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  1. Trash euro pop was was worse. But i still love it tho
  2. It's not that bad. You are overreacting.
  3. I guess JLO won after all
  4. No other country would jail someone for 15 years and torture him for stealing something. That news outlet defending a fascist country
  5. Yeah but this shows who is actually more impactful
  6. Or maybe Western music is less impactful.
  7. And the Bieber version make it super successful in the USA and UK
  8. Cause JLO's music is just better lately
  9. " "Despacito" by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee f/Justin Bieber(UMLE/RBMG/DefJam/Republic) appears to be on its way to becoming the biggest song of the modern era. The juggernaut of a single was already a global smash before the Bieber-fortified remix made it a monster in the U.S., and it has been parked at or near #1 on the iTunes, Spotify, Shazam and other charts since its arrival, and is rocketing toward the top at Pop radio. “Despacito” notched 28m audio streams for the week of our most recent Song Revenue Chart (where it was also #1). In worldwide audio and video streams (totaling Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube), "Despacito" takes a step closer to the lofty perch of biggest modern song today as it hits 3.5 billion, displacing the Mark Ronson smash “Uptown Funk” for third place. It could edge past the #2 song, the Wiz Khalifa Furious 7 giant "See You Again" (3.7 billion), sometime in the next few weeks. Then, perhaps by summer’s end or possibly sooner, it will surpass the current champ, "Sorry," by none other than Justin Bieber, currently at 4.2 billion. The Bieberized "Despacito" will also be the first song to hit 5 billion streams." http://hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=307099 Snatched. BIEBER IS OVER
  10. Charts

    At least Bieber is #1& #2
  11. I hate hospitals 

    1. Entea

      I hope you're ok :(