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  1. Well, they’re not wrong. I haven’t the faintest idea why the bitch picked this hill to die on, but it isn’t making her look too well.
  2. If they throw the book at him, he faces 40 years in prison. That is unlikely. He will have a bare minimum of 10 years. A 15-20 year sentence is more than likely.
  3. It is the right choice, he’s just going to keep doing until there are consequences. I mean, as an adult — I know that it is illegal to solicit sex from kids — but I guess it’s too much to ask every adult to understand that. James needs to understand that he’s an adult.
  4. I would just like to listen to Reputation on Spotify without fear of giving even a dime to Scott Braun
  5. Part of being a great vocalist is the ability to control it. Ariana certainly has the potential — she can already out sing her contemporary peers, but has she mastered that pesky control problem she had? That’s a genuine question — I haven’t listened to a lot of live Ariana in a few years. But to answer your question, I think she has half of it. In many ways, Demi Lovato is a better vocalist. Lady Gaga. If Ariana masters her shit, than yes, easily.
  6. Low key? Isn’t this the group that groped each other on television? Not like the cute skin-ship groping, but full on grabbing each other’s dicks groping?
  7. It wasn’t just in the 2000s. He’d been doing it in some form since the 1960s. We just noticed it more as he got older.
  8. It’s always nice to hear about Richard and one of his “friends” going out and about.
  9. The Queen is is what 94? 95? Her mother lived to be over a hundred — so, you know, it’s an open question. She could live another decade and I wouldn’t be surprised. She shied away from the shit that killed her father and her sister — and she lives in 2021. But, yeah — that though occurred to me too.
  10. Whatever you feelings are on the man, or that institution — those two were married for 75 years. It’s not like he’s tragically died at 35 to leave his widow and his children to languish on or anything, but that’s got to be quite a loss for her.
  11. I wasn't even aware that this was getting a live-action remake? Can't you Generation Z-Generation Alpha shits leave our millennial shit alone? You're ruining it.
  12. Nothing against Justin Bieber. But I love anything that’ll make Scott (not Scooter — Scott) eat crow. We love to see a dirt bag fume <3