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  1. I'm glad I never donated to this shriveled orange piece of shit. But then again, I trust the word of outlets like CNN and the Washington Post over FreedomNews.gun, so I knew that it wasn't a smart proposition.
  2. Even if she was white, it shouldn’t fucking matter. It’s not like this accusation came against a Rhodes Scholar and a paragon of society.
  3. There's so much irony in proporting that sentiment
  4. I was speaking more metaphrocially to Trump I’m sorry you were traumatized like that, seriously. At least with him as Vice President he’s marginalized, I can’t fathom living under him as chief executive Trump had a choice between him, Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney. While Romney and Gingrich are hypocritical and abhorrent, with those two at least we wouldn’t have crazy. I could at least stomach their crazy until the next election. They’re just normal crazy. One would think that it Trump choose him on purpose because the idea of him as President is so nausea-inducing. They didn’t go around saying such insightful things like Smoking doesn’t kill and shit. I’m just so enraged by this.
  5. First of all; yes it is -- that little document referred to in the history books called the Constitution of the United States allows for that. You can't just rip out the second article and wipe yourself with the rest of it, the whole thing matters. I'm not sure how it even could get before a court and be "tested", it never will, and incidentally, if by some chance it sneaks in, it'll be obliterated. Second; it's not defamation if it's true. Third; Alec Baldwin's impersonation of him is scarily spot-on, it's actually the funniest thing that's been on that show in years. And finally, if he attempts to do something like that, and succeeds, it'll be because the protections our founders built into our government to hold against people who think like him have completely eroded away. If that's the case, book yourself a flight to Canada, the U.K., the fucking Soloman Islands and never look back. And the worst part is that you selected Mike Pence as VP, so the prospect of you being impeached (when you are a genuine threat to the stability of the republic, one that it hasn't seen in a century and a half) is even more terrifying than the reality of you being President. Fuck you, Donald Trump. Fuck you and the hilly-billy goat-fuckers that put in that position. You sit in a chair occupied by some of the most pragmatic and magnificent political minds the world has ever seen, and you don't deserve to have your name in the same field with them, you smarmy peice of shit.
  6. Darth Sidious

    I always thought that a collaboration between Madonna and Kylie would be like what happens when you put the sides of a magnet together. Some people think it would’ve meshed well, but I think they just would’ve canceled each other out
  7. It’s hysterical watching a bunch of rich people arguing about their issues and shit. It’s like Dynasty
  8. Darth Sidious

    I wonder how much coke you have to do to turn on a dime like that in a matter of days. One day it’s okay that you’re dating a rapist and a murder, and that it’s perfectly fine that he’s done these things, because he’s matured. The next day we have to handle the mentally ill with kid gloves.
  9. You can’t be flippant about mental illness, but you can about rape and murder? jj4

  10. My god, Nicki if I didn’t think you were a disingenuous cunt before...
  11. Darth Sidious

    Not just from FOTP, but even if I had a toilet made out of gold, I’d still have to shit in it. So, I’ll settle for the forum.
  12. Darth Sidious

    So, I’ll say again; The fact that he wasn’t charged with “murder” doesn’t mean that he didn’t kill someone. The prosecutors could not quite prove that he INTENDED to murder the person that he murdered before he murdered them, they could only prove that he DID KNOWINGLY MURDER them. He’s still a convicted murderer, and was charged with a crime that’s literally one degree under intentional full-on homicide. And: If some girl were to come up to me, and say that a man like Mr. Petty raped her, I’d be more inclined to believe her. It doesn’t matter if they’re both underaged, or any bullshit reasoning idiots want to trot out, he forced his dick in her against her will. He raped her, period. On the basis of his prior behavior alone, I’d wager that he’s capable of rape if it’s a question of credibility. I don’t know if the people that excuse rape and murder believe what they’re saying is true, but to rational people, I say this: rape and murder are BAD things. You can dress it up in all the pretty wrapping you want, these are heinous crimes. And if people choose to defend people that have knowingly committed them, they’re pretty heinous too. Not to mention so full of shit that it’s coming out of their eyes.
  13. Darth Sidious

    Celeb News

    Don’t hold your breath.
  14. Darth Sidious

    Celeb News

    Did she straight up say a couple of months ago that her career is always second to her now? Not that that’s a bad thing, but is anyone shocked?