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  1. Lady Gaga Ariana Grande Halsey Beyoncé Lana Del Rey or Taylor Swift
  2. Yeah because let's focus on an innocent 2016 moment where Gaga was rightfully being shady and use it as a "receipt" 6 years later and ignore all acts of kindness!
  3. Most certainly love the hatred towards the actual artist because of the way you can't stand their fanbase, those are two different things. But then again this is FOTP so a lesson about politeness should become a curricular atp.
  4. The girls deserve way better than whatever treatment YGE is giving them. I'm so serious when I tell you I am ready to boycott their next comeback just so YG stops playing.
  5. No I don't think so. Has anyone since that moment have been able to be as successful as her glory days though? Pop culture genuinely had a shift somewhere in the mid 10s that lead to artists not having the the usual "successful" label like we used to give to the pop queens. For example, Ariana's "thank u, next" era was so successful but could never be on par with The Fame or Teenage Dream. GP and stans shifted the pop & stan culture so much where everything is different. So no, Gaga could factually never reach that level again even though I feel like currently she is successful with GP, sh