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  1. Luca

    Not @ Scooter cancelling the payola since there is no hope for that #1
  2. Just the cover & the way she signs them as Ashley and not Halsey!
  3. This was originally going to be the Manic cover til they chose the one it is now. Halsey & her team see this cover more of an "Ashley" version. She's selling them (but limited quantity) and singing them as Ashley and not as Halsey. https://halseymusicstore.com/products/manic-exclusive-cd-signed-by-ashley
  4. Luca


    The tacky & bland instrumental... mama this really is not it. The vocals better get reworked as well. The lyrics serving The Fame but less interesting with her "I want your stupid love" mess like really no one was waiting for her to release whatever this is...
  5. Luca


    What the fuck is this mediocrity????
  6. Luca


    Not listening to the leak, cannot wait to play this tomorrow!
  7. Luca


    Who's in for a self-titled megarate?
  8. The way this would have looked 1000 times better if it weren't shot by a fucking iPhone.
  9. Happy for the unproblematic sis omg, I would have never guessed!
  10. Not pressed about it though, I'm not expecting anyone to really sing pop bops on the GRAMMYs.
  11. Lowkey have a feeling it will be Imagine with a choir & orchestra
  12. Luca


    but wbk liability part II is much better than the ugly piano track
  13. I hope, the way this era stopped after the album release just feels so weird for a Taylor era.
  14. Luca


    Should have been a summer single
  15. Luca


    I feel like it's very hit or miss with people. I switched like a faggot as well because I thought it was horrible at first.