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  1. Absolutely not. Not even for a live one, I might ask for an autograph, but to pay money to basically say Hi to a person and have a few moments of awkward conversation. Nah.
  2. I canceled my Disney+ — I’m not divorced from Disney Star Wars, but it’s gonna have to be something big to get me back on the hook. And Ashoka isn’t it for me. I’ll keep up, of course, but on Twitter and reviews — I don’t think I’m going to reactivate my subscription just to watch it.
  3. Adored it. I’m looking forward to the whole album, this is the first Doja album that I can genuinely say that about.
  4. Shit, I canceled mine last month. Audible, YouTube Premium, Hulu they all went up, I cut one out and it was Disney.
  5. It’s progress, it used to be people from England and Scotland (and only some parts of Scotland) saying this shit about people who weren’t from England and Scotland. Now it’s people of European ancestry saying this about people who are not of European ancestry. Progress.
  6. I love when descendants of immigrants say this type of shit.
  7. I mean, it’s pretty obvious that she’s gone though something, or has been going through something for about a year and a half. And on the one hand, I understand her discouraging para social relationships between fans and a celebrity. There are some real weirdos out there. But there is a line, you verge from discouraging fans, to outright being rude. Eventually, if you tell enough of your fans to fuck off, they’re gonna fuck off. There is nothing wrong with telling fans of yours that you love and appreciate them. Also alcoholic teen? Girl, your 27 — 2020 was 3 years ago, you
  8. Just pre-ordered, I cannot wait to read this book.
  9. I could be wrong, but I could’ve sworn I’ve seen this photo before she got hospitalized.
  10. I mean, she is 64 years old, she can't go as hard as she used to when she was 30, or even 40. When you have to be revived by narcan, you should take inventory. I really do hope she comes to understand that. And I really hope she fully recovers.
  11. It's one thing to be accused of a crime but not have a smoking gun. It's another thing to be caught on tape admitting that you committed the exact crime that you're being changed with, and admitting that you're trying to cover it up. lmfao
  12. It's actually about 50, there turned out to be 37 separate counts, all felonies. But yes, you are correct -- 31 of the 37 are only felonies thanks to the law that he signed, a law he pushed for to spite Bill and Hilary Clinton (who, deliciously, have never been charged with a crime) It's wonderful
  13. Until I see it, I'll continue to believe that she's semi-retired.
  14. No — Warner Brothers Discovery owns CNN. That is not a conservative institution in the slightest. And really, the CEO of CNN isn’t a conservative persay, but he’s moved the network slightly to the right of center and that’s pissed some people off.
  15. How will the elevators of the world ever get a sound track again?
  16. I’ve progressed. The game is beautiful, and I love the story — but it’s extremely disjointed. I think the story of FO was better — it went from point a b and c. This one goes from point a to g to f — I feel like I might appreciate it better if it was linear. idk I have to finish it first. I might appreciate it more on a second play through
  17. I’m still nursing my grudge over EU, but I can begrudgingly admit that I’m optimistic about that they’re going to do with pre-Phantom Menace canon.
  18. I’ve just gotten the droid out of that orb water-bridge puzzle cavern, and that’s where I stopped, I haven’t been able to play since then. I’ve got tomorrow off I’m gonna play some more. I’m really, really excited for it. It’s got the best elements of the last game wrapped up into one.
  19. Lmfao It’s usually conservatives saying this. He’s fine, a master politician, he’s handled the things that’s happened under his term with an effectiveness that would blow Trump away. And most of the shit that’s happened under his term is a direct result of actions taken under Trump. He’s the only one who can for sure beat Trump, and far better than him in every way. Biden/Harris 2024 bitches
  20. That show stopped being good when Jessica Lange left. Angela Basset and Jessica Lange was its peak.
  21. I would’ve put money on them getting married only a few hours ago lmfao I guess you never know what’s going on behind closed doors.