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  1. I have no idea who this kid is, I mean absolutely no clue.
  2. Oh, that. Republicans have descended into Civil War, the crazy wing of the party and the moderates are no longer content to co-exist after what happened on January 6th. The pie-principle of American politics will marginalize conservatism for the foreseeable future. Can’t say that I’m not pleased about it!
  3. Darth Sidious


    I saw people on Twitter freaking out about her timing here. If you go back to the last VP to be elected out of the Senate, President Johnson — he waited until January 3rd. When Senator Nixon resigned to be Vice President Nixon under Eisenhower, it was January 1st. It’s another thing I despise Donald Trump for, he’s put so many people on edge that normal procedure now has to be tinged with drama.
  4. What? The Gravy Seals against the FBI? I put my money on the FBI.
  5. Two days. Two days until the national security apparatus is out of his spray-tanned fingers. Two days.
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    Yes. The timing varies, when President Obama was elected POTUS in 2008, he resigned within two weeks of Election Day. When President Biden was Senator Biden, he resigned within the week of the inaugural. But yes, very normal — Alex Padilla has been appointed to take her seat.
  7. What @Snowsaid is essentially the reason. Chapter 11 allows them to gain some sort of protection from creditors under the assumption that they’re going to restructure any outstanding debt. Its Chapter 7 bankruptcy that is essentially the death of a company or an organization.
  8. Looooooll fuck ‘em all. Everyone with a brain knows that the NRA has spent years funneling dark money into the RCCC and RNC. It’s nice to see them get their just deserts.
  9. Darth Sidious


    I was once shit on by a bird, so I understand the feeling.
  10. I follow @ParlerTakes on Twitter — and I think it’s apt to describe it as nothing more than a federal honeypot. The night of the MAGA insurrection, one of Trump’s attorneys Lin Wood made posts advocating the execution of Vice President Pence.
  11. I honestly don’t think he will. There is more money for him to be made by keeping people in suspense. He could grift and fundraise for years on the idea that he might run again. He can pay his children absurd salaries as consultants to his political action committee, and funnel it back into his company. He can also use it to destroy opponents inside of the party itself. He gets all of the money and attention of a run without the responsibility. And even if he did run again, I’m not certain that he can win. What happened last week broke the fever dream for many people, and though the coalition he pieced together in ‘16 and ‘20 are still largely in place, independents, suburban voters and moderate republicans can’t get away from him fast enough. But all of this could be wrong, though I don’t think so.
  12. Legally, unless he is convicted by the Senate, and the ensuing vote bars him from federal office again, he is entitled to run again for President for another four year term, if he wishes. That's why this vote is important. I don't think he could win again if he choose to run for another term, but a lot of Democrats don't like the slightest notion of him running again.
  13. I don’t remember all 11 articles of impeachment brought against President Johnson, the only one I remember was how he violated a law by removing the Secretary of War, which violated that law. That one, and this one, are far more serious than the perjury about the blowjob.
  14. He lied about a blowjob. They impeached him for perjury. He perjured himself for lying about the blowjob under federal deposition. That is legitimately what it was about.
  15. Dipshit gets to hold the distinction of being the only POTUS to be impeached twice, and he can carry it around and wear it like some twisted badge of honor.