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  1. Safaera is really the best song of 2020

  2. so when do we get new spotlight sections 

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    2. Entea


      Can't you appreciate that they tried a new layout, you might not like it but you can't deny that a change was needed

    3. Simón.


      A change was needed but not this kind. 

    4. LÉON


      It's been a long time since I've seen so many legends engaged in the same argument at the same time juicy1

      The update was shit.

      The forum is inactive despite people literally having nothing else to do.

      Mods are still deluded in thinking that people search for genres rather than their favourite artists, or that anyone is searching for Kesha these days ajay1

      Rihanna (and others) have new music in the pipeline and a prominent section for her would bring in new blood.

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  3. The fact that there are topics from Tuesday in the recent topics. gaga1

    1. LittleDudeNT5


      even though nobody has anywhere to go this place is still deader than ever gaga1 

    2. Simón.


      I wonder why that is brit16

  4. The way Dua, Little Mix, Rihanna and Ava said gay rights yesterday

  5. Jhené Aiko kinda snapped 

  6. i'm in constant meltdown mode thanks to badgalriri

  7. All the people below me are rats <3

  8. FOTP really only gave white artists a section jj4

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    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Because she's one of the biggest pop girls at the moment. 

    3. Simón.


      So what? Lmao she’s not in the spotlight for releasing something. I don’t see a Billie section and she is unarguably the biggest popstar right now

    4. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      But she's still one of the biggest pop stars at the moment so i have no issue with it. 


      I agree though Billie should have a section. 

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  9. Can guests see the lounge? 

  10. is bad mood part of my personality? 


    1. Entea


      No ty, I only like dicks rav2

    2. Kylie


      No ty, I only like dicks rav2 

  12. Why does “love” even exists. It’s fake af 

    1. Manel


      Hope everything gets better asap.


    2. Kylie


      I love you though & that’s not fake 💖

    3. Joanne


      hug2we love u tho

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  13. So the only woman I would go straight for is single again. God does NOT play

  14. most sections have their last posts hours and days ago. FOTP’s Artpop/Bionic era ajay1

    Thats what happens if you don’t ask members what they actually want. 

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    2. LÉON


      @Divine I'm actually shook that the number of posts have doubled (I'm guessing week-on-week, but then the week prior was Christmas moo9)

    3. Divine


      Tbh I was kinda shocked too dead2 December 30 was our biggest day for posts in months but that was because of the Decade End Celebration dead2 

    4. LÉON


      orangu1 The honesty.

      I have a few ideas for threads I scribbled down on my shopping list one day while I was cooking (jj4), let me go and find them

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  15. ngl fotp is boring now that I can’t rot in the Rihanna section 

    1. Chris


      It was boring before the change jj3

  16. Leaving toxic people in 2019 is such a mood. My ex and Rihanna can rot! 

    1. Entea


      Omg, this means you're single! perv1

    2. Gabe.


      i HOLLERED rose1

  17. Eeny meeny miny mo, catch a rat by her tail 


    1. Urbi


      This bitch better drop the album 

    2. Kylie


      That doesn’t rhyme

  18. nnn my boyfriend really broke up with me

    1. LÉON


      He did THAT kylie6

      Was it sudden, or was it a long time coming? Hope you're feeling OK

    2. Simón.


      @Modern Woman He fell in love with his best friend. bebe1 Such a classic and I’m a fool for not seeing it earlier 


      and thanks guys wub1 

    3. LÉON


      Hopefully BF9 coming in 2020 I guess bebe1


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    1. Kylie
    2. Entea


      Anyone know the real reason why she laughed?

    3. Ariana


      @Entea it was because ari was cute and adorbs ari5 i never saw it as a shade at all ari3

  20. Hey DJ, póngale la música que le gusta
    Una para que se mueva y se luzca oprah9

  21. cant wait to play Pokémon tonight. Sobble looks sick already giveup3 

  22. Seems like @Ariana got some concurrence spamming the forum 

    1. Ariana


      i'm waiting for @Daenerys to post the "what toothpaste do you use?" thread jj2

  23. You stan Cardi, too? giveup3 

    1. Gilly


      yes sis, queen of RAP cry1