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  1. 10 out 10 Iconic Legendary Better than anything put out by anyone in years It cures cancer Ends poverty This is the song that's going to convince Kim Jong-Un to abandon his Nuclear Weapons It'll lead humanity into a new golden age
  2. I'd believe it. Glitter wasn't just something that was cobbled together, it took years of preparation. Part of the reason why when it failed, it hurt so much, apart from the obvious.
  3. Her tittes. Everything else is debatable, maybe some liposuction.
  4. Against Mariah. Yes
  5. I mean, I love Adele, she's one of my faves, I stan the shit out of her, but...
  6. Those people are/were obnoxious, pretentious wind bags
  7. The first time I ever heard her and saw her, I thought of Rihanna. I imagine it's sort of like the Madonna/Kylie comparisons in the 80s and 90s
  8. "Mariah Carey is dumb"
  9. here


    My Mom just told me that my grandfather is bisexual dead7

    And told me about his lover during the Korean War brit8

    I've had my share of surprises today dead7


    1. Chris Morlock

      oh hey ny1

      my Grandpop was in the Korean war too ny1

      (and WWII fighting the Japanese ny1 )

    2. #Music

      mom getting advice from ha mom?


  10. 21 years and counting dahling, how does this even happen