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  1. Oh interesting... i already keep up with my faves, so it won't help me and I just use Apple Music now at this point since it links with my iTunes...
  2. I'm actually really impressed with this forum's helpfulness. Thanks @Lucky17 and @Joanne and the other few in the CAL thread!

    1. Lucky17


      Yeah anytime!

    2. Joanne


      No problem  

  3. I wouldn't mind. I mean, as long as they get to keep their country's name. or district or whatever the fuck it is now.
  4. I keep my car sound at 50/60 and my phone at about 3/4
  5. Gloryhole vs Rebel Cunt? they can keep both tbh
  6. Good, D&G can go fuck themselves without the talent of the Cyrus's. They're great as they are. Fuck D&G
  7. Meth isn't methadone!!! Methadone is a prescription opioid and while it has a quick addicting effect, it's not meth. Meth is methamphetamines. Big difference. Someone please change that...
  8. This bitch has been over since she started. I'm so sick of her, shut her down please
  9. None of those options relate to the question asked.... why is she a bigger streaming force? because britney stopped making music as often as jlo has made music so she's still well known and around. britney has been forgotten, for that exact reason. end of story.
  10. Accusations I'm completely inclined to believe, until proven innocent. Usually I'm one to say that in some cases women falsely accuse, except in this case. I just KNOW it's true.
  11. Yes. she is only 32, but she's gonna get to a point where these attention seeking "changes" will outdate her. It happened to Madonna, and now she's trying to sell music with her 58 (pushing 60!!) year old sex life (which nobody wants to hear about her old ass pussy.)
  12. If we're looking at the other albums out right now too, I hated Joanne. That wasn't Gaga at all. It was some weird country bullshit and critics took it great! But it didn't sell well. Same thing with Dangerous Woman, everyone loved it and I thought it was trash. I haven't given Witness a full sit through but I can tell from what I heard, it wasn't Katy like I wanted. Katy's albums are always... different from this one. It's like she's TRYING to change herself but she doesn't realize she's too old for that shit now. MIley did it and it was cool because she was young enough to do whatever crazy
  13. Is Selena making new music? Her last album was really good imo
  14. Fuck Luke. At this point, post-Kesha, I see any artist who works with him as a piece of shit. Bonnie McKee is cool and I'm sure she's great and she's made great things, but seeing that she STILL works with him 10 years after they worked together with Avril, she needs to get out. He probably got her on some kind of death contract...