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  1. Debitto


    This makes me so much more excited to see her!! Omg! Only 19 more days! I'm glad you had an amazing experience.
  2. Debitto

    It's pretty safe to assume Taylor is never going to lose. She could release an album where 80% of the vocals aren't hers and she would still outsell the rest.
  3. Debitto


    I forgot about Emotional. It's pretty forgettable too, ig. Not you coming for Finding You, one of ha best
  4. Debitto


    They're the worst songs on the album.
  5. Debitto


    Suddenly... I'm straight.
  6. Debitto


    Get rid of Godzilla and Bastards... then Rainbow would be 100% flaw free
  7. Debitto


    What a legend
  8. I'm sure some of you've watched this on Facebook already but I didn't see a thread or post about it. The video was posted on July 19th. I laughed way too hard. (I had to click the Facebook logo in the corner for it to work. Just pressing play on the video doesn't work. Has sound, just no video playback.)
  9. Debitto


    AP, sis And yes, Ariana definitely has the potential to appeal to all demographics. The new Pop Princess is here.
  10. Debitto

    They're not wrong... Her desperation for chart performance and relevancy is just... She's seriously ruining her own career behaving the way she has and making the moves she has been...