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  1. Someone paid in excess of $10 million for those tracks? I believe her, but somehow I feel like they were ripped off. As arrogant as I find her Twitter reply, I can’t deny that she’s obviously doing something right.

    Bitch is a poet.

    1. Lynk


      She’s truly the gift that keeps on giving 

    2. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      She's hilarious rip4 

  3. I expected a 2 week run at #1 this year — it might end up being 3 or more 🎉🎉🎉
  4. Certainly, but if he hadn’t touched the subject in the first place, no one would’ve known that he was a homophobe. It’s entirely a mess of his own creation.
  5. All he had to do was keep his “opinions” to himself and he wouldn’t be having this problem now, would he? I wonder when bigots will get the point, it’s not acceptable to be a bigot anymore.
  6. He’s naturally going to go for the Republican nomination. Independent candidates are hard to run for obvious reasons — but there’s also the matter of the infrastructure around it. The Republican and Democratic Parties have massive infrastructures on the ground. That’s what largely spoiled his vanity run in 2000. But I can foresee the vote being split even if he attains the Republican nomination though. Not enough to spoil a win in a deep red, conservative state — but maybe enough to ensure a win, or solidify a Biden win in a swing state like Arizona. Which is fine with me — whateve
  7. It should be noted that with the exception of some very deep, deep red states, Donald Trump’s election denying candidates all lost. The battleground states of Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are all either governed by a Democratic Trifecta, or have a Democratic Governor with veto pens. Get fucked, Trump.
  8. Katie Hobbs defeats Kari Lake to become the first Democratic Governor of the State of Arizona in a decade. It also the first time in 30 years that Democrats control almost every major statewide office in Arizona, with both of the Senator seats occupied by Democrats, the Governorship, the Secretary of State and likely the Attorney General.
  9. Lmfao — it may cost us the house by one seat, but it was worth it
  10. Kari Lake needed to get above 57% to withstand everything else. It’s still possible that she pulls it out, but unlikely — the MAGA Darling is most certainly done.
  11. I stand corrected, the door is still very much open — it’ll all come down to California and Arizona.
  12. Likely outcome at this point is 221 to 219 Republicans to 217 to 215 Democrats in the House. Though I would stress that it’s still possible for Democrats to take a majority of 219 to 218, it’s just everything from this moving forward needs to go correctly. Democrats would’ve almost certainly kept their majority if not for the incompetence of the New York Democratic Party. If they take the house, it’ll be a symbolic victory at best. Expect a Speaker McCarthy’s reign to be brutal, bloody and short. It’s on course to being one of the smallest House majorities, if not the smallest in the
  13. Ultimately it looks like the door on the house is closing a little too fast might end up being 219-216 either way. this is stuff that’s exciting. A lot of the damag done by Republicans has come from their dominance over the state houses. Taking them back is where real progress is made.