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  1. Cardi B being dragged for her old teeth, ig.
  2. Debitto


    Give us that sexy bop queens
  3. Debitto


    As are some people, you seem to be one of them.
  4. Ok but Kesha's This Is Me slays tho. They play some other version over the radios at my workplace and I'm just like "Nope."
  5. Debitto


    I still bop to this when it comes on shuffle. Hasn't payola to Kesha for this song been frozen since it's release? Imagine that fat check when the pay is unfroze.
  6. Because reputation has been in the making since the presidential race and her voicing her political opinions would've tanked her album and tour sales. I guess she's not worried about her next album and tour, though.
  7. Debitto


    I hope Taylor drags her too.
  8. Who sings that cover? It's awful.
  9. Today on "Things That TOTALLY Happened"... You're a trolling mess and I'm sorta here for it.
  10. Would've been nice to see her snag #1 but #2 is still a great accomplishment. (Assuming her next 9? dates puts her there) What a touring force.
  11. Debitto


    There's quite literally nothing more to say except what's in this GIF...
  12. Why Did You Do That and Hair Body Face... she just topped 98% of her discography. Girl, where have these bops been your entire career?
  13. Flaw free through and through.