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  1. Simón. here

    cant wait to play Pokémon tonight. Sobble looks sick already giveup3 

  2. Simón.


    Or balance is R9 and we indeed get it this year
  3. album tag cause I refuse to believe that it’s not about the album
  4. I don’t think so. We might get the lead but that’s it
  5. Simón.


    Will do later or tomorrow
  6. Simón.


    So fucking annoying. She really is a cringy middle aged woman
  7. @Robi who tf are you to support that piece of trash
  8. Simón. here

    Seems like @Ariana got some concurrence spamming the forum 

    1. Ariana

      i'm waiting for @Daenerys to post the "what toothpaste do you use?" thread jj2

  9. Simón.


    Scared to be lonely Genesis