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  1. Something like this, I've always thought that he could get down if he wanted to do so. But explicitly gay - probably not.
  2. Rumor

    I hope for her sake that it isn't true. She's gonna get dragged to the fucking PITS if she really does this.
  3. That's immediately what I thought of when I saw it.
  4. I'm soo glad I'm not the only one. When she recommended Josphere Toliet paper, that costs a thousand dollars a roll
  5. I have to admit, I thought the first one was real for a second.
  6. We agree!
  7. It's like with us, unlike the stans of certain people, we're more content to let Mariah spend her days drawing pictures of unicorns and rainbows with her glitter pens
  8. I get the biggest kiiiis whenever I see someone dragging Mariah's intelligence or the state of her career as karma or something. It's like yes, Mariah might not be a Rhodes Scholar, and she might not be in the Top 40 of the charts anymore, but when we were you any of those things exactly? I'm pretty sure that Mariah Carey is still one of the richest women in the world, period
  9. I can't stand the Erotica and Me. I Am Mariah covers Mariah and Madonna for the fact that they have so many albums. Lady Gaga for actually having the strangest covers though.
  10. here

    Maybe my gayness is finally wearing off, La-La Land is boring me to tears sia2


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    2. Daenerys

      these kind of posts are made to bait me to drag outside of BG i just know it


    3. Malfoy

      Oop @Mamacita we have been #EXPOSED delete this IMMEDIATELY before we get loaded with WPs fall1

    4. Mamacita


      For real though, I expected it to be better rip4


  11. Honestly, I wouldn't be shocked if the numbers were close to that
  12. I cannot stand people who want to look back at a specific period and proclaim that kind of music superior - it's so pretentious. I do agree with your premise though, you only have to look off of the Top 40 to find great music.
  13. here

    Don't let that golden hair get in your way baby iggy1