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  1. Luca

    Maybe I'll rejoin with my sis Halsey!
  2. no way that your best set is a small ass avi of Tom Nook ajpdsoifjads


    1. Luca

      Not this omfg, I'm obsessed with him 

  3. 9, the acoustic version an 11 though!
  4. Luca


    Rest in peace icon!
  5. @Moderator, can you guys move this thread to Battlegrounds?
  6. Bestie... I wasn't born tomorrow
  7. There is a special place on this forum where you can drag and shade artists, their own sections are meant for "drama-free" discussion, it's called Battlegrounds and can be unlocked but Idk all the requirements..
  8. This attempt at dragging Rihanna to make Taylor seem more successful is so blatant and that for a new member
  9. Luca


    Get a life please you're so embarrassing really
  10. no tears left to cry and it's not up for debate really