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  1. Discussion

    I don't really care, Ariana has yet to have her big era I think, DW was a bit off but it was due the lack of promo, it still did pretty good around the globe. She will deliver with the next album, flop or not!
  2. Discussion

    Genre: Dark pop, R&B & maybe some alternative touches? Producers: Grimes, Darkchild, Fernando Garibay, Madeon Lead single: Produced by Fernando Garibay, something like 'So Happy I Could Die', but improved. Top 3, #2 & blocked by Ariola Grenade! Second single: Produced by Grimes, something like 'Dancin' In Circles' with 'Sexxx Dreams' vocals, almost. A collaboration with Rihanna. Third single: Produced by Cashmere Cat, something like 'Alejandro' with a bigger bass & more VFX's. A possible collaboration with Lana should fit!
  3. Tea but she completely ditched the EU in terms of Joanne promo, she never cared to go to Holland, Germany, France, etc. It's lowkey her own fault!
  4. It's good that she didn't, she's doing the biggest events this year, she should do it next year, or the year after, having everything in this short span of time will make her career look boring in the next years.
  5. Game

    The Fame- 25 The Fame Monster- 30 Born this Way- 35 ARTPOP- 50 Joanne- 40
  6. Discussion

    DW era post counts are shaking btw
  7. I Have Questions by Camilka Cabejo is coming!
  8. When you run out of drags & have to come up with these stale drags wow. Not only your arguments went downhill but so did your threads.
  9. Eat your broccoli.
  10. Discussion

    I'm bored!
  11. Discussion

    Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, drag those tiny cunts a bit!