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  1. This forum is dead and I really do not understand why the mods & admins haven't taken action yet! bebe1 

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    2. Venus XCX

      Venus XCX

      1 admin elusive, the other doesn't want- oop! Half the mods don't post time for them to pass the torch I think! bebe1 

    3. Venom


      1 mod is here for Lana Del Rey factoids, another is here for general Lana stannage, another addicted to Pokemon; what happened to the rest of the staff? Tom kidnapped them

    4. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Well i mean the site literally does have "Flop" in it's name. Duhh


      Anyway i think the Mods & Admins have been held hostage in Madonna's sex dungeon. Granny X needs the buzzy.

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