for another livestream later this year though, or a DVD!
  2. Discussion

    Joanne "light up" hats for 10$
  3. Discussion

  4. Game

    Yes because we're (hopefully!) bringing new users! Woo!
  5. Discussion

    I don't know.. Dangerous Woman really didn't bring new people, besides you and the rest of ThePopZone (5 stans maybe?)
  6. Discussion

    That's what makes me scared, we had many Ariana stans last year but they were active for like 10 posts and then they dissapeared.
  7. Discussion

    Wig! I'm hoping for the best but expecting the worst.
  8. Discussion

    I think next week will be fine, even this weekend, knowing my viewers they are really active once I uploaded the video, so they will join the second they know about what's going on, if that makes sense. I hope they will join though, we really need them.
  9. Discussion

    ! I'd say let's do this, I will create a simple video tomorrow with the rules and such, I'm pretty sure people will join since a lot of them always want to interact with me!
  10. Discussion

    To be honest, we should find something that could get us more members here, you're gonna say "oh he's there again with his megarates" but what if I make a video asking the people to make an account and join our megarate and host the show in this section or a live chatroom like
  11. Discussion

    Nemo & Vanessa Twitter tease, I don't want people to think I'm bigger than any other stan because I know that feeling and it quite sucks!
  12. Look at Dangerous Woman still doing that a year after her release!
  13. Discussion

    I wish there was a way of getting more stans here, I should honestly promote FOTP on ButeraMoonlight. That would actually be a great idea. I can't wait! Hopefully TBY & Touch It will snatch!