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  1. Moonlight


    That’s My Girl
  2. Moonlight

    Terrible comparison..
  3. Moonlight

    I think she could pull it off she has plenty of hits to choose from.
  4. Glad I didn’t watch
  5. Only reason to watch along with Halftime
  6. Moonlight

    I like both but Revival is one of the best pop albums in recent years.
  7. Moonlight


    Damn I’m honestly mind blown by this album. It exceeded my expectations.
  8. Moonlight


    I love every song. The standouts for me are Vulnerable, People You Know, Rare, Look At Her Now, Let Me Get Me, and Dance Again. She should’ve thrown Bad Liar, Fetish (a new solo mix ) , and Wolves on the album too.
  9. Moonlight


    Warm Blood Gimmie Love All That I wanted to include Run Away With Me and Boy Problems too
  10. Moonlight

    Shawn is gorgeous. Justin ruined himself with those ugly tattoos.
  11. I need another bop like Confetti and All About You
  12. Moonlight


    Full of bops
  13. Moonlight

    I don’t stan all of them but I love Charli XCX, Kesha, Ariana Grande, Camila, Normani, Bebe Rexha, Kim Petras, Dua Lipa, Slayyyter, Hayley Kiyoko, Mabel, Meghan Trainor, Ava Max, Poppy, Tove Lo