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  1. Debitto

    It's not so much that she or her label are afraid to release anything, it's just that Britney's been raking in a steady income for 4+ years so it's kind of unnecessary at this point in time.
  2. Debitto

    Britney just got done with a 4 year Vegas residency and toured outside of Vegas several months after the end of her tour. During her breaks she recorded and released Glory and a couple music videos. She's also a mom who puts her kids before anything else Recording music and sending out a new single or album probably isn't very high on her priority list and her label probably doesn't care what she does anymore since just having her on their roster makes them look good. Even if they suck.
  3. Debitto here

    I keep hearing "When life deals you c*nts" on Sweetener. Sorry Arigaga1

    1. Not Dennis Reynolds

      So what do you make instead of lemonade in that circumstance?

    2. Urbanov

      You keep me in your armpit teas gaga1 

  4. did you just post then quote and reply to yourself? OT: Legend. TS 6 & 7 will bring it to 100m easily.
  5. Debitto

    Lasted longer than anything Xtina put out around those times.
  6. Eh, would've preferred DBM but this works too
  7. Debitto

    I hope not.
  8. Debitto


    Better be to promote B10
  9. Debitto


    We love a multi-genre queen
  10. Debitto


    Fake fan alert: Some of these songs you're naming off I've never listened to before reading this thread.