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  1. Comparing a single to an album. Jesus Talking about albums TIC is outselling any Mariah album.
  2. Isn’t it sad that Mariah’s success relies on some basic Christmas jingle with no artistic claim? Truly a one hit wonder
  3. Yet COTD sold 50%+ more than Mariah’s album in the UK.
  4. Idk I don’t think so. It’s not Monaco lol
  5. Ngl this could happen in America as well. Not excusing his behavior but Americans aren’t famous for being language/cultural sensitive as well.
  6. They know the truth. And Rihanna is going to be the black Madonna as she wishes. Queens only
  7. Simón.


    Nnn this is going to hurt her ego
  8. Simón.

    Madonna is neither forgotten nor irrelevant
  9. Just pointed it out cause Janet took one of the most popular artists on YouTube to her song. That’s why Janet gets so many views. If Madonna added him she probably would have more streams and even a global hit. Janet can’t relate
  10. But Daddy Yankee is one of the most popular artists currently. Dura was released this year and already has 1 billion views.
  11. In 2016, director Peter Berg announced an exciting new documentary he's working on about Rihanna. However, not much more information was given -- until now. Berg talked to SlashFilm about his Mark Wahlberg movie Mile 22, and during the conversation he mentioned that the RiRi doc is almost here. "It really is kind of a pretty comprehensive profile of what goes in to making her this talent that she is," he said, before noting "the movie will be out in about a month and half, two months we’ll be able to start showing it." The director and the songstress have worked together in the past, as she appeared in his 2012 movie Battleship.
  12. Being part of the EU means benefits UK won’t have anymore. Plus Portuguese men are hot.
  13. I still never listened to one Janet song
  14. You know what else is leaving UK? Their good economy, jobs, power. Madonna saw the signs of time and moved to the EU. Truly a queen.
  15. She lives in Portugal aka the better country