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  1. Just the modern day equivalent of the beatles
  2. Me serving Lift Me Up streaming performance this round
  3. Shes probably THE popstar on the same level and influence as the Beatles. She’s extremely global on top of that and one of the biggest international artist in Asia (other than Europa and America). her lyricism also will be studied by English students in 200 years.
  4. I'm honestly so disappointed. She even low-key said that there is no album coming prior Super Bowl
  5. thought this is about madonna doing poppers
  6. He is reaching. 4 vinyl have different colours, the lavender one has bonus tracks.
  7. Not y’all wasting your special answers screaming
  8. Her breaking the streaming record with only 13 songs says enough honestly It’s organic and you need to deal with it! Even if she does 310k sales second, it will be still more than all of the fotp favs debut this year 💀
  9. See, that’s why your arguments are always so invalid. They have no fundament, based on no facts.
  10. Midnights reached #1 in all of Europe, hit Top 10 in Japan. Anti-Hero is a Number #1 hit in dozens European and Asian countries. girl you can't deny the facts.
  11. not really into boomer music.
  12. Sis Lana releasing more versions of her albums than Taylor for hers
  13. Just like every album release in the last years
  14. You really trying to bend the reality to fit your (false) narrative There is literally NO country artist that blew up like Taylor.