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  1. Moonlight


    1. Resentment 2. Birthday Suit 3. Kinky 4. Tonight 5. Cowboy Blues 6. High Road 7. Father Daughter Dance 8. Raising Hell 9. My Own Dance 10. Shadow 11. Honey 12. BFF 13. The Potato Song 14. Little Bit of Love 15. Chasing Thunder 16. Summer
  2. Moonlight


    Rain On Me
  3. Chromatica but I love both
  4. Moonlight


  5. Moonlight


    Well deserved! The song is a bop and it’s nice seeing pop music at the top of the charts again.
  6. We deserved more than just a couple episodes of them together.
  7. Darla and Drusilla are the best by far. They’re actually the best vampires PERIOD.
  8. Moonlight

    Exactly! This is what I meant with my original post.
  9. Moonlight

    I liked Dua Lipa’s new album too. Why are you so bothered?
  10. Moonlight

    Their new album was really good too tbh
  11. Moonlight

    Stupid Love is better
  12. My Oh My is coming
  13. Moonlight


    That’s My Girl
  14. Moonlight

    Terrible comparison..
  15. Moonlight

    I think she could pull it off she has plenty of hits to choose from.