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  1. 40 minutes ago, Goldie said:




    Give me some song examples you'd like to see, maybe pick a few from different eras or ones that have a lot of cowriters so you can see how they measure up? Off the top of my head I can say Nicki's songs are usually in some sort of conflict (meaning the cowriters or publishers are claiming too much and they have to set up a dispute to get everything resolved) but give me a few song titles and I can pull up the info for you jj2 

    Here's an example, Barbie Tingz:

    Onika Maraj - 60%

    Jeremy Reid - 40%

    (Half of their percentages go to their publishers)


    Lust For Life:

    Abel Tesfaye - 5%

    Max Martin - 10%

    Elizabeth Grant - 42.5%

    Richard Nowels - 42.5%

    (Half of their percentages go to their publishers)

    Super bass, Star ships jj2


    50 minutes ago, Rosé said:


    I've found that the alt-right actually are generally liberal and share a lot of view points with the left. The perceived 'hate' probably stems from the fact that they only talk about the things they disagree with. I'm sure if they went into detail about their basic opinions on equality and politics that you would have more in common with them than not.


    Yeah the left clearly call for the destruction of the Jewish people (I mean some actually do, but still) 


    i think it's important to mention anti-semitism and the unique situation Jews hold in it. In Nazis eyes Jews are not seen as white while PoC don't consider Jews as PoC. This leads to that Jews are completely left out in that discussion and if you look at the Charleottvile nazi demonstration they were especially targeting Jews than anyone else. 


    For some reason i see leftist people being okay with criticizing the Jewish people and I'm like ????