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    Bitch is a poet.

    1. Lynk


      She’s truly the gift that keeps on giving 

    2. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      She's hilarious rip4 

  2. You want to know why God let’s the good die young? Because he’s too busy listening to Carly Rae Jensen’s “The Loneliest Time” moo1


  3. The AG wants all the smoke.

  4. Cuff it > Blow bey5

  5. I still don’t get Olivia Rodrigo. I tried, she just bounces off my head.

    1. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      I'm the same. I have nothing to hate her for, i just don't get the appeal. 

    2. Chris


      i played her album once and the ONLY song i could tolerate was hope ur ok cos of the lyrics true1 

  6. Sir, I cannot buy your records if you’ve killed me. 

    1. GlenCoco
    2. Roxiee


      Heya How's you today? ( I'm checking up on everyone!)

  7. Just heard someone say that Iran is more progressive than the west because they subsidize sex change operations with tax payer funds. 

    Yes, because as a gay person — if you don’t undergo a forceable sex change, they’ll execute you by hanging you from a construction crane. 


  8. okay, this did it — I’m crying now. 

  9. Okay, but serve looks mama.

  10.  A suicidal deer decided to use my car to end it all tonight


    I am not at all upset to admit that I hoped the damn thing died slowly jj4


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    2. Darth Sidious

      Darth Sidious

      I can’t believe I left that up for 8 hours 🤣


      No, a damned DEER hit my car while going 40 mph. 

      Not a dear. fall2


    3. Lynk


      This has to be one of the funniest status updates I've ever read lmfao1

    4. Chris
  11. In case you forgot what kind of person Donald Trump is: 


  12. Adele is still trying to slowly kill me in five year increments.

  13. The doggies are mad about Superman’s son, aren’t they? ayumi1

  14. I’m ready for Adele to just bend me and the music industry over alex1

  15. Blowing up the entire economy and plunging the entire world into a crippling depression just to own the libs is not financially conservative jj3


  16. FAfDj9oVkAAqfmb?format=jpg&name=large


    My god, I always knew the Japanese would renew their dreams of world conquest ari7

    1. Billie Frank
    2. Urbi


      Omg not Britney becoming a PM of Japan! The power that she has… ny8 

  17. It took less than 2 hours, Republicans, but especially the ones in California, can eat shit jj2

  18. I’d forgotten how good Aaliyah was 🥲

    1. Mario Spears

      Mario Spears

      Such a talented legend. Especially Aaliyah was a great dancer 🌹❤️

      She was also a good singer. 

  19. Just walked into the office at work and found a rather large snake curled in the chair — fun jj3


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    2. V For Vendetta
    3. Chris


      Omg d you live in Australia or something dead2

    4. Darth Sidious

      Darth Sidious

      No, I live in a particularly muggy party of the United States, and our company doesn’t like to pay for strong air conditioning— so it gets muggy in the building in the morning. 

      It was a rat snake, it was venomous — but the son of a bitch was big.

      And it was 5:30 am — so I was taken off guard.

  20. “And where is Joan?” 

    “At home, she’s ill,” Bette was told. 

    “Oh,” Bette drawled. “Something fatal, I hope.”

    Bette Davis on Joan Crawford at the 1951 Photoplay Awards.