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  1. Simón.


    I hate y‘all
  2. Simón.


    I forgot Koffee
  3. Simón.


    Rihanna Charli XCX Cardi B Marina CNCO
  4. Simón.


    Albums 1. Anti 2. Invasion of Privacy 3. Loud 4. After Laughter 5. GGGB Songs 1. Love on the Brain 2. Sex with me 3. Desperado 4. Fast Car 5. Umbrella
  5. Simón.


    Ray of light
  6. Simón.

    She should have just released the lead. It was the best thing of the trailer
  7. Simón.

    Seriously wondering why Gags would do that. Like it already screamed flop since it was rumoured. Now that it’s out it’s flopping already and honestly she doesn’t bring anything new to the table like Fenty Beauty did. Gags is really not the smartest when it comes to career choices. Should have released Artpop vol. 2 instead of that beauty line. She didn’t even like her perfume line, so why do that monsters, tell me what’s going on in the head of the fad ?
  8. Simón.


    The sound is all I asked for, so I guess I can’t hate her in the new era
  9. Simón.

    because of you i hate xtinct



    1. Freaky Prince

      He gon squirt out remixes til forever dead2

    2. I Brings That Levity

      I mean it would be iconic, but he's milking this song far too much now. I guess he's aware he's gon' be a one hit wonder. 

    3. Gravity

      The two longest #1s for Mariah ? lana3