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  1. She deserves VOTY for thank u, next. She deserves AOTY, considering she literally is the biggest girl in the game right now. She deserves best VFX, considering GIAW was a stunning video with a great message and amazing graphics. She BETTER attends.
  2. Apparently it leaked since I've seen a few people listen to it on Twitter, or they are just faking.
  3. Luca

    Doesn't change anything about what I said.
  4. Luca

    Jennie my BP bias I think
  5. Luca


    Please this sounds so good
  6. Luca

    Celeb News

    I guess she's sticking to the PC music concept?
  7. Luca

    Imagine perching to see your fave fail though.
  8. Luca

    People talking about promoting kpop artists when it's hardly promoting but suggesting. Y'all are so eager for bops but literally show zero interest into, once again, expanding your music taste. Not only talking about kpop, but other music in general. So easy to judge a certain artist or genre without having fully listened to someone, and I can tell, considering I dragged Marilyn Manson because he scares the shit out of my wig. I'm not very fond of the entire kpop idea and music but I do give it tries and listen to some songs, it's hard for me to get into them since I like to sing along to songs but I can hardly understand them. Though that that's bummer, it doesn't take away how good the production is and how I wished some of my girlies used those sounds for their songs. Instead of going all "I'm gonna pass on that one ", try to give it a listen, it will open some doors and it helps you expand your horizons. And do this for other music genres too, or even artists you think are basic because their radio singles are tragic. Most songs that are played on the radio and are on the charts are the artists' most basic and boring songs, so try to check out their album tracks too.
  9. Luca

    I think it isn't rocket science though. TLK:TG and EIL are two things the fanbase didn't really ask for and therefore has a majority hanging like "Bey where is your album", because I wouldn't call this her studio album, but a side project like f.e. ASIB was. It will probably gain more attention, sales and streams just like the movie will do. I just think that a lot of other fandoms should be quiet considering the clown will come back to bite. Bey probably won't top her ST & Lemonade success or hype and a small decline will be real, but she'll still pull numbers and box scores other faves' wished they would have. But then again, who needs sales and $ when the acclaim and respect is there?
  10. Luca

    Y'all are tired of pop music but don't even put effort into checking out new music and expanding your music taste..
  11. Luca

    The girls just aren't doing it anymore and it is pretty clear they do not want to do it anymore either.