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  1. Artist of our generation
  2. Not her lowkey shading the pedo saviour Minaj
  3. Blue eyes are from Central Asia. Not Europe.
  4. Simón.

    Just get rid of BG access and you don’t need to bother with BG threads anymore.
  5. Simón.

    Cardi is saving the genre
  6. Simón.

    It’s not #1 in any of these countries anymore
  7. Rihanna has 45. How many has your fav ? Asking specifically Monsters
  8. That Madonna looked more healthy and more capable doing world wide tours than Mariah? Yes
  9. 100m? @Yzma being @Divine‘s dupe confirmed
  10. What exactly is fortnite 


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    2. Entea

      Grandad Simon ugh his mind

    3. Urbanov

      11 minutes ago, River Song said:

      Birth control 



    4. Dumbo

      It's like Call Of Duty but battle royale.coffee1

  11. And still did better than most of queen