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  1. This ain’t big. If you don’t like Rihanna, just get out of the section. Is this too high for you to get?
  2. It’s a long time but despite that she is the 5th most streamed female these years. So no reason to worry at all.
  3. Rihanna has the most anticipated album this (and previous years). Her first week will be huge.
  4. When most girls take a break, they'll return with a flop, mainly because they were forgotten. (Christina with Bionic or Gaga with Joanne) Meanwhile Rihanna belongs to the most streamed females 2021, outstreaming almost all of her peers. So what did Rihanna do right, what others couldn't do?
  5. @Royale this gonna save our relationship
  6. 1. CNCO 2. Lil Nas X 3. 6ix9ine 4. Ozuna 5. Roddy Ricch 6. Bad Bunny 7. Danny Ocean 8. Frank Ocean 9. XXXtentacion 10. Drake The straight jumped out
  7. Its playlisted everywhere and the fact it’s so short. It’s obvious they thought it was gonna smash
  8. There were two songs with Drake as main artist.
  9. at least love story had a huge debut test drive is flopping especially when her stans told me she is the biggest popstar right now
  10. Desperado by Rihanna