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  1. Masaaku

    Okay but Your Body is 6 years old and achieved 170m and Say Something is 5 years old and achieved 380m in that time... Meanwhile; Slumber Party is a year and a half old and achieved 78m. Try again, sis. It sounds like Slumber Party has the upper hand.
  2. Masaaku


    Or it's because 70% of the album is forgettable.
  3. Definitely go with Breath of the Wild then. It has such replayability. I 100%'d the game which includes finding all 900 Korok seeds, it was very time consuming even with an interactive map to help find the remaining ~600 I missed. I didn't even know there was 900 total until I looked it up online. Then when you can pick up another game, go with Mario Odyssey, it's almost as addictive as Zelda.
  4. Breath of the Wild, Hyrule Warriors, Kirby Star Allies, Mario Odyssey, Skyrim. Get them, sis. I hear Mario + Rabbits was a good one too, I just haven't picked it up.
  5. I wish Taylor's demos leaked but this bitch has all her shit on lock down. I need Taylor's version of this.
  6. My mom, who dislikes Taylor, said that Delicate was "catchy" and got stuck in her head after she heard it on the radio. (Probably should've put this in the pinned thread. Ohp.)
  7. Masaaku

    Gagz, LORDe, Snakelor, Alexz Johnson, and Sublime.
  8. Masaaku

    I live for this South Park reference
  9. Masaaku

    FIL will flip on the radio anyway. The production is terrible and it doesn't bop. The only thing the song had going for it are some of it's lyrics.
  10. Everything about her was flawless in this. Ha hair and subtle makeup slayed.
  11. Masaaku


    no. She should've made Joanne an EP then left it at that 01 Joanne 02 The Cure () 03 Dancin' in Circles 04 John Wayne 05 Perfect Illusion 06 A-YO What we need is another TFM with subtle BTW/AP undertones.
  12. What's with the ATW hate? That's easily one of the best songs in her discography.