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  1. Moonlight


    Just Dance vs Disco Heaven Bad Romance vs Teeth Marry The Night vs The Edge Of Glory Aura vs Applause Diamond Heart vs Angel Down La Vie En Rose vs I'll Never Love Again
  2. Moonlight

    It’s iconic at this point and it will be a classic yes.
  3. I didn’t even know what she was saying but it was relevant to the song Cardi and Lil Kim would’ve been better
  4. Moonlight


    Song that left us shook being a category
  5. I would be here for it
  6. Moonlight


    Pop music truly is making a comeback this year
  7. Some of her songs aren’t bad
  8. Moonlight

    Michael’s is definitely iconic Madonna and Gaga though
  9. Moonlight

    This could be a huge hit for her if it’s properly promoted Imagine the 19th number one with this bop and then later this year she gets her 20th with aiwfciy
  10. Moonlight

    This. The movie and Gaga herself are iconic at this point. The only people who seem to be saying the movie isn’t going to be remembered are bitter fanbases because their favorite artists couldn’t do the musician to actress transition without looking like a mess. Don’t blame Gaga for their shortcomings because she did it successfully while they couldn’t.
  11. Austin Mahone deserves better. He has some really good music and great taste
  12. Moonlight


    1. Poker Face 2. Bad Romance 3. Shallow 4. Joanne 1. Poker Face 2. Bad Romance 3. Telephone 4. Dance In The Dark 5. Shallow 6. Born This Way 7. Just Dance 8. Million Reasons 9. You and I 10. Joanne 11. Till It Happens To You I love them all