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  1. Lukas

    Can you feel my vegan vegan pussy can you feel my vegan vegan cunt 

  2. listening now i dont care for it one bit but im just sticking around to see if 911 has a problematic lyric

  4. its all i ate the past 2 days and im not proud of myself
  5. Jake bby congrats omg 💕💕
  6. art critics are a pile of charlatans idk why they’re even given credibility to begin with
  7. The only song that were allowed to hate is California and it’s not even that bad Bartender is so sweet and serene youre nothing short of a garbage person if you disagree
  8. I saw that and I fucking love that they took the one frame where she was vaping
  9. N youre not a real fan unless you write the whole title to that song with the hyphen and everything js 💋
  10. Also it’s her first album where I wholeheartedly LOVE all the singles she really really really snapped with all of them.. hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it is officially a sad bitch hours aux anthem
  11. lmao i could not believe how good it is i cried four (4) (IV) (٤) 4️⃣ times listening to it. Its so intense and I’ve been thinking about it a lot like i eventually had to come to terms with the fact that she will literally never write something this good ever in her career like this is it she reached her peak and it made me sad n happy at the same time
  12. My feelings toward california coincide exactly with raja and ravens feelings about violet chachkis headpiece on the green runway on season 7: an afterthought
  13. Cant believe it took pitchfork 8 years to realise shes the greatest songwriter of all time