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  1. Moonlight

    Shake It (minus the first rapper) and Click are pure bops though, just like everything else she released after Sucker
  2. Moonlight


    Just Dance vs. Aura LoveGame vs. Venus Paparazzi vs. G.U.Y Poker Face vs. Sexxx Dreams Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) vs. Jewels n' Drugs Beautiful, Dirty, Rich vs. MANiCURE The Fame vs. Do What U Want Money Honey vs. ARTPOP Starstruck vs. Swine Boys Boys Boys vs. Donatella Paper Gangsta vs. Fashion! Brown Eyes vs. Mary Jane Holland I Like It Rough vs. Dope Summerboy vs. Gypsy Disco Heaven vs. Applause Again Again vs. Brooklyn Nights Retro, Dance, Freak vs. Partynauseous  The Fame: 9 ARTPOP: 8
  3. Moonlight


    Just Dance Bad Romance Aura Marry The Night Diamond Heart I love them all though
  4. Dope is one of the best songs on the album
  5. I mean it was suppose to be a joke anyways wasn’t it?
  6. Moonlight

    Click Thoughts 1999 Shake It would’ve been there if it was just her, CupcakKe, and Brooke Candy
  7. She does tbh but that’s not a bad thing
  8. Moonlight


    Thinking Bout You > My Everything > Break Up > Get Well Soon
  9. Moonlight


    Better Left Unheard
  10. Moonlight


    Moonlight is the only logical answer. It’s one of the best songs she’s ever recorded.
  11. Moonlight


    I was expecting Brandon Flynn or even Dylan Minnette bc we know he can sing (not sure if Brandon Flynn sings though) Does the guy who plays Tony sing?
  12. Moonlight


    Legends Make all the haters even more pressed and get your promo all at once