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  1. Low key? Isn’t this the group that groped each other on television? Not like the cute skin-ship groping, but full on grabbing each other’s dicks groping?
  2. It wasn’t just in the 2000s. He’d been doing it in some form since the 1960s. We just noticed it more as he got older.
  3. It’s always nice to hear about Richard and one of his “friends” going out and about.
  4. The Queen is is what 94? 95? Her mother lived to be over a hundred — so, you know, it’s an open question. She could live another decade and I wouldn’t be surprised. She shied away from the shit that killed her father and her sister — and she lives in 2021. But, yeah — that though occurred to me too.
  5. Whatever you feelings are on the man, or that institution — those two were married for 75 years. It’s not like he’s tragically died at 35 to leave his widow and his children to languish on or anything, but that’s got to be quite a loss for her.
  6. I wasn't even aware that this was getting a live-action remake? Can't you Generation Z-Generation Alpha shits leave our millennial shit alone? You're ruining it.
  7. Nothing against Justin Bieber. But I love anything that’ll make Scott (not Scooter — Scott) eat crow. We love to see a dirt bag fume <3
  8. It’s my understanding that he’s been caught again messaging another kid, apart from the one in the OP. I still don’t think he’s a child predator, as much as he’s so helplessly self unaware that he doesn’t quite grasp the fact that he’s no longer 16 years old anymore, and he can’t keep soliciting sixteen year olds like he probably did when he was sixteen. Especially when the other party is still sixteen. I’m sure he can find plenty of dick that’s attached to boys 18 or older. I just wonder if it’s going to take him registering as a sex offender to conceptualize tha
  9. I wonder if they'd be angry if Lil Nas X gave a lap dance to god instead? 


    1. Atlantis Princess

      Atlantis Princess

      That would be even more scandalous i think

    2. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      Oh they'd call it blasphemous which in their eyes is worse than blatant satanism. 

    3. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      We all know God was a bottom. 

  10. Like I said, I could be wrong — and I don’t really fuck with him, so when I say this stuff — it’s not not in defense or justification. I suspect it’s more of a case of his brain not catching up to his age yet. Now, would I be saying this if he were, say 36, or 40? No. But I would bet money that it hasn’t occurred to him yet that he can’t do the shit he did when he was a teenager with kids that are still teenagers. My point is that I don’t think he’s so much a predator as much as he’s a fucking idiot who doesn’t grasp that it’s now a crime for him to slide into the DMs of “cute” teena
  11. They must have offered her at least seven figures.
  12. personally, I think it has more to do with this than him being a child molester or some shit like that. Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know, but he needs to learn that he’s no longer the jailbait, and that he’s now in the position of being the creepy stranger on the internet that his parents warned him about.
  13. I'll give you that, as it pertains to the celebrities, and with that in mind, I don't really care about it. I don't think we should gloss over the icky-ness of this though. We all say stupid shit as teenagers, and if we're not going draw it at mocking domestic violence and shit, we should draw it at this...
  14. Goddamn, Taylor Swift can write a fucking song.  

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      Unlike Taylor, you can't write your own material ew1 @Royalty

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      You're a little bitch ew1 @LÉON

    4. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      The downvote... I - 

  15. It would’ve been so much easier if they’d kept the EU, but what do we know?
  16. I’m optimistic, Disney has proven themselves to be far more capable with these television shows. But I’m still struggling to see how they’ll use him, I mean — are they going to make him wear the suit or some shit?
  17. Really interested to see how they’ll use Hayden. Who is like a fine wine
  18. Not going to lie — but that first tweet left me kind of speechless for a moment.
  19. I will never pretend that I understand how transgendered folks feel, or operate. But that’s not the point, to suggest that this legislation only targets transgendered people is a bit of an understatement. Asa Hutchinson also signed another piece of legislation which permits doctors the right to refuse care under religious or “moral” reasons. These people are showing their true colors under the guise of protecting the children or some shit.
  20. If it had sounded like Swish Swish and Chained to the Rhythm maybe. And the album isn’t so much “bad” as much as it’s really boring. And the biggest problem with Katy Perry is that when most people use her, they don’t use her for boring. So, no, it got exactly what it deserved.
  21. It angers me deeply to see Jonghyun's funeral being mocked. I mean, it really makes me feel visceral hatred for this man.
  22. As I said earlier, for people not born and raised in the United States, it's really difficult to conceptualize why this keeps happening, and nothing gets done. Americans love their guns, always have -- and even today, even after all the tragedies that we've had to live through, a majority of Americans still feel that even banning some firearms is unconstitutional. Even going further, even the most conservative estimates suggests that 2/3rds of Americans are in favor of keeping the 2nd Amendment. I'm not apologizing for it, or rationalizing it (persay), but there are very complex re