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  1. He got convinced of that sex assault charge on that underage kid, and he’s way over age. I’m not sure if that’s the textbook definition of pedophila, but I doubt his fellow prisoners will care.
  2. he might not have had such a hard time there if it weren’t for that pesky sex-crime charge.
  3. Mamacita here

    My 600+ Pound Life is so captivating. I can’t stop watching it ari7

    1. River Song

      But why do they always make them shower for the camera tho, like wtf nicki1

  4. Apparently Homeland Security arrested him and his manager on racketeering charges. Not going to lie, but that’s not at all what I thought it was going to be.
  5. Mamacita


    yes and no. I think it’ll do alright for the times, it’ll pull a number in that looks good for the sales climate that we live in. Do I think it’ll do good in the sense of a traditional Madonna album? Not in the slightest? But I don’t think that’ll be her fault.
  6. 1, maybe 2 — streams don’t resonate with me, I guess.
  7. Mamacita


    I have to be an optimist
  8. Mamacita


    I refuse to believe this until someone shows me a video.
  9. Mamacita

    I think it was smart of her to be realistic about the types of venues that she could play, and maximizing it in cities where she could draw big crowds. In that respect, yes, you're correct.
  10. Mamacita


    I half expect to see it in 2028
  11. Mamacita here

    Feelin' myself like I'm Norma Jeane moo8

    Livin' like Babs 'cause it's evergreen moo11

  12. I’m glad she’s finally getting some recognition for her songwriting. No matter what you may think of her attitude or her voice, bitch knows how to write a song.