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  1. "And I bury hatchets but I keep maps of where I put 'em."
  2. Princess of album sales. Coming for Adele's wig.
  3. "I love Taylor Swift." "I love her as a songwriter as- as well."
  4. Celeb News

    Perched for Unicorn EP then a re-release of Rainbow called Rainbow + Unicorn (... Deluxe)
  5. This Love is so good, what's with the hate? I just listened to it in the car not even 2 hours ago, actually.
  6. Achievement

    Isn't that the one they used for the Super Bowl?
  7. Discussion

    Still salty we may never hear Kesha's TTWE in full. This megamix BOPS tho
  8. We need I Did Something Bad once Sorry Not Sorry dies off. I mean, they're both songs mentioning being / doing something bad and it feeling good. (Really, I'm just trying to justify TayLord not releasing IDSB as a single yet.)
  9. Review

    Because she's tired of having bodyguards with her at all times. She expresses frustration at the end of that segment after she confirms that they follow and mimic her every move. She just wants to escape and be free, as demonstrated with her breaking away from them and happily dancing outside in the rain. Putting it into the context of the song itself, she's probably sick of having them around when she's with Joe.
  10. A collab with Sia would slay tbh omg
  11. Maddie Ziegler CANCELLED. Sia is going to hire Taylor for her videos now.
  12. Photos

    Iconic. It deserves better than to be an outtake.