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  1. Music Video

    I'm assuming this is still not a single, and she only made a video for it for fun. It's weird that she scrapped the song from the set list on tour.
  2. Such a shame she never released Liar as a single off Glory. Let's just get it through our heads now, that when she releases another album, she isn't going to promote it.
  3. Discussion

    Probably CTTR/BA/SS then interludes into Calvin Harris performance with Feels. Only other option would be CTTR/BA/new single choice/end it with SS Anything else wouldn't make sense unless she's doing the whole album.
  4. The DD album that leaked was probably an album that ended up getting scrapped and she used other songs she's been recording to make a whole new album. That's my guess.
  5. I would have thought P!nk would have performed since she has a new single out this week...
  6. New single this month or early next month!!!!! YES!!!!!
  7. Did you miss the Piece by Piece Tour? You're in luck! I made another Kelly Clarkson Tour DVD for my fellow fans: ENJOY!!!
  8. Apparently the video is dropping on August 21st. Wtf is she doing.....? Over 2 1/2 months too late. This era died before it started.
  9. I don't like Justin either, but I mean come on. The Papz are ridiculous! They get completely in the celebrities way of walking and driving. There has got to be a law created that Papz have to be so many feet or yards away. It's gotten WAY out of hand....
  10. To be honest.... I forgot about the album until yesterday, but didn't play it. This album won't last as long as Teenage Dream, that's for sure. Hell, not even longer than the mess of an album promo of Prism.
  11. They are just now releasing a lyric video....? Wtf is with her and her team the past two eras....? What a freaking mess.
  12. Rumor

    What's with her and taking forever to release videos for these songs this era...?
  13. Discussion

    Ugh I know! WOA would have been amazing as a single....
  14. Discussion

    Since she's only been performing Witness, Power, Hey Hey Hey, and Save As Draft (Tsunami once), then I would think these are the only contenders that are being considered as singles.
  15. Discussion

    Swish Swish is the third single though.... I thought Save As Draft was for a different radio format single? I wish she would release Power, but no matter what she releases as a single, fans will never be happy and she's not going to get a break from the media this era.