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Status Updates posted by Simón.

  1. I love the alternative Red (TV) cover!


  2. FOTP went viral on tiktok again 

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    2. Chris


      quick someone needs to make an official FOTPForums tiktok to increase member activity rip3 

    3. Entea


      Not all these b class celebrities getting more viral exposure than the FOTP Faves i-

    4. Urbi
  3. L+F is not that bad true1


  4. did i start listening to moo's christmas album? yes

  5. I'm glad abba releasing something for Mamma Mia III

  6. crowd gone crazy at pride after it began to rain and the dj played rain on me and umbrella. truly classics true1


  7. still can't get over the fact Meghan Trainor jumped on a CNCO track rip4 

    1. harry


      idk who that is but... I'm happy for her.
      Or I'm sorry for her loss. 

    2. Entea


      Wait what?! This is such a random collab rip4

  8. a mpg released an album and this forum is still dead katy4

    1. Atlantis Princess

      Atlantis Princess

      Is billie a mpg tho? She's more alt mad1

    2. Spooky Starboy

      Spooky Starboy

      Maybe because no one has been anticipating the album, let alone listening to it ari3

  9. Happier than ever AOTY true1


    1. Luca


      Until If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power true1 

  10. Living in a world where no one's innocent. nicki3

    1. Max


      I am tho, why you lying? ellie1

  11. FOTP taking over Tiktok true1 


  12. normani coming with an aaliyah sample and cardi feature? man that's all i ever needed 

  13. finally serving taste in your avi true1


    1. Royale


      Something you wish you had 😛

  14. how did I sleep on shygirl giveup4 

  15. Lemonhead leaving me bald giveup4 

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    2. Simón.


      you are my idol, king giveup4 

    3. Max


      no surprises here giveup4 

    4. Urbi


      Frank giveup4 

  16. Want you to make me feel like I'm in the only girl in the world giveup3 

  17. if Rihanna isn't releasing during pride month she is homophobic 

    1. Miss Icon

      Miss Icon

      But she is releasing during pride month!!!


      Pride month 2038 ayumi1

  18. who tf is @AuntJoleneisDEAD lmfao2

    1. Kylie


      Idk but they downvoted 2 random posts of me so they are on a thin line!!!!

  19. Got thеse hoes nervous, I can spit it to their heartbeat  nat1

  20. ok but slime language 2 is the amazing

    1. Urbi


      Bop after bop


  22. thunder only happens when its raining true1 

  23. how is it already march kesha5

    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      Summer is coming kesha5 

    2. V For Vendetta

      V For Vendetta

      The middle of March. It's almost December April kesha5 

    3. Max


      Time goes by so slowly quickly for those who wait... to go outside katy2