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  1. Celeb News

    ok but write =/= produce
  2. Is this a GagaxKeshaxIggy face morph? On topic:
  3. She should cover Swish Swish on this tour
  4. Rumor

    Another video we will never see.
  5. Other

    I'm a mess
  6. Other

    Not that one girl saying she misses old country Taylor then her saying she listens to Taylor for the fun pop songs. Like what? And it didn't seem like any of them really knew the meanings behind each reference like the girl being thrown off and confused about the I ❤ TS tops the dancers were wearing lol
  7. Achievement

    She truly got smarter and harder in the nick of time. slay
  8. Album

    The album is out in other parts of the world. It's soooo good and definitely her best release yet!
  9. Achievement

  10. She's searching for a sound we haven't heard before
  11. I think the game is free? Idk I have it in my phone.
  12. Album

    Lol the Target by my house still has like 3 foil copies left