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  1. Yay! Another fucking mass shooting in two weeks. And our friends at the National Rifle Association think that the only way to stop this is if those teenagers were armed. You know, other countries have stabbings, acid attacks and mob violence, we have gun fights at the OK Corral.
  2. Darth Sidious


    I'll eat crow, I didn't think she'd be able to get that high. Render onto Madge what is Madge's I suppose. Good for her.
  3. As much as I think this asshole is a bunch of hot air, and is high-key probobly gay himself, it's the fact that his words could inspire a crazy person to go out and do it. This is hardly a problem confined to one country or another, every country on the planet has these dipshits, but I just guess I would feel better if I lived in a country that was more left wing. Rationally, I realize that the rights movement in this country has gone too far too go back, and that a majority of people simply don't even care anymore about this thing: but the fact that there are waking people that want to make the Handmaiden's Tale a reality is just beyond terrifying.
  4. It's not upsetting for me as much as it's unsettling. I've taken the line that there's going to be an asshole in every group, and if they shut the fuck up and mind their own business, they can have all the bible that they can shove up their ass, as long as they don't try to come between me and my gayness. It's these crazy fuckers that want to nail gay people to crosses and burn them and shit that piss me off, and it just disturbs me that there is, in some parts of this country, so little that stands between us and that psychotic line.
  5. If god feels that way, he can go fuck himself. And I love that this idiot doesn’t put two and two together that calling for the execution of people isn’t killing his accursed, wretched religion. Its not the 1400s
  6. Baptists: Stop promoting homosexuality to our children, they'll catch the gay. 

    Me: Don't get too close to the baptist Billy, you'll catch its stupid. 

  7. I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation. But if we’ve arrived at the point where even Madonna can’t sell out a tour... holy shit
  8. Darth Sidious

    He got some bad meth.
  9. Says the guy who won’t eat pussy because the “man is the king”
  10. She's off her meds I love it though
  11. Milo Yiannopoulos is such a self-hating, hetero-pandering piece of shit rip4


  12. Saw this on FB and it made me see red. I suppose that this pig-fucking, shit eater gave me another reason to never, ever set for in that accursed state of his. I still think we should take all of the Trump Voters in this country, helivac into Alabama and Mississippi, wall it up, impose all of the shitty laws and policies that they're attempting to impose on decent people and keep them in that confined in that area. If anything else, it'll be fun to watch the fuck-wits eat each other.
  13. As an educated person, I can tell you that abolishing it carries with it the risk of ripping the union apart. It serves to give the smaller, more conservative states the feeling that their vote matters (even though it really doesn’t). That was the original intent behind it, and in large part, that remains true. This incarnation of the electoral college isn’t even the original one.
  14. As with many things with live action DC — I’m keeping an open mind.