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  1. God, I'm so old, I literally couldn't tell you shit about any of these girls beyond their group name
  2. I feel like they're using the stand-alones to pander to the neckbeards But I liked Rogue One more than Solo.
  3. People who bitch about TLJ need to build a fucking bridge and get over it. Anyway, I won’t disagree that it’s getting a little watered down - but SW fans have consistently bitched about just about every single piece of franchise media, expect for maybe the Empire Strikes Back for the last 40 years. They shouldn’t read too much into it.
  4. If he doesn’t sign one, then he deserves what’ll happen to him when he gets divorced.
  5. Mamacita

    The bitch made enough money off of that residency alone to warrant never working another day in her life if she doesn't want to work. And aside from that, her records still move -- maybe not as fast as they moved in 2000, but they still move decently enough in this day and age. If this were 2000, and if she was twenty years old, I might be inclined to agree with you -- but it's 2018, she's pushing 40, she has two kids, is a millionaire hundreds of times over - and is beloved by millions of people, who are all well aware of the fact that the woman is not fucking Pavarotti. On a side note, let's be real: she's probably whacked out on so many downers that she wouldn't know what fear was if it bit her in the ass.
  6. This is going to end well Congratulations though, I suppose.
  7. Mamacita

    I've had the chance to listen to this song several times now with like my HQ audio and shit. It sounds so different than all of the releases since MIAM -- and even then, it sounds different than MIAM. It's not a fucking mess, it doesn't sound like it was recorded in some low-rent hip-hop studio, this sounds like Mariah Carey, the one that snatches weaves. I.am.in.love.
  8. Mamacita

    The last half of this song, I'm SNATCHED
  9. Mamacita

    I really love this song, holy shit.
  10. Mamacita

    Well, the G.T.F.O part is a little hammy, but it's like something that Mariah would totally do People saw the "#" on #Beautiful and thought that it would be messy too - I've learned not to judge books by covers with her New Mariah music We did it girls After four years -- we made it
  11. Mamacita

    Provided it’s real. Does she realize the position she’ll be in if something happens to Cardi? Or more likely, if someone connected to Nicki does something connected to Cardi They might have had a taste of it recently, but a lot of these Twatter stans aren’t old enough to remember what hip-hop was like in the late 1990s and Early 2000s. I forget exactly why, but I’m pretty sure Lil Kim went to jail for perjury on a shooting. And ifs it not, Twitter needs to stop, you’re getting into dangerous territory here.
  12. Just so you know, they’re also doing it to the Muslims that live in Western China. As well as any religious sect that refuses to become a vassal of the party. And it’s not limited to religion either, it’s translating into entertainment, and science, and academia. I suppose it should be taken as a reminder that while the population has, for the most part, catapulted itself in the modern era, that country is still governed the exact opposite.
  13. Mamacita

    Doesn't Gaga have one? We love the thought though.
  14. I really love her. She just doesn’t seem to give a fuck and that’s awfully refreshing in the entertainment business.
  15. This sounds more like the Cardi B we all know and love