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  1. I know if I came into $1 million somehow or someway, the first thing I would do with it is buying a 3D model of Madge’s choochie
  2. A 10k increase from the last one isn’t all that off the wall, it’s entirely conceivable that she drops every single shred of the raw, stripped down, “real” sound that drove her career off a cliff (and which she is completely and totally terrible at) and goes back to a contemporary formulaic sound and gets that bump. But this is all strictly hypothetical.
  3. Yeah. You don’t want to fall down the rabbit hole of these fucking weridos. Apparently that catboy dude claimed on a livestream a few years ago that he had sex with men, but later claimed he was trolling, hence the whole “catboy” thing. There are other photos of him dressed up in black face and shit. The whole cross dressing thing is another troll, because you know, if I’m a racist, homophobic troll, I’m definitely going to buy a ten inch rubber cock for the troll, and I’m DEFINITELY not going to use it. I usually don’t pay attention to these freaks, because it’s like expos
  4. Obviously, there are rumors that he is a DEEPLY repressed gay. There have been certain allusions to the topic from himself, he once claimed that if he was a homosexual — he’d want to be a “non-practicing” one. He ran into some hot water a few years back with his friends with his apparent infatuation with far-right troll and egomaniac (and cross dresser — as in Japanese anime school girl cross dresser) Catboy Kami Here he is dressed up in a school girl outfit, attempting to simulate fellatio on his favorite dildo.
  5. White nationalist livestreamer Nick Fuentes leaned on his homophobia as an excuse for why the young man is apparently having difficulty attracting women. Fuentes discussed being an incel, or involuntary celibate, on his video podcast. Fuentes complained about "people calling me gay because I've never had a girlfriend." "I think if anything — if anything — it makes me less gay. If anything, it makes me not gay — as opposed to less gay, not that there's any gay, but it makes me not gay," he argued. Fuentes went on to describe how he has never been in a romantic relationsh
  6. I’m sure her road crew had copies of her latest album in the back of that van to sell to them…
  7. Ariana 150k/300k Beyonce 100k Britney 20-40k Xtina N/A (Unless she does a full length Spanish album — otherwise I doubt she’s ever going to do a full length, original english album ever again) Dua 100-200k Katy 50-75k Kylie 10-20k (WW) (2-3k in the US, max) Gags 75-100k Madge 50K (WW, most of them probably in Europe/UK/Australia) (Maybe 25k in the US, maybe) Mariah 30-40k (WW) (I’d be surprised if she got over 20k in the US) Rihanna 250-300k Taylor 400-750k Billie 150-250k Doja 75-100k Lana 20-30k Olivia 1
  8. No. But that’s not so much as swipe at her, it’s just a simple matter of statistics. There hadn’t been anyone like Lady Gaga in decades, and due to the law of diminishing returns, it was always going to be a trip downward, not up. At least in regards to her success pre-2013. Now people are relatively immune to the avant-garde style, it didn’t help that Gaga took the concept out back and beat the ever loving crap out of it, but still. People have seen it and it doesn’t have the impact, now there are a dozen Lady Gaga-esque women, and now even Gaga and Gaga anymore.
  9. Wait a second. The son of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos is about to become President? And the daughter of the current President is about to become VP? I’m shook. Imelda Marcos spent $7 million on 3,000 pairs of shoes, and all of that money was tax payer money. They had to run his momma and daddy off the Presidential palace grounds, and they’re just going to let them back in? smfh
  10. Objectively I could say the same thing. But by that same token you can say that Hitler was a great politician. Meaning he was skilled in rhetoric, smoke and mirrors and hypnosis. A loathsome human being at everything else. Same with Luke, a great music producer — nothing more.
  11. That tends to be the only thing I think about when I think of Mr. Bieber, so —
  12. Yes. But Justin will always have the nicer ass.