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  1. Darth Sidious

    Yaasss Get that plastic certification queen!
  2. Darth Sidious

    Neither are ear candy, Medellin is the best Madge song in years — but Lover has more listenable songs.
  3. I was having an argument with a nice CCP zealot on another forum yesterday — the Chinese Government is going to learn, sooner or later, that you can’t control human behavior to the extent that they want to. At some point, that 20th century quasi-Marxist authoritarian big brother bullshit won’t end well. And furthermore, as they project their power further out of their borders, they’re going to learn that most people outside of China aren’t content to live with that.
  4. I know that — and it is valid. I’m just trying to keep shit in perspective, and that is that Dubya, as a person, is not malicious, not like Karen Pence or someone as equally repulsive, like her husband or her husband’s boss. I don’t know, just my two cents.
  5. I was arguing about this with someone else the other day — Bush was a terrible President, he is not a terrible person. Would I be friends with him? No — but I wouldn’t bat an eye at the prospect of leaving my wife or daughter in the same room alone with him. I don’t know — everyone is going to have an opinion, but if there’s one thing Donald Trump taught me, it’s that to keep things in perspective and scope. With that in mind, I personally don’t see the big deal — and Ellen gives no fucks either, so it’s not worth arguing about.
  6. Darth Sidious

    Yes, are we seriously dealing with kids that aren’t old enough to remember Dirrty and Beautiful? When did we become that old? I STANNED Britney in those days and even I can admit that.
  7. Darth Sidious

  8. Darth Sidious

    What does it say? Sloppy fucking handwriting. Kind of fits, I suppose.
  9. Darth Sidious

    NCT hasn't popped like they thought it would. SHINee's been eaten by enlistment, EXO is about to be completely eaten by enlistment, and with BTS creating an opening in this market that they've, frankly, never had before, I can kind of follow their logic, kind of, but they probably still would've been better off not doing this. The NCT members, at face value, struck me as useless, until I remembered that they're specifically targeting the Western Market, and with Taemin, Jongin and Baekhyun speaking little to absolutely no English, their purpose revealed itself. I don't know, I'm trying to like it, maybe it'll grow on me.
  10. Darth Sidious


    I won’t pretend to know what’s going on with her, but didn’t just divorce her husband and break up with a girlfriend?
  11. 5,000 words? That’s what, 9-12 pages, single spaced. If you find a shit ton of source material, you probably could.
  12. No. Maybe it's the color, maybe it's the dress, but there's something about them that irritates me.
  13. I'm happy for them, I still, personally, don't think that this is going to end well, but I hope I'm wrong and wish them nothing but the best. You never really wish for shit to blow up in people's faces with stuff like this. I will say though, her shoes in the first picture are so...