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  1. She’ll probably release a full album within the next year or two.
  2. Moonlight

    He’s hit or miss for me. And TLIC is still a bop.
  3. Moonlight

    She’s decent. I think she can get by depending on the song.
  4. He should’ve sang soft like he did on Boyfriend for example to match her whisper tone and they should’ve used the vocal effects on him too when he said "I’m a bad guy". His adlibs weren’t necessary either.
  5. Moonlight


    Britney just because I’m A Slave 4 U alone is one of her best singles. Most of his songs with Ariana except Blazed aged well imo and Blow is the best song off of Beyoncé’s self titled. Rooting For My Baby is a Bangerz highlight too.
  6. Moonlight

    6.5 Charli saved it
  7. This is heartbreaking. He was so young and had a whole career and life ahead of him. RIP
  8. Moonlight

    Hopefully Shawn and Camila can dethrone him
  9. I only liked the singles and a couple others from Circus
  10. Britney Jean has some good highlights