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  1. No idea. You’d reckon being the best selling female artist ever would be enough. They’re probably just bored — but in a way, we all are.
  2. 💀 She’s so extra in everything she does I love it
  3. Honestly, it’s their lives — more power to them if that’s what they want. But I don’t think it’ll end well.
  4. Mamacita

    I mean. I’m fairly sure most X stans had low expectations for the second week. But it’s another thing entirely to see it play out.
  5. Mamacita here

    Carey like Mariah bey6

    1. Imperfect

      This is dedicated to you bey6

  6. I listened to it again — I’m just so shocked by how blatant it is. I probably would’ve have cared so much if his label hadn’t sold it as some sort of masterpiece that took ages to finish. Didn’t expect this from him.
  7. I can most definitely hear it. Parts of it sound completely identical
  8. Mamacita

    Make It Look Good Anytime You Need a Friend Meteorite Almost Home Clown I Am Free The Art of Letting Go Always Be My Baby
  9. I believe she stated last time around that she's done with the numbers thing, even though it's a good niche for her. I'll also eat my hat this next one matches or surpasses 25 commercially, but it'll be big either way. She's one of the last few artists left that get old people out to buy records in numbers that actually set records and shit, and one of the few left that record labels actually take care to secure. I think last time around, shipments of it were escorted by armed security details, and there weren't any leaks until a few days in advance, they weren't full leaks, and they had absolutely no impact on sales. I'm pretty sure all of the singles off of 25 are all platinum or gold in the US too, I mean, all of them, they weren't necessarily radio hits, but they were commercial hits It might not sell 30 or even 20 million copies, but she'll dominate the fuck out of that quarter if this is true. I'm so ready.
  10. You know, at this point, even if the album drags across a six figure debut, it’s already been poisoned. I knew that the Beyoncé-mania would wear off one day, I just didn’t think it would do this
  11. Seeing this story all over Facebook, with conservatives doing their thing with their glib comparisons to veterans and shit. Its like, that’s not the point — these are kids. Deporting is one thing, but putting them in camps and injecting them with shit? This is the sort of thing that tin-pot dictators from the third world do. This one is big, kids are the one thing that tend to unify people. Someone will lose their job.
  12. Mamacita

    These WBT attempts since that song, I mean, I like them -- and I had to grow to like some of them, but that feeling, that feeling when she comes out with a masterpiece I mean, I got a little twinge of it with Infamous and Unforgettable, but I need it to be her song. It's been sooooo long.
  13. Mamacita

    I'm ready for a #Beautiful sized wig snatching.
  14. Mamacita here


    My god. Cardi going for #1 and #2 on the Hot 100. Holy shit giveup1

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    2. H.O.N.E.Y

      It's Cardi's world, we just live in it. rav2 

    3. POPBOIY

      I'm a Mariah stankylie2  I instantly caught deja vu

    4. Imperfect

      Glad this didn't happen lol

  15. Mamacita


    I remember when the Giorgio Moroder album came out, and people thought that the Britney and Kylie features were one song. This reminds me of that. Though I’ll drop dead of a heart attack of true.