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  1. imagine being 30 and fuming over someone that much
  2. The Renaissance Tour is lowkey making no buzz.
  3. Two of the main pop girls touring and no BG thread about it? Let's change it! Impact? The Eras Tour wins this by far. Since the start of the tour Taylor got even bigger in streaming. Fun fact: Taylor is still the most streamed female artists in Belgium despite Beyoncé performing there. 1:0 Performance? Beyoncé is one of the best performers, no doubt. Taylors concerts seem more personal though, while Beyoncé seems more unreachable/distant. It's equal for me here 2:1 Stage Design? Beyoncé no question. 2:2 Demand: Taylor wins this. Renaissance Tour still have tickets o
  4. Netherlands kinda elevator/shopping mall music
  5. that was a trip, kinda living for it
  6. there is always one song that gives older generation
  7. Romania gives me euphoria vibes, I stan
  8. the guy is cute and I love its not in English
  9. Columbia is not that bad. It gets too much hate