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  1. Please, R9 is probably the most anticipated album for the past years Also how come that Work, LOTB, Needed Me all outstreamed LWYMMD or Lover if Taylor is the bigger artist she should have no problem to do so
  2. Simón.

    Gonna go with Rico Nasty
  3. Stevie Nicks, one of the best songwriters no discussion giveup3 

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    2. Simón.

      I guess the Rico Nasty x Stevie Nicks collab needs to happen bey7

    3. LÉON

      What is a Rico Nasty? ari1

  4. You: Also you: Give it up, sweetie
  5. Simón.


    woman like me
  6. Her legacy goes beyond music. But to say her legacy is more being a buisiness woman is just The disrespect and downplaying of Rihanna achievments. Don't forget she is more streamed than Gaga in 2021, despite not having an album out
  7. Simón.


    It's only a demo and never coming, cause Ms. Fenty probably didn't finish it
  8. Yes, you are and yet Rihanna’s legacy goes far beyond those artists you mentioned with only Taylor in the US coming close.
  9. https://www.billboard.com/charts/decade-end/hot-100 Rihanna keeps winning, and her haters keep fuming
  10. They really search to drag Rihanna every way they can Like who tf cares about digital singles sales. WFL is literally the biggest female song of the 10s.