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  1. better gift them Red (TV) for Christmas
  2. otherwise they wouldn't sell. They are more desperate than Gaga selling BTW for 99ct lbr
  3. She’s a poet. Her talent outsold Shakespeare, Sappho and Goethe together
  4. I won’t tell if this is about lana or madonna
  5. Go stan the butchered face of your fav then
  6. Just stanning a winning woman, maybe the greatest woman that ever walked on this planet. A goddess among us. Give her the Nobel price for literature and peace already.
  7. And Sour where’s Tay is credited.
  8. Yes, for example you turning into a Swiftie Except for Madonna that boomer hag
  9. Poor you, seems like you will chronic fuming
  10. Sour winning AOTY means Taylor winning it. We on the same team, bro
  11. The obsession. Stay fuming that Tay got two AOTY noms
  12. Taylor nominated for two AOTY. We just keep winning
  13. https://hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=329339&title=30'S-FIRST-WEEK
  14. https://www.billboard.com/music/chart-beat/taylor-swift-all-too-well-hot-100-debut-1235001340/
  15. I can feel some Madonna and Mariah stans suffering
  16. But I thought she’s gonna break Taylor’s records ? embarrassing if you ask me that y’all overhype her but yet only gets so few streams.
  17. US: Taylor (Lover): 29m Taylor (Evermore): 38m Taylor (Folklore): 45m Taylor (Red TV): 46m Adele: 21.6m didn’t y’all tell me she’s gonna overshadow Taylor? The fact Taylor didn’t even needed to change the release date Also that Taylor did more outside of the US than Adele. In Europe only 3-4 songs in the Top 50