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  1. If I made it sound like it would be easy, I apologize, I didn’t mean to imply that. Because if even if we win, those 40 million or so people that voted for him will still be there ☠️ All I mean to say is that the board is totally different than 2016 — and Democrats have every discernible advantage. The coming of Trump might be the start of throwing out the old rule book, I don’t know, but if that’s the case — and all this talk is pissing in the wind. We’ll have to wait and see I guess.
  2. Yeah — I mean, I’m allowing for the possibility that it’ll all come down to that again, but even if I take myself out of a Trump hating position, he’s still fighting from an extreme uphill battle. Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan all went to Trump by an aggregate of 73,000. Factor in time, turn out, the age of the voters that voted for him initially, voter dissatisfaction, Democratic turn out — and it becomes worse for him. He’ll probably keep Ohio, but Democrats are in the position of picking off Arizona, North Carolina and Iowa. Take away even one of those three rust belt states, (and I can assure you, he won’t get all three this time) — and the odds are stacked heavily against him. Aside from the fact that he’s the sitting President, I really don’t see any advantage that he has over his challengers. Especially if the economy continues to spiral out of control. I think he’s already fucked himself out of Wisconsin and/Iowa with this Chinese Trade War. And they’ve got 4 years of a record to run on this time. On the chance that he defies the odds again, he won’t win the popular vote, and you can pretty kiss the electoral college (at least in its current form, goodbye).
  3. Yes, and people say I’m too negative with him.
  4. Donald Trump needs to buy medication to treat his syphilis — it’s clearly spread to his brain. About a year left until the election, and this nightmare will be over. Or, about a year before I become the newest citizen of Canada — before it goes full on Handmaiden’s Tale. I can believe 80,000 people flushed the greatest political abstraction to ever exist down the toilet, it is insane.
  5. I still can’t stand the fact that there are people out there that think homosexuality is something that you can catch or something, by just learning about it.
  6. I really don’t get why she does this, she is a millionaire dozens of times over, she’s internationally famous — but she has time to get into pissing contests with strangers over the internet?
  7. Darth Sidious

    No, and I certainly think that’s a fair criticism. However, I also think that he’s in that rare position of not having to do it.
  8. Or the people that he procured for. I’m not going to shed a tear over the rich pedophile, but I was hoping that he’d flip on those in global society that made him rich.
  9. But they got off easy this time, they did the same thing to the South Koreans a few weeks ago on a training exercise with the Chinese, the Koreans shot at their asses.
  10. It happens every month, Russian bombers always tend to strafe NORAD's central defensive airspace whenever they run training exercises, that zone basically consists of all of the North American continent and its territorial waters. This is the first time that I can remember the Canadian Air Force intercepting them though? It's the first time I can remember them ever straying into the Canadian-NORAD zone since the 80s as a matter of fact.
  11. When LGBT activist Yelena Grigoryeva (pictured above) found her name on a hit list of a "gay-hunting" group, she did not appear to take the threat seriously. The group called itself "Pila", meaning "saw", after the series of Hollywood horror films of the same name, in which a serial killer plays games with his victims. Pila promised "very dangerous and cruel little gifts" to a number of Russia's gay activists. "That's just a threat," Grigoryeva wrote on Facebook early last month, posting a screen grab of the group's website on her page. "This is not how crimes are committed." On July 21, her body was found in bushes close to her home in Saint Petersburg, with at least eight stab wounds to her face and back. She was 41. "Many people would like to do in reality what Pila is threatening us with. The idea has emerged that killing people over their sexual orientation is not just normal, but noble." Russia's gays and lesbians are no strangers to violence, hate crimes and even homophobic murders. But a vigilante group seeking to turn violence against LGBT people into a game and encouraging Russians to hunt them down for sport plumbs new lows, campaigners say. Activists said the Pila website had been around for about a year, posting names and pictures of their targets and promising "awards" for attacks on them. Pila's website has only recently been blocked, as have its channels on the popular encrypted messaging app Telegram. But Pila has promised "to play until the end", despite the ban. Late last month, investigators arrested a man suspected of killing Grigoryeva, suggesting the attack was the result of a personal dispute. Then they said they had taken the wrong man and detained a new suspect. But the investigators made no mention of the homophobic threats against the activist, implying she was killed by a drinking companion. Separately, Russia's Anti-Extremism Centre said it could not conduct a probe into Pila because its website had been blocked. LGBT activists accuse authorities of refusing to properly investigate Grigoryeva's murder and the homophobic group. They say Pila may not be made up of cold-blooded killers, but that its main goal was to further terrorise Russia's beleaguered gay community. Even though Russia decriminalised homosexuality in 1993, it remains a deeply homophobic society. A rise in violence against gays has been seen since 2013, when Russia passed a law banning gay "propaganda" among minors. At a G20 summit in Japan in June, President Vladimir Putin insisted Russia respected gay rights, but also made fun of gender identity. "Transformers, trans... I don't even understand what this is," he said. In July, Russia opened an unprecedented criminal case accusing officials of negligence for allowing a gay couple to adopt two children. Activists say it should come as no surprise that groups like Pila did not fear punishment. "They enjoy a feeling of impunity," said Vitaly Bespalov, editor at a gay online portal and one of the targets. "They know they will face nothing for it." Source
  12. I’m really not sure how this qualifies as defamation. They don’t have good character. These little assholes were conservative teenaged boys that were in DC protesting abortion. It’s not defamation if it’s true.
  13. A place to put Trump voters!
  14. Oh, boy. 

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    1. Jake

      Are they really saying this shit when Trump is in office? dead2 

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      You've.... got to be kidding me... dead1 

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      Do the repukelicans not have a mirror? 

  15. Look; I'm willing to allow for the idea that he's at least not gay (...) But these two are forcing this and it's showing.