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  1. I feel like the hype for R9 is dying since 2020. The hype was the biggest around 2019, I feel like she's going to serve a Break My Soul kind of success at this point. I know she's up for surprising, but I don't see her serving longevity with her new album Not really caring about it flopping though, I just want new music, but I also kinda stop caring
  2. OP is some sad troll who has nothing better to do than to troll a dead forum and that harry user is a Putin stan, so don't expect the smartest posts from him as well.
  3. People confusing not releasing with being lazy
  4. Yes, back then we already thought it was for ASAPs project, but we also thought that Rihanna might have a verse or something, but apparently not, so I also lost my will to live!
  5. the list is so wrong Frankfurt being Germanys highest ranking city
  6. Two months already over I fear Artists: 1. Charli XCX 2. FKA Twigs 3. Taylor Swift 4. Lana Del Rey 5. Caroline Polachek Tracks: 1. So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings (Caroline Polachek) 2. Beg For You (Charli XCX & Rina Sawayama) 3. Love Me More (Mitski) 4. darjeeling (FKA Twigs) 5. Shinigami Eyes (Grimes) Albums: 1. Pang (Caroline Polachek) 2. Caprisongs (FKA Twigs) 3. Still Over It (Summer Walker) 4. Charli (Charli XCX) 5. Born To Die - Paradise Edition
  7. If someone asked me few month ago that this would happen, I would think that they completely insane. The fact that this military spending is supported by all major parties (the left party is irrelevant) and a huge portion of Germans. This was honesty not imaginable few weeks ago. The fact Germany is about to become the third biggest spender in military is insane, this is a historical shift in modern German history. And this is all happening with a center-left government
  8. Putin really did what he was trying to prevent. Not only the West being more united than ever, Germany (together with France) about to become a new military powerhouse in Europe, which could bring balance to continental Europe. (not the biggest fan of military but with Russia being EU's neighbor, its understandable)
  9. Boomers and Zoomers really coming for Millenials neck
  10. this random millennial hate makes me scream
  11. The Nato was right, what's your excuse @Harry. & @KatnissLawrence
  12. How about yes. Ukraine is an independent free state and the west should defend its freedom
  13. Time for an EU army. Maybe this will be the final push. Germany needs to send weapons as well so Ukrainians can defend themselves.