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  1. A dark tan =/= black face Wtf kind of argument is that?
  2. Tinashe is "just another female musician" to most people. She really doesn't have anything truly unique about her. Zayn doesn't either, but he's a marketable male musician and that's a rariety right now, even if there's an uprising going on.
  3. Almost to an unnecessary extreme, though. Aren't there people boycotting Bon Appetit and Katy because one of the Migos is homophobic? Like c'mon now.
  4. Oh... I have heard about that song... I didn't know it was from them, though. Lmao
  5. Quick coin? How? Had anyone even heard of the Migos before this song? I had no idea who they were when Bon Appetit dropped... and I wish it would've stayed that way. I listened to the album version twice, once when it dropped and once for the video, but only have the solo version on my playlist.
  6. Tbh her stuff now is miles better than anything on New Classic and Reclassified.
  7. Photos

    For some reason it gave me BTW teas.
  8. Review

    Black Jesus + Amen Fashion is still one of the best in her discography. Edit: I guess with ARTPOP and Joanne as the successors of Born This Way, that isn't hard.
  9. Discussion

    Bad Blood is the worst song on 1989... And to whoever says You Are In Love is trash... shame on you. Same goes for I Know Places. Both are amazing!
  10. Celeb News

    I doubt it. I love Taylor but I just know she isn't going to be the bigger person and apologize
  11. Review

    That awful standard cover tho
  12. Celeb News

    I'm an Iggy stan, is it horrible I didn't know she sounded like that? I love her more.
  13. I'd come bump it with you if we lived near each other. No joke. It's lit.