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  1. Period mwamwa look how she ate that! Gagalsey collab next!
  2. Luca


    Teenage Dream One Of The Boys Witness Smile PRISM Teenage Dream - Complete Confection
  3. Luca

    Celeb News

    Looking back to this, what a SCREAM "I'm not another waltz"
  4. Luca


    I'd be here for it, if it wasn't for 911. I think it's too late for Fun Tonight to be a single. But that still doesn't mean it's not a trinity contender!
  5. the gays infiltrating this game like there's no tomorrow
  6. Just because it's overrated doesn't mean it's any less than good??????
  7. Luca

    insufferable really
  8. Luca

    welke timestap luv
  9. Luca

    Yes I ganged up on you cause you deserved it!