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  1. here

    I’m closing my store right now, and some ASSHOLE comes in with a lotto scratcher. I verify it and it’s worth $750,000. 

    $750k on a fucking scratcher.

    I hope he chokes on it.



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    2. Dennis Reynolds

      lmfao2 I want to put this in a fucking screenplay

    3. Urbanov

      I'd took that scratch card away from him ny1

  2. here

    It’s lowkey funny watching the Republican Party eat itself, considering where they were a year ago. 

    1. QueenCedar101

      The tea. They might just eat their words. Let’s see what happens next. bey2

  3. Charts

    Wait a minute? Did Drake replace himself at #1?
  4. I was reading the People Magazine article last night at work while it was dead in the store, and oh gosh - I'm just sort of struck by how her disorder played into her creativity. I really hope she takes a healthy approach to the situation, and like works normal hours, and sleeps. Poor queen.
  5. On the one hand, I understand kicking them out of it they're not going buy anything. It's not a public restroom. But jumping right to arrest?
  6. It won't happen. Even if by some fluke it gets onto the ballot, it'll never be approved on the Federal Level.
  7. Well, if the gossip pages are to be believed, Ms. Carey’s the one that should be suing her.
  8. Holy crapping heck she looks fine
  9. General News

    Honesty, you could make a chart like this for every major world power. Britain, France, Russia, China. The problem with them is that all those spots of red aren’t all one size fits all cases. The US is no angel, but I can honestly only think of a handful of countries that haven’t screwed over another at some point. It’s the human condition.
  10. General News

    The chemical weapons are being used. Only a fool doesn’t understand that. The Syrian Government only ratified the CWC of 1925 in this past decade, I think it was in 2013. They’ve got plenty of the shit laying around, and the Russians won’t stand in their way, because I’d bet if they could get away with it, they’d assist in it. Whatever “tHE uS aRe tHE ReAL TERRORIsTS!!!!!!!” bullshit some people want to cloak it it, this needed to be done.
  11. here

    When you're playing around in Eartha Kitt's discography, and you stumble across this fabulousness:



  12. ... I'm speechless
  13. Anti Semitism just belongs in another time, it's really just... sad that we can't leave it there.
  14. This is quite astute. You can derive any result from any poll if you phrase it the right way.
  15. I'm sorry, this is such a Lena Dunham-ish thing to say