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  1. Well he is calling himself The Dark Overlord, so if the shoe fits
  2. This. OITNB is very valuable to Netlfix and they will scalp anyone they catch.
  3. Lorde never had a chance I think Rih might get it on her next era. Bey and the Snake still have an era or two in them.
  4. here


    Actually loving Merry Christmas II You - it's April sia2


  5. On a serious note, not even diving into the possibilities of whatever it may be replaced with, Kylie or Mariah, if it gets replaced even, I'm suprised that it's lasted this long.
  6. Charts

    Who knows, I hope the good sis isn't going to pull an anti on us Nevertheless, it's the debut week of a Katy Perry record - and this number is weak, even in a declining market.
  7. Charts

    Maybe not, but I think most of us still expect a Katy Perry lead to do better.
  8. Is that the Cash Me Outside girl? I don't think she was even born was Christina was at her height
  9. Along with some pretty astounding vitriol, as if even being even remotely critical of Madonna is akin to killing their first born child.
  10. I don't know why I laughed at pole vaulter Good for him though, seriously.
  11. In my experience, the top three in the poll