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  1. Moonlight


    Up In Flames - 55 Freedom - 50 Hell Yeah - 50 High School - 50 I'm Legit - 60 I Endorse These Strippers - 40 The Boys - 45 Va Va Voom - 50
  2. Moonlight

    She’ll be fine
  3. Moonlight

    Gaga but knowing her she’ll cancel it and make a rock album or something
  4. Moonlight


    I think it’s too late. She’s what three albums in and no one cares? It’s not fair
  5. I’m ready for the queen of ex-acts
  6. Moonlight


    1. Better Off - Ghostface 2. R.E.M. - Luca 3. REM - Divine 4. better off - fuck  5. Better Off- Mandy Candy 6. better off - Moonlight 7.
  7. Turn Me On and Light My Body Up
  8. I’ve been doing streaming because it’s cheaper to pay for it a month versus buying full length albums all the time. The only annoying part is turning iCloud music library off when you add unreleased music, target bonus tracks, etc. through iTunes because it makes you redownload everything again.
  9. I’m glad she’s doing better
  10. Moonlight

    I was listening and that’s not even what she said or implied
  11. Moonlight


    I’m also jumping on the breathin bandwagon bc it’s a bop so it’ll have to pass that too