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  1. Oh definitely. But I think that's common place in all faucets of life not just in the LGTB community. It saddens me too, because at the end of the day, we're all one big minority that can still be executed on sight in a lot of the world just for being what we are. Just look at what our poor Egyptian sistren are having to deal with right now
  2. People are stuck in their ways, if they want to believe that some benevolent creator lit the spark that ignited life on this planet, let them, who gives a shit. I mean, I want to stop short at saying that it didn't happen, because for all we know, it did - but I'll take science over religion any day of the week. Someone else might feel differently.
  3. My 52 year old boss made a Facebook post, going on and on about how much she loved Pink. That's who. That's why.
  4. My bagger just looked at me the whole time with a smile on her face, because knew exactly what I was thinking I just smiled at him and sent him along, but the whole time I was thinking, "The answer is me, I don't like one thing you bought."
  5. I had a real chauvinistic, old man come through my line at work the other day, he bought a beer, a pack of smokes and one of those Newsweek Magazines that had a Hugh Hefiner Tribute on front. I take one look at it, and I don't say anything, but evidently he thinks that I did, and he goes "Is there not a red-blooded American male that doesn't enjoy a smoke, a beer, and a pair of tits and some pussy?" He says this with like people in line behind him, several women, and I'm just standing there trying to keep a straight face. I don't know, seeing this made me think of that man I wonder what he'll think with this issue OT though: Good for her, breaking those boundries!
  6. She never liked touring to begin with - she only ever did it because she had to, and even when she did it, it was to a bare minimum.
  7. MIAMTEC is actually a pretty solid album, despite the mess around it, it really is a shame that it didn't do better, there's one great stuff on it.
  8. I don't check for Madge, have this conversation with one of her stans
  9. Well yes -- only an idiot wouldn't admit that Madonna took pretty much all of the bullets for your average female pop star, and is, in large part, responsible for the freedoms as preformers that they enjoy.
  10. Wait? There are people that dress there kids up in the gold slave-girl bikini? I wanna die.
  11. There's a difference between dressing up as Princess Leia and dressing up as Anne Frank The person who approved that costume should be fired out of a cannon, into the sun.