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  1. That means they replaced themselves at #1 — I’m pretty sure that makes them the first group in at least ten years to do that.
  2. I read every word of that, and I loved it 😍
  3. I enjoy their music, I’ve never been one to believe that everything has to be profound and shit. When every song is profound, no song is. This is week seven? I hope they get a few more out of this — I’m very happy for them.
  4. This is why I’ve always appreciated her, she says what she wants to say, good or bad, and is unapologetic about it.
  5. Yes, but I bet money it’ll be the retirement record.
  6. Interventionist in the sense that if I would rather have the United States or China, or even Russia intervene in a situation, I would want it to be the United States. I mean, it would be nice if we lived in a world where that didn’t happen, but in the arena of reality and things that actually happen, I would rather it be that way. To go further down that road is to explore utopian-Marxism, and that’s a pointless exercise. The problem with folks on the far left that idolize those regimes is that they don’t quite conceptualize that you have to adhere to the boundaries set by the s
  7. Started out as a political moderate — socially liberal, a 50/50 person on finance and economics. There are some aspects of my viewpoint that are conservative, if you could call it that, with respect to international affairs, but other than that — living under Donald Trump has turned me into a fully fledged liberal.
  8. Fuck him. Someone should throw him to the fucking sharks.
  9. Surprised by Phylicia Rashad, she’s usually not tone deaf.

  10. He can’t be retried for these charges — I’ll have to read closer, but double jeopardy does apply.
  11. This — no one is questioning whether or not Cosby is innocent or not. Cosby was able to make the case that he was denied due process under the law. Prosecutorial misconduct/error. American citizens are assured the right to a free, fair and speedy trial — and to enjoy due process under the law. If anyone of these attributes fail, you can be amazed by what happens. This is not a verdict on Cosby, it’s a verdict on the prosecutor.
  12. I’m kind of reading this on the fly, but I assume it has something to do with prosecutorial misconduct? This is what worries me about the Chauvin case, because on appeal he can bring up the issue with the jury, and Congress people talking about the case. In American jurisprudence, if you can make the case that you didn’t receive a free and fair trial, you’d be amazed with what can happen. As far as Cosby goes, I take solace in the fact that everyone knows what he is now.
  13. I’ve never took much stock in the local/global argument. Most of these people will be richer and more famous than most of us will ever hope to be, local or global.