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  1. Avril lavigne looks so good im so excited 😍
  2. Mint


    my drag name is pattie srie i wanted to announce this here
  3. my pussy tripled in weight oh
  4. Mint

    inspirational monday

    Preparing to Clean Your Ass! WHEN DID YOU LAST PAY YOUR ASS A VISIT? Before sticking ANYTHING but a finger in your ass, you should get to know it, both inside and out. The first thing to know is that nothing will easily go in there against its will. You need to relax, coax, sooth and pleasure it first. The worst time to discover your ass is just before sex! Instead book yourself some discovery time. Make sure you’re alone, have an uninterrupted hour, and have turned off the phone. Getting comfortable and relaxed is the most important thing! Your ass has both an inner and outer sphincters. The outer one makes the butt pucker that you can see, and then there is one inside, which you can feel a short ways up with a well lubricated finger. It’s the inner one that mostly controls what goes in or out, and has a mind of it’s own. You’re going to have to relax both these sets of muscles enough to eventually put a nozzle in your hole. The best way to do this is to gently massage and push into your hole with a well lubricated finger or small dildo. You want to slightly push out with your ass like you were taking a dump to help open up the sphincters. Don’t rush things and eventually you’ll get in there. Once you are able to insert your finger or small toy, gently work it in and out until your ass is not upset with the visiting object. Give it lots of lube and take your time! Your almost ready to give it a good cleaning now! [box]The Checkup: Time for a Quick Cleaning or the BIG Cleaning? The Checkup happens both before you clean out you ass and afterwards to make sure you did a great job. Let’s assume that you’ve already taken a dump a little while back, and then used a well lubed finger to gently open up your sphincter. Rest one leg up on a chair or the toilet seat to do a Standing Checkup. Reach around and give yourself a tentative cavity search! First you want to check the immediate area inside your butt. You might not find any poo, which is great, but you’ll want to sweep around all the area that you can reach. If you find something right away, no need to go further in. If your fingers come out clean, it’s time for the Squat! Squatting at this point will let you check a bit deeper in. With a bit of practice, and even more lube, you’ll be able to check right up to the first interior bend in your butt. It’ll give you a high degree of confidence that if you’re all clean, you’ll be able to safely take a moderate dildo, or average hung guy in your ass without any problems. Now that you’ve done your checkup, you’ll have a good idea of how much of a cleaning you need! For beginners, you’ll really want to use a Handheld Butt Blaster. If your into some serious ass play, or have a really hung partner, you’ll want to hose down the back alley![/box]
  5. Mint


    ew i have fad in mine im not posting
  6. Mint


    omg stan charred
  7. Mint


    ice creem ice quen ... I... still need to process it MAC hit me instantly
  8. thats cause youre nOt a normie 👄 Everyting is splendid 💋💋💋 luv u bebs
  9. Mint

    Music Video

    That was so sad i wanted that city girl flair like in alterlife and css
  10. The way they randomly slapped on non-synchronized vocals at the beginning so they can make it look like she was doing more than that
  11. Mint


    inactive for a whole week ;0 ,, that can’t happen
  12. Mint here

    how are people not afraid of travelling??? planes are literally floating tin cannisters in the air

    1. Kenya

      I travel across the country several times a year (I’m flying this Saturday too), and it’s petrifying when there is turbulence. However airplanes aren’t made out of tin lol. 

    2. TattooedHeart

      I flew today and I was more calm than the first time earlier this week cause I was used to it. Also statistically planes are safer than any other form of travel so I sometimes close my eyes and pretend I'm in a car