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  1. Ariana Grande - 7 rings (7", clear) Ariana Grande - Christmas & Chill (green, with etch) Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman (standard black) Ariana Grande - eternal sunshine (cover #1) Ariana Grande - eternal sunshine (cover €2) Ariana Grande - My Everything (clear with pink, split) Ariana Grande - Positions (glow in the dark) Ariana Grande - Positions (Deluxe) [clear with purple swirl] Ariana Grande - Sweetener (standard black) Ariana Grande - Sweetener (peach) Ariana Grande - thank u, next (standard black) Ariana Grande - tha
  2. You're really gonna milk this huh?
  3. If you know this man from Twitter this shouldn't be a surprise since he always wants to do the gays who are nearly over 18 years old. Verbally asking them in his videos if they are "for sure" over 18... so crazy.
  4. Oh this is so excellent....
  5. Girl I'm for sure not on Katy's side with this whole dr. Luke thing (who is still the villain in this entire timeline so it's time we stop putting this on Kesha and Katy), but Kesha hasn't seen the top 100 for nearly a decade. A song's popularity based on Twitter hype will do absolutely nothing, look at Normani and her album, Ice Spice 2 years into her career, etc. It's not happening and even you know that
  6. No one has posted in here since last year oh wow it's really over
  7. Lady Gaga & The Starlight Revue is pretty much Gaga & Lady Starlight doing their go go performances. It's what birthed The Fame really.
  8. We need new emotes... like olivia1 1214193363675512843.gif?size=128&quality

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  9. @Lynk can I still send in my scores?
  10. I really hope it focuses on the actual lore, because it could work so well! They said the same thing about Barbie and it served, so yes, we do need this!