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  1. Yes, i guess. Mentally tiring, gave me a depression after listening to it in one go with no preparation, an amalgam of psychedelic synthpop rock but has a lot of standout tracks!
  2. Halsey fans might want to visit DeadlyNightshade

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    2. Rosé.

      It's already on DN.

    3. TattooedHeart

      is this a website? it's not googleable

    4. Rosé.

      Americunt's signature jj4

  3. This is what makes us gays We don't look for peace cause we put shade first
  4. the song didn't even need a Justin remix to being with, i blame it on whoever thought this was a good idea
  5. Celeb News

    Summertime Sadness 2.0 is here
  6. Performance

    hmmm not particularly excited about this one but she is SERVING choreo
  7. Discussion

    Does this mean we're getting it tonight or tomorrow early morning?
  8. Discussion

  9. Game

    Coachella - The Children and The Children's Children
  10. Single

    Tbh this isn't as bad, i don't know if it's gonna make it on LFL or if it's gonna be the Is This Happiness? of the era, but i really like it!
  11. Rumor

    these are always fake sis
  12. Celeb News

    Another day, another moment added to HERstory
  13. Rumor