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    While I’m absolutely certain that Biden is going to win, this slate of rappers endorsing Trump is low key concerning.
  2. Believe it or not, I wouldn't too concerned about this happening. I genuinely think that it won't be close enough to force that. That is a talking point that has most of its origins within Republican circles. Of course, time will tell, but if prognostication means anything, there will be no basis to take it to the SCOTUS. Unless there's a massive polling error that's been hidden away, that no pollster has even sniffed out, it won't be a repeat of Bush v. Gore. I would be more concerned with his voters. Trump, for months, have convinced these rubes that the only way he could possibly lose is if it the election was fixed. I would be more worried about those inbred hicks rioting.
  3. And I just realized why there wasn’t a big dramatic battle that played out: it’s literally because the Senate just adjourned until December. There are no bills to leverage, no appointments for President Pigshit to fill. Mitch McConnell put this last on the session’s schedule, waited until the weekend, held the vote under cover of darkness, and in the fog of the election, did it on a party line vote (Barrett is the only justice ever to go to the court without a single senator from the minority supporting) and skipped town. He fucked the people and skipped town until he learns his fate, that’s why this happened.
  4. I just watched the vote itself, Democrats weren't pleased. But it all goes back to the fact that as long as those Republican pigs choose to do this before the election, there was no way that it could be stopped, a simple majority is a simple majority. If there more Republican Senators choose not support this, it could be stopped. Now they'll suffer the consequences. And there will be consequences for this.
  5. I'm assuming it had to do with the last one. Or maybe she was bluffing, I don't know. But the Republicans were always able to do thus if they had a simple outright majority. Now, they've given Democrats justification to do a few things in the next congress
  6. I doubt that'll ever happen, and it if does, we won't be alive to see it. Setting aside all the political arguments, and focusing on the North Korean people as a singular issue, the reality is that it is a glorified buffer state. When the Soviet Union went under, and that famine gripped it in the early 90s, hundreds of thousands of people died, and an entire generation of children were malnourished and underdeveloped. And that's been a problem they've been dealing with ever since. On the whole, the cost of assimilating the North Korean state into South Korea would be astronomical. The North and South have just developed far too differently for it to be feasible. Most of the NK population is incredibly ignorant of the outside world, have no modern skillsets, and once again are physically so much weaker than their cousins in the South. South Korea, one of the richest and most industrious states in the world simply doesn't want to have a hermit state (where the manufacturing of meth is crucial to the state budget) latch onto it. And hell will freeze over before the South submits to the North. And the Chinese won't be content with a unified Korea under control of the South on their doorstep. You're talking about a buffer state under the thumb of a morbidly-obese little god king, where 90% of the population are malnourished, underdeveloped slaves, and where a majority of people aren't aware that man has been on the moon. Everyone likes the situation the way it is, the most that will happen is that there will be officially "peace" between them.
  7. If Trump wins the election, but Democrats capture control of Congress? Unless Democrats can attain a veto-proof majority (2/3rds of members in each chamber), not much. But with Democrats controlling the legislature, and Trump as the executive, not much will get done. So, it'll still suck, but it won't get worse without a Congress to enable him.
  8. Senate Republicans approved a final vote on the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court of the United States. Voting 51-48, (Republicans Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins sided with Democrats), the controversial judge could be approved as early as tonight to the Supreme Court. It will be the closest to an election that a SCOTUS vacancy has ever been filled, and will be the first time in the history of the United States that an Associate Justice goes to the Supreme Court without any support from the minority party. Justice Clarence Thomas will reportedly administer the oath to Barrett at the White House later this evening. Barrett's ascension to the court solidifies the titling of the court to the right, and throws many landmark rulings dear to many liberals into question. “This is something to be really proud of and feel good about,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said during a rare weekend session Sunday ahead of voting. He scoffed at the “apocalyptic” warnings from critics that the judicial branch was becoming mired in partisan politics, even as he declared that “they won’t be able to do much about this for a long time to come.” Democrats simply don't have the numbers to prevent Barrett's confirmation. Sources within the Congressional Democratic Party in both chambers are saying that there will be "hell to pay" if they capture the upper chamber and the Presidency in the upcoming election. Democrats are all but certain to maintain their grip on the House of Representatives, and if they take the majority in the Senate, and see Joe Biden elected President (which, if the polling is correct, both things are well on the way to happening), a vast array of options become open to them to counter the Supreme Court (now overtly guided by conservatives for the first time since World War II). Vice President Biden has said that he would push to codify Roe v. Wade (legalized abortions) and Obergefell v. Hodges (same-sex marriage legalized nationwide) into federal law if a conservative court undermined them. Other weapons include the so-called "nuclear option", which include abolishing the senate filibuster, adding federal judgeships, eliminating lifetime appointments, impeachment and removal of sitting federal judgeships, and admitting Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. into the union as the 51st and 52nd states. Some Democrats even want to remake the Supreme Court itself, by eliminating the lifetime appointment of the Justices, adding two more seats to the Court, or even impeaching Barrett (this option is highly unlikely to succeed as it would require Republican votes that they will more than likely never give even if Democrats hold a substantial majority). Source AMERICAN FOTP MEMBERS: FAQ's on VOTING WHERE'S MY POLLING PLACE? VOTER REGISTRATION STATUS? And remember:
  9. Well. I’m certainly not going to go all ‘Murcia in here, but considering the fate of North Korea and its people, ethnic S. Korean idols are more inclined to side with the United States/UN role in the conflict. I know it’s in vogue to hate on America, and in many cases there’s plenty of justification. This isn’t one though. I’m not at all shocked that Chinese idols are taking this stance, their families and livelihoods are threatened if they don’t, some of them probably genuinely believe it. But South Koreans are generally satisfied with the arrangement, especially given the state of the North.
  10. Read several statements from a few archbishops and cardinals doing just this. Ill just say this, I love it when religious folks lather on the sanctimonious horseshit about marriage. It’s almost as if they don’t know that for most of history, the act of the marriage was basically one old dude trading his daughter for a mule to help plow the field. And that gay people existed long before their god did.
  11. Now, he's just tucking in his shirt.
  12. America's Mayor, and President Trump's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani was caught on camera by Sacha Baron Corbin attempting to seduce a Russian Reporter. Giuliani, 76, served creepy old dude in spades on the film: Giuliani has denied that he was doing this, and only insisted that he was "tucking in his shirt". This should put Mayor Giuliani in hot water in the midst of his crusade to expose the morally reprehensible behavior of the Biden Family. Source
  13. Darth Sidious

    This is something that I would use to torture prisoners of war...
  14. This is an extraordinary moment, considering the attitude that the Catholic Church has adopted towards gays for its entire existence. I'm not even Catholic, and it makes me feel good to actually see a Pope try to live up to what Jesus preached.