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  1. Aurora


    K3 is a reality. It's coming 2017. I'm shook.
  2. Aurora


    I'm happy to take over the thread. I might start updating it monthly.
  3. Aurora


    That would be great but her streams are so slow it would only ever need updating like twice a year anyway tbh Take It Off and We R Who We R seem to have picked up some decent momentum, I can't believe those two + YLIMD will actually reach 100M next year it's been so long
  4. Aurora


    Coming for 400M this time next year.
  5. Aurora


    I'm back bitches! It's Lynx a.k.a. one of the only Animals who probably still cares about her tragic streams. But lets get to work! Fun fact: the VEVO mobile app has the most up-to-date streams because it incorporates streams from the mobile app, the VEVO website and also YouTube. The VEVO website does not incorporate the VEVO mobile app's views and YouTube does not incorporate any VEVO stats. However, it does not give specific values. If TiK ToK had 300,123,456 views, it would only show "300M". But, for the sake of inflation, and keeping things neat and tidy, let's use them anyway! October 19, 2016 update (previous update June 12, 2016) Timber (with Pitbull) — 874,000,000 views [+58,000,000 views] TiK ToK — 323,000,000 views [+21,000,000 views] Die Young — 114,000,000 views [+5,000,000 views] Your Love Is My Drug — 93,000,000 views [+3,000,000 views] We R Who We R — 87,000,000 views [+3,000,000 views] Take It Off — 82,000,000 views [+4,000,000 views] Blow — 68,000,000 views [+3,000,000 views] Crazy Kids (ft. will.i.am) — 68,000,000 views [+2,000,000 views] Blah Blah Blah (ft. 3OH!3) — 61,000,000 views [+3,000,000 views] C'Mon — 45,000,000 views [+1,000,000 views] Dirty Picture (with Taio Cruz) — 33,000,000 views True Colors (with Zedd) — 13,000,000 views Animal — 6,000,000 views Stephen — 3,000,000 views Bonus — YouTube only Right Round (with Flo Rida) — 67,000,000 views My First Kiss (with 3OH!3) — 58,000,000 views Dirty Love — 4,000,000 views
  6. Legends always win. Rapists always lose.
  7. Aurora


    Shame this didn't do anything. They should re-release it since Starving is smashing tbh.
  8. Aurora

    #1 on Dance Club Songs. Legend. Still powering ahead to 100M YouTube views, too.
  9. Aurora

    Why is this thread such a flop here, mess.
  10. Wow what a rational and thought provoking tweet set from her. So true. How much public abuse does she have to suffer? Everyone and see something is going on.
  11. you still playing CAL?

    1. Aurora

      Hey, yeah I'm still planning on joining. Just after your last message something huge took up my time all last week. It's over now though so hopefully I can get into CAL. :)

  12. Aurora

    Celeb News

    Don't buy it. Sorry.
  13. Aurora

    Celeb News

    I'm fucking MAD. This is NOT what should be happening.