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    Rushing to Target ASAP
  2. How I Roll, Tik Tik Boom, Body Ache, Till It's Gone, Clumsy, Private Show, Pretty Girls
  3. And this is why she doesn't need to promote her music anymore. People will still bop to her discography no matter what
  4. Music Video

    This makes me miss my raving days
  5. Review

    Okay this bops. Where's the full thing?
  6. Celeb News

  7. Celeb News

    An official remix of Telephone feat Britney? Or a sequel to it?
  8. Celeb News

    Her and Gaga should do a beach Photoshoot together. Just for shits and giggles.
  9. Charts

    Living Gaga's death of a pop star, rebirth of a super star. Slay.
  10. Charts

    Looks like Kesha survived the infamous 4th album floppage curse. Queen.
  11. I still bop to a few songs Primarily Better, Liar, Make Me (VMA Remix tho), Man on the Moon, Change Your Mind, and my guilty pleasure, What You Need.
  12. Game

    Born This Way is severely overrated. there's only like 7 songs with mentioning on it. (BTW, Scheiße, GH, Judas, Electric Chapel, Bloody Mary, BJ+AF) Meanwhile, ARTPOP is flawless with exception to Dope... Fashion! should've been replaced by something else but I still bop to it.
  13. Game

    I say it's time for her second best album, ARTPOP... Forget BTW for now