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  1. Exactly. It's pessimism in its form, but it'll be decades before the idea is even floated, enough time for a significant generational change, anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves.
  2. I'll never understand it from an academic perspective either. Every mile you go south in this country is another year back in time some respects, some view it as a right, and aren't willing to debate it any further. Others view it as a deterrence, those are your garden variety survivalists that don't seem to comprehend that they live in the country with the most powerful war machine to ever exist, and they'd sooner have to defend themselves from space aliens than an invading power. By extension, they'll use those guns when civilization collapses and the have to return to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. But beyond that, there's little substance offered, even when we're talking about a bunch of dead kids.
  3. If only we lived in a television show - the only place where those types of political leaders exist
  4. Exactly. If you take what happened in Florida, and this is the reaction that you garner, it should give you well enough of a picture of what would happen if this were attempted on a federal level. I propose we airlift the children out of the south, leave the adults, old people and teenagers, but the children can be saved.
  5. Honestly, it's easy for foreigners and liberals from more civilized parts of the US to question something like this. But with that in mind, anyone who has ever met a conservative from the southern United States knows that you will never pry guns out of their hands, no matter how many bodies they'll leave in their wake. They'd sooner participate in an armed insurrection against the government then have guns curbed in any way. As much as I detest this cowboy shit, I know most gun-nuts from the south fancy themselves Billy the Kid, and are ready to fight off invasion, or hunt if the worlds, as they'll proudly tell you! And if they're going to insist, in these states, on making it possible for someone to come into a High School and butcher a bunch of children, I'm down for the teacher having a means to stop it. It won't stop school shootings by any means, but it could mean the difference between 7 and 17 lives next time. Because lord knows they won't give up their guns, it'll mean political death for all that make the attempt, and the attempt itself will go down in burning flames
  6. Some of the top comments in this thread - if they have the means, and want to take this route, it's their right Anyway, congratulations to both of them.
  7. General News

    So let me get this straight? The Russian, US and Turkish militaries are all now in Syria? Welp. In keeping with my usual role as the alarmist, let us hope that they don't start shooting at each other!
  8. here

    I love how conservatives think that by a Military Parade, Trump means a sunday after church jamboree, with the local flag squad performing their routines, followed by a float, and maybe a troop of girlscouts dead7

  9. Cher and Barbra Streisand have won Oscars for acting, if my memory serves me correctly, so I'd vote for them.
  10. Even though I hate him for what he did to Janet, I've always tried to avoid jumping on the Timberlake hate bandwagon. BUT I have to admit that it is a little funny to watch him perform at a venue, a venue that almost assures a record-sale surge, and have it do the exact opposite.
  11. I'm amused by the fact that I'm almost sure I've seen another one of these, but it's Madonna and Gaga
  12. Is if he off his meds or something? Anyway, you could make a list of shit for just about every single artist out there of things that they've stolen or ripped off from another person, if you do enough homework, and if you choose to look at it that way. Very rarely is something in the entertainment business entirely original. I suppose Quincy Jones is probably in a better position to say things like this, but honestly, I doubt this'll pry MJ's lifelong fans away from him, if being accused of being a pedophile for 25 years won't do it, this sure as hell won't. And in any case, Michael Jackson and Donna Summer are both dead. But I'm still curious as to why he seems to be going off on everyone lately? Is he dying or something? Is he settling old scores?
  13. Wait a minute? Bermuda is a British Territory, so how are they getting away with this? I guess I have to read a more detailed article, because something isn't jiving here.
  14. Good thing I'm never gonna go there!
  15. Well, I still think that's way to young to have a kid, but it's her life, and she has the advantage of being able to provide the kid with everything she needs in life, so there's that. Congratulations to her.