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  1. Honestly. I feel like gender roles are what need to be eliminated, as well as gender stereotypes - not necessarily the concept of a gender. To me, there's nothing wrong with being a man, or being a woman. What vexes me is that you're expected to like, do, and abide by certain rules or expectations because you're one or the other. I really don't know, I'm not versed in all this Social Justice Warrior stuff
  2. Gossip

    I feel like he's joined a cult ngl But get it Monsignor
  3. That's so on point
  4. Obviously.
  5. Off topic: Where on earth did you find the picture in the OP?
  6. I happened to be watching a program on the holocaust before I turned and watched the coverage of these protests. It has been quite some time since I've been spun into a dimension of pissed off of that magnitude.
  7. here

    Dear Neo-Nazis, 

    I don't know if you know this, but while you were shouting "Jews will not replace us" last night in Virginia, I wonder if you are aware that by the methods that Adolf Hitler judged his fellow human beings by on their racial purity, he was... jewish... jj2

    Signed a historian. 

  8. here

    I honestly thought that Bill O'Reilly had died, no joke. And I just saw that he's about to debut on CNN. 

    I honestly freaked out, I wondered how he could make his debut if he was dead?! rip4

    Turns out he's been alive this whole time and I didn't know rip4


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    2. Vertigo-go

      Glenn Beck, why do I always remember shit when I already posted jj4


    3. Infrared

      They'll all die...soon kylie2

    4. Mamacita


      He got fired from Fox News, created his own network, and it held on for a few years until this last campaign when he backed Ted "God Wanted Me to the President" Cruz, and had a nervous breakdown when Cruz lost the nomination. He then proceeded to back Hillary Clinton, not understanding his audience. Now that network is nearly bankrupt.  

  9. I came here to say this
  10. Maybe for it was 10 or 20, and that's if I hadn't heard of Imgur. What kind of drugged up shit
  11. Oh I didn't say she hasn't As someone who doesn't really stan either, Pink just doesn't seem like someone to "win" an award like that. It just had a more Xtincia vibe to it, I don't know what I'm trying to say But fair enough on the point of a career.
  12. The website The Nicki one As for the reviews of my faves, I don't have to look at them to know he's probably going to pan them
  13. Pink has fine videos, and could probably get that award, but Christina's are for more memorable in the grand scheme of things. But I wouldn't live or die by that award, it's just a cheap statue given to someone that wants to hock something
  14. You will not besmirch SHINee And you obviously haven't discussed this subject with a western KPOP fan, otherwise you'd know better than to assume that they just ignore it As for KPOP fans from Asia, they generally don't care, it's a different world and culture over there.